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11/20/2020 8:51PM in Maddy’s October DietBet

    Congrats to everyone who made it through this month! The game has been finalized and sooooo many of yall won! I think this game had more winners than any of my previous games! I saw someone said she lost 19lbs!!!! Wtf?! That’s amazing! I lost just under 6lbs, so although I didn’t “win”... PROGRESS! I had such a great time with yall! 💗

    And as a final HOORAY, one last giveaway! One person will win a bundle of my favorite hair items, the same items I use every time i style my hair: my FAVORITE Revlon dryer, and some of my favorite all natural Bleu Luna products.

    How to enter: All you have to do Is comment below and tell me one thing you learned about yourself during this months game!

    I will announce the winner on Sunday!
    Love y’all! 💗

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Rachel F.

I've learned that even if I mess up and eat something I didn't plan during the day that doesn't mean the whole day is shot just keep on doing my best

GiGi M.

I learned that I dont have to starve to lose the weight


11/07/2020 1:51AM in Maddy’s October DietBet

    The previous giveaway is still on.. and I’m
    having another at the same time! You can enter both!

    This post is a DOUBLE GIVEAWAY! Two lucky peeps will win a $40 Amazon giftcard!

    To enter: comment below and tell me something that you’ve overcome in your life... some struggle, setback, incident, or something you battled with in your life that you overcame, and how you became stronger because of it. Mine is being obese my entire life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t endure almost 3 decades of bullying, insecurity, self-doubt, and shame. Living with those feelings because I was fat made me so much stronger, kinder, motivated, and grateful for each day that I wake up healthier and happier. So now tell me, what’s yours?

    Good luck! 💗🎁😍

    (All participants have the same odds of winning. 2 winners will be chosen using an online random winner generator. International players may enter since delivery of prize is via email)

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Blanca H.

Anxiety and depression throughout my whole life, I haven’t overcame completely but I’m definitely in a better place than I ever was.

Amy D.

I've battled an eating disorder since high school - it's been an almost 25-year-long fight to keep myself from being my own worst enemy. I'm terrified I'm passing on my own twisted view of food to my daughters. Lots of therapy and tears and tough love have gotten me to a place where things are good. Not perfect, but good.

stefen t.

11/06/2020 7:09PM in Maddy’s October DietBet
Weekend warriors where y'all at? I work during the week but I still get my work outs and health eating in. But on the weekends is were I need the most support. What are you doing to keep on track? When do you need the most support? How do you stick to your plan? Talk it up!!!

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This is my struggle!!! And even more because my family likes to eat out on the weekends specifically on Sundays we “close” the kitchen :joy:.

I would say, that if you are doing so great during the week, try to make that “not so weight loss
friendly” dish you want and try to make it as healthy as possible.

Find restaurants that offer meals that follow the healthy eating habits you are following.

Ex: California Pizza Kitchen has a keto pizza
Or order something you really want. Separate a healthy portion and put the rest to go and give the other part to someone else.

Today, my family is making this delicious soup that has potatoes and other things I’m not eating right now, but I’m gonna have some of that broth :heart_eyes:!!!

I Try to occupy my weekends! Plan things I want to do and occupy my mind so that I’m not just thinking about eating :sweat_smile:. If I don’t feel like working out, I just play my favorite songs and have a solo dance session.


11/05/2020 11:36PM in Maddy’s October DietBet
  • 🎁 It’s time! 2-in-1 giveaway! 🎁

    I’m behind on my giveaways so I’m gonna have one giveaway starting tonight and another starting tomorrow! For tonight’s giveaway im combining the weekly gift card with a brand new AIR FRYER! 😍

    One lucky person will win both. All you have to do is *COMMENT BELOW* and tell me why you joined this DietBet. What did you want to gain, learn, accomplish? Did you do it for yourself or was there another motivating factor in your life?

    (Rules and details: air fryer will only be shipped to the continental US. If you live internationally you can play to win only the gift card and forfeit the air fryer. everyone who comments has the same odds of winning. I will use an online random name generator to pick the winner)

    Ps. thanks for being patient with me! I’m graduating from Pepperdine Law with my LLM in a few weeks and I have so much to do to complete all my shit! I also take the Bar exam in February so I’ve started Bar Prep classes! In other words, I have no life at the moment other then studying, eating, and sleeping! But I’ll get all the giveaways done don’t worry! I love y’all! 😋

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Amanda N.

I joined to get back to feeling vibrant (it’s been a long time), to get healthy for my young kids and my husband who struggles to provide for us with MS. I need to be healthy for them. I also am doing it for my personal training clients who have worked their asses off all 20 years I’ve been in this industry. Now I need to put in the 100% effort I require from them! I’ve not been “myself” for too long and taking control of my health/weight is a necessary step to reclaiming my life.

Mel J.

I joined this challenge so I can get healthy! I need to be a better role model for my kids. I want to yo lead healthy active lifestyles!


10/19/2020 8:27PM in Maddy’s October DietBet
  • I hate how big I got i weight 194.0 lbs I feel so sad. I joined because I can't motivate myself to workout or eat healthy i hope I get motivated with this group :)

stefen t. , Lauren and like this photo.

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Thank you all :) :smiley:

stefen t.

We go this!!!