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Julie J.

12/02/2021 3:09PM in Pumpkin Spice Transformer - Win a Peloton!
Welp, not going to make it for Round 2. Going to refocus and work on Round 3. Since I'm not going to make it, do I need to do anything?

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Dawn H.

You have until Dec. 5th, Sunday to weigh in so stay the course! Just keep pluggin’ away

Leila C

You should still weigh in.

Leila C

12/01/2021 3:01PM in Pumpkin Spice Transformer - Win a Peloton!
What’s the weather like today where you live? Fall-like, winter or straight up summer?

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77 for the high and 55 low in Texas.

Julie J.

Awesome weather in the Mid West this week!

Julie J.


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Julie J.

Question for the DietBet pros. My weight can fluctuate A LOT. Like 8 lbs in a day isn't terribly unusual for me. I've had a bad few days doet-wise and am up probably 8-10 lbs since my last official weigh in 10 days ago. Could I join another kickstarter at my new higher weight? Or will it be questioned that I essentially gained 8-10 lbs in 10 days, and likely will lose 8-10 lbs in the next week in order to weigh in for this challenge. The challenges keep me from getting too far off my weight loss journey so I'd like to continue doing them, but I'd hate to be banned or have them not payout because it was somehow considered cheating. Any advice? I read the FAQ's and rules and didn't see anything that addressed that

elizabeth q.

10/12/2021 4:21AM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
Hi! I met my goal but I’m in the emergency room with appendicitis and will be having surgery today. How do I submit my weight?

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Pammie S

Maybe a family member can bring you a scale. So sorry and good luck

Katy W.

Oh my gosh! I hope you get better soon! Good luck!


10/12/2021 3:52AM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
I failed this time! I GAINED 3 pounds. While discouraged today, I am motivated for tomorrow. So I hope to see you all next round! Congratulations to the winners! :)

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Julie G.

Me too I’m close and I lost something so it’s a win in my mind

Lisa H.

You only fail when you give u

Brandy B.

10/11/2021 7:58PM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
  • I wanted to beat my goal by pounds. Not meet it but BEAT it. Wellp. No excuses but man I’m a mom if 3 and run a business so needless to say, working out isn’t always a thing. However, I’ve been following keto and being pretty good… so I beat it by .2!!!!!
    No complaints, I’m beyond happy, since it’s my first I beat!! Time for another…?? Down 15lbs between these two!!

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Lea M.

Nice work!!!

Brandy B.

Thank you!!!

Gisela D.

10/11/2021 3:13PM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup

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Julie J.

Woo hoo!


Congrats hope to see you in the next game


10/11/2021 2:05PM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
Woke up this morning 0.4kg to go, usually this would be the point I give up, but I'm so determined! It's cold here in Australia today (15 Celsius) but that's no excuse not to get a fast paced hour walk in to try and sweat out some of this weight 💪 34 hours left to reach the goal, let's go!

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Michelle K.

You got this....win win win!!!

Julie J.

Keep us posted! You can do it!


10/11/2021 8:33AM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
Omg I did not think I was going to make it on this one -- started late and felt bloated. I thought I'd be close but at least 1-2 lbs away. So happy to wake up this morning and be right on the money!! That was worth all the early morning walks lol

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Julie J.

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