Janine L.

To feel comfortable in my skin and clothes again

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Favorite Health Food: Smoothies

Favorite Sinful Food: chocolate covered potato chips 🤭

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Sports, anything competitive

My Approach to Weight Loss: working out and mindful eating

DietBet Winnings: $177.64

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-6.4% Lifetime Change-11.3 lbs

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Janine L.

05/24/2022 6:32AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
This is the first dietbet I didn’t win. I know the choices I made were not in my favour this long weekend, but I am still proud that I lost a couple pounds and kept it off.. time to refocus! Congratulations to all the winners! Keep up the good work :) see you next game!!

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Walker Texas Ranger

I’ve won 2 dietbets, but I don’t think I can win a 3rd 4% isn’t much in the beginning, but after 8%-10% weight loss for many people it becomes unhealthy/unrealistic weight loss (in short amount of time). So good job for what you did!

Meredith B.

Great progress see you next game!!!

Laura R.

05/21/2022 2:47PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
What is the typical number of people who win a Dietbet? Especially those of you who have done these before?? How many out of over 3,000 people will typically hit their goal? I have no idea what to expect but it’s exciting!!! Good luck to all💕

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Janine L.

It’s usually been less than 50% every game I’ve done..


I’m not sure how many, I don’t think it tells us like I’m waybettter games. I’ve won (and lost) but definitely ranges between $38-$70 has been the highest. It’s definitely more fun to be in the games with more people :blush:

Lisa K.

04/28/2022 9:07AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Looking for inspiration - Post your favorite recipes in the comments!

Vegetarian and pescatarian recipes preferred. Also anything in an instant pot or similarly fast and easy!


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Janine L.

Air fried salmon (I like maple Dijon) and Brussels sprouts! All prepped and cooked in 30!

Katie C.

Poached shrimp on any salad base or as a burrito bowl. Bring water to a rolling boil with aromatics of your choice in it (garlic, onion, cilantro, parsley ect) once the water has boiled shut it off amd remove from heat. Drop in shrimp, put lid on and check after 5 mins for small shelless shrimp, increase time for larger or shell on shrimp by 1 minute increments and check them. Voila. Soft flavourful, lean and feels like a treat for a protein!

Daniela E.

04/25/2022 11:05AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Question! Joined today and a little confused how this works. Are we following a specific plan or are there tips to follow?

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Janine L.

It’s pretty much a free for all. There are a lot of people who are part of ilanas 2b program and they all seem to do similar workouts but its just an accountability group so you can get information and inspiration from people here and Ilana will probably be doing zooms with help and ideas

Ariana A.

I recommend checking out Ilana's "You Can Drop It" book on Amazon for tips and nutrition plan. Super helpful!

Didi B

04/25/2022 10:49AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Good morning! I'm about to do my very first weigh in! Can someone please tell me how often we weigh in during the challenge???

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Tammy C.

I think you just do your start weight then weigh again at the end.

Janine L.

You weigh in as often or little as you want. If you’re a member you want to get weekly weigh-ins for prize draws.


04/18/2022 12:22PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Help. How does this work and what so is need to do to get started?

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Janine L.

Weigh in is in a few days, it will prompt you and tell you how to submit it. You need to lose 4% of your weight at official weigh in in 4 weeks. This page and the money are to help you be accountable. You can post as much or as little as you want! But yea first weigh in can happen on the 23rd.


04/07/2022 2:33PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Struggling with what to have for FFC's for lunch and breakfast.
So for breakfast I have been having a fiber filled toast with a little almond butter, sliced bananas and walnuts on top. Lunch a big salad with veggies, sunflowers seeds and roasted pepitas. I need more protein and fiber added with my lunch and other choices for breakfast. Suggestions? I have been bingeing in the afternoon, need something to keep me full longer. Thanks!!

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Walker Texas Ranger

But I second eggs, Greek yogurt, and I also find roasted vegetables are more filling than salads

Deborah M.

FFC- fiber filled carbohydrate