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To be healthy and more confident.

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Favorite Health Food: Broccoli

Favorite Sinful Food: Ramen

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Hiking

My Approach to Weight Loss: Calories counting with my fitness pal

DietBet Winnings: $108.14

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Christina S.

about 5 hours ago in Get Healthy with Autumn & Bobby Calabrese
  • Tofu mini "egg" cups, another Fixate recipe foe my meal prep this week. Turned out yummy!

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Kim H.

Are these vegan? And if so can you point me to the recipe?


about 13 hours ago in Get Healthy with Autumn & Bobby Calabrese
For the progress weigh-ins, do we get a word to write and need to submit photos, or do we just submit our weight to be included in the drawings?

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I joined the Dietbet but I'm not a "member" so I don't know if I get an official weigh-in each week or just at the end for the final weigh-out. Wish Autumn would get back to me regarding this?


Okay. So because I couldn't afford the extra $5 to officially join, I don't get to be included in the weekly drawings??? That kinda sucks. I'm still working just as hard as everyone else and should be at least put into the drawings. Financial difficulties shouldn't be held against a person for not wanting or being able to join but they should still be allowed to be in the weekly drawings.


10/19/2020 10:12PM in Get Healthy with Autumn & Bobby Calabrese
So I joined this bet knowing I needed to do something.. I have been struggling with the whole lockdown home schooling corona stuff for a while. Eating and wine ending up being my comfort. Wanted to lose 7 kg this year and signed up for a transformer in Jan and was on track until April.. Then I gained all of it back so I lost that bet. Tried again in the summer to do a Kickstarter and succeeded only to gain back the 3 kg I lost.
I told many people that I'm taking a 4 week off from wine and going to get back on track exercising. I had some people tell me it's not a good time (the next 4 weeks are full of birthdays). But I'm determined to get healthy again! Sport should be my comfort and not food or wine! Here goes nothing!

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Kelly S.

Your story is so similar to mine! During the corona lockdown, I’ve gained back plus more that I lost in January of this year. Being home with wine and sweets at hand is the most difficult part of this. I’ve been very consistent with exercise, but when it comes to food... that’s another story. I signed up for this diet bet on a whim, but am so glad that I did. Both of my kids birthdays are during this diet bet. So we’ll have cake and sweets galore! But we’ve can still do this! I’m excited to do this!! Best of luck to you!

Kim H.

I feel you girl. Covid and booze seem to go hand and hand with me. I try to take breaks, but then seem to fall back into it easily and then am hard on myself. So I have just started to plan it in. I am fine not drinking if it’s just me, but when I spend time with any of my friends who drink, I can’t seem to resist. I calorie count. Had mimosas on Saturday and wine on Sunday. And still lost 2.4 pounds on the scale Monday morning. (Despite my period). So if you decide to have some, don’t be hard on yourself. And if you can hold out, way to go girl! More will power than i during these crazy times.

Kim H.

10/08/2020 7:41AM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
My new habit is calories counting 7 days a week. I was formerly doing it 6 days a week, with one free day, but I found that one day could be easily grow into more. I have issues with emotional eating and realized I need to open my eyes and be accountable to what I am eating every day. Even if I am going to go over my calories for the day, it’s better that I see what I am doing instead of just closing my eyes to it. It’s amazing how such a little mental shift can leave you feeling so empowered. Happy Thursday everyone!

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Mary B.

I agree. First, when I overeat or have a "cheat" meal, so often it turns into a couple of meals or days. For me, it's better not to take that first bite. I also track even if I overeat. It helps to see what choices I make and in what way they effect me. Sounds like you have a good plan! Stay with it!
Kim H. has weighed in at 199.9 pounds, up 0.9 pounds
10/07/2020 6:05PM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health

now at 0% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 226 pounds! Average is 0.4 pounds.


09/14/2020 5:45AM in Fall into Weight Loss Mode w/ Ilana Muhlstein

Does anyone have anxiety about weighing in every single morning?!

I’ve come to realize it’s an inner battle

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I weigh in once a week too. I really feel.for your anxiety...mental games are the toughest I find. One thing that helped me was acknowledging my feeling of concern and letting it go each and every time it came up to build my 'let it go' muscle. When Frozen, the movie came out, I started to sing the mantra 'Let it go, let it go, cos it doesn't matter anymore.' Initially around anxiety and then I started to let my weight go in the same way. Have a wonderful week.

Lisa C.

I only weigh in once a week. It helps me focus way better.

Sunny G.

09/08/2020 11:50AM in Fall into Weight Loss Mode w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Are you guys following the 2B Mindset? Or doing your own thing for nutrition guidance?

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Tina B

Trying 2B mindset! I realize I wasn’t as prepared as I thought :speak_no_evil:

Amanda B.

2B but not against using containers w it either if needed. And I’m doing the #mbf die a second time. First time my diet wasn’t the best now another 3 weeks then 6 weeks with #mbfa and I hope that plus b2 helps!

kerri a.

09/08/2020 11:49AM in Fall into Weight Loss Mode w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • Creamless cream of asparagus soup . Made extra to freeze. Love the fall - this is when I make so much soup and freeze. Now off to make lentil soup.

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kerri a.

I do freeze the glass

Tina B

That sounds so amazing!!!!!


09/08/2020 10:42AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
I was in Johanna's, $350, but also Instant Loss w/Brittany. They each had different secret words so I submitted them separately. I received verification from first 2 but not Instant Loss.

Before if you entered one final weigh in, it asked if you wanted it applied to all your games. That doesn't work anymore?

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Kim H.

I am starting a new DietBet today. And it did ask me if I want to have my final weigh in for this bet applied to my first weigh in of the new bet. But both are pending now. And I only submitted once. Hopefully they catch up on your third one soon.

Kim H.

09/08/2020 10:20AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
Just wondering how long peoples weigh ins took to be verified. It’s so nerve racking! I just barely hit my goal and I am afraid to eat. Lol

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Understand! In same boat tho 2 of my 3 games have verified...


I’m starving. Been waiting 2 hours :joy:
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