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01/18/2021 9:29AM in NEW year, NEW goals with Elise Joan
Help! I’m looking for a recommendation. I’ve done some of the enhancements but not all of them. My back has gone out and I’m moving carefully. I still want to get my dose of Elise movement today. What is the gentlest or slowest enhancement you’ve done?

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Frances G.

So I’m not sure which would be the best enhancement, but it helps me when my back or hips are out of alignment to skip the “party” and focus on going slow and with alignment as my focus. Keep that Pilates box on your mind! Solidarity on the back pain, it is the worst, but I always feel better if I press play!


Thanks :pray: it’s improving slowly.

Elise J.

01/07/2021 11:15AM in NEW year, NEW goals with Elise Joan
Hi friends!!! I’ve gotten so many messages from you that the meditation practice and barre blend movement helped you through what was a very challenging day for us all yesterday. These are difficult times, but as a community... we’ve got this. WE can change the dialogue of 2021! Keep moving and thriving!! Yesterday I was able to resist the temptation to ‘stress-eat’ by doing meditations instead. I’m really proud of that, because I can get carried away with emotional eating at times, and I’ve been working hard to remedy that. Yesterday was a true test, and I was stronger than my cravings. Developing a healthy relationship with food takes time and it ebbs and flows. Honor yourself and all you are doing!! Keep your goals in mind and let’s CRUSH today together!

Here is the link again, in case you need it

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Laurie T.

Is anyone having trouble opening the files ? :( my week 2 won't open

Karen C.

Laurie, I can't even find the week 2 calendar in my files!


01/02/2021 2:13PM in NEW year, NEW goals with Elise Joan
What are your fav quick food ideas for weight loss? I like making little snack plates with veggies, pickles, olives, a bit of cheese and cold cuts/tuna. For meals I love homemade Buddha, salad or burrito bowls with lots of veg, a carb and protein, seed or nut and a homemade sauce. If you make something good, post a pic, I love seeing people’s food pics for inspiration! We got this!

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Lucia A.

  • Spring rolls


Lucia those look amazing!

Lindsey H.

01/02/2021 7:41AM in NEW year, NEW goals with Elise Joan
My weigh in was a much needed wake up call. I definitely let myself enjoy all the treats and drinks over the holidays but I’m ready to get back on track and feel healthier and happier!


Me too! I hadn’t been on the scale in a while and I definitely gained a little over December


12/28/2020 7:49AM in NEW year, NEW goals with Elise Joan
I'm on round 3 of Barre Blend and love it! Looking forward to sharing meal ideas as well as inspirational ideas and motivation for overall wellness. <3

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