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Kim A.

09/24/2020 2:19PM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!
The first few rounds I rocked! I had lost 30 lbs since April but fell off the wagon. I have now gained back 9 lbs in the last 6 weeks. I’ve been snacking a lot and eating lots of sugar. I’m an emotional eater, work full time and have a child that is distance learning from home so the stress level is through the roof!!!!

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Crystal O.

Keep going!!!!!!

Carin V.

You can do it, give yourself a mental break when things get tough like this.


09/16/2020 7:09AM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!

We offer weekly Progress Prizes to DietBet Members who complete Progress Weigh-ins. 


This week’s prize: whip up top-chef meals with the stealthy little Ninja 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker. 18 players will get this home cooking essential.



Be sure to submit a Progress Weigh-in by 11:59PM PT tonight to be entered. You know you’re all set if your Membership page says “Entered to win.”


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Crystal O.

I entered these sometimes when it was enter at your own leisure.

Crystal O.

They used to be fun and an extra boost of incentive.

Crystal O.

09/04/2020 3:04PM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!
  • This is how my progress felt for the past couple weeks, - 2 lbs not sure why????

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dana d.

That’s so me!

Jill B.

09/04/2020 11:02AM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!
  • Months ago I set out to lose 60 lbs. I've increased my daily activity substantially (taking my kids on daily long walks in the stroller, workout videos, monthly burpee/push-up/squat/mountain climber challenges) and I shifted to a plant focused diet with lots of fish and venison. You guys! I made it yesterday! My kids (ages 3 and 1) together weigh about sixty pounds so I've OFFICIALLY lost the baby weight! I wanted to share to thank you all for the daily motivation!

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Roderick Dyke

WEIGH-TO-GO Award of the Week goes to JILL !!!

Dana W.

Woo hoo! Way to go, girl!!!! :tada::confetti_ball:

Crystal O.

08/07/2020 12:57PM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!
Non Scale victory: I started nutrition journaling today.
Breakfast: banana and chocolate pudding sub oat milk. That’s healthy right

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Ronald A.

08/07/2020 10:10AM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!
Where was the $20.70 deposited to last round? I don't see it in my bank account. Is it delivered st the very end?

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C Webb

It won't show up in your account until after the game ends. You should show $20.27 in your main screen if you hit the "ALL" button and look beside round 1. After the games ends you can transfer you winning points. I usually transfer them to PayPal. But yeah you get all your winnings at the end:grin:

C Webb

Alexandria H.

08/06/2020 10:35AM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!
Totally struggling with emotionally eating right now (work is high stress and my husband and I just bought a house, so moving is stressful)... anyone have any good alternative to eating all of their feelings?

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Shantel S.

I can relate...
My tips are: food prep healthy snacks and put them eye level (cabinet and frig), move the unhealthy ones to a non-visible area (preferably out of the house), drink more water, go for a walk, and if none of this works; have just one of your craving ! You can do it :)


I do the same thing. The best way I have found is to eat yogurt. Otherwise I just continue to crave something to eat. I have tried distraction and exercise. They help temporarily, but seem to leave me still wanting something.

Alice T.

08/05/2020 3:55PM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!
Hi, I’m going to be away camping and hiking during the September weigh-in, with zero access to scales or a mirror.. is there any way I can get around this?

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Alexandria H.

I think there’s a “use prior weigh in” option as well, so if you hit your goal weight before the trip, you should be able to use that?


I wouldn’t skip the weigh in. I’ve done transformers where you don’t profit lots, so if you pay by month and skip a weigh in you could actually lose money. It would be much better to take the scale and have someone take you picture instead of using a mirror. Enjoy your trip!
Crystal O. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 0.9 pounds
08/04/2020 6:05PM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!

Total weight lost is now 4,431 pounds! Average is 7.2 pounds.

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Brooke D.

07/16/2020 11:57AM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!
Hi all,

I’ve been dieting and working out for over 4 weeks and I’ve gained weight, inches and even my clothes are fitting tighter. I’ve been doing cardio and strength training 5x a week and mainly eating veg and fish (with the exception of Ezekiel bread and eggs or kippers in the mornings). Ive gained weight so have lost round 1 and also lost my first Kickstarter. I’m very frustrated does anyone have any advice?

Thanks in advance!

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Lin M.

Weigh/ measure your food and track it (my fitness pal is free and user friendly) to determine how many calories you are really eating. That will give you real days to work with to determine where you need to make adjustments.


Syattfitness on Instagram helped me immensely when I was struggling at the beginning of the year. I was trying to restrict too much and then would go overboard one or two days and it would undo my progress. I switched to a higher calorie goal (still in a calorie deficit) and started walking a bunch (like 5-6 miles most days) and have been so much more consistent. My goal is 80% consistency, and 20% not too far overboard (maybe a couple hundred more calories a day)
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