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Krystyna K.

07/22/2020 12:45PM in MidSummer Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
I’m very excited! I am down from 171 to 158 in the last 5 weeks... l don’t feel deprived or restricted and I’m feeling great. Winning the first DietBet was the catalyst I needed to make some much needed changes! Thank you to this group for the motivation and inspiration

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Diana B.

Wowza! Way to go!

Gillette H.

Way to go!!

Jill G.

07/21/2020 8:37AM in MidSummer Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
  • My goal,was to,take,more steps and burn more calories! I did it. My goal is to meet or exceed the same steps and calorie burn!

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Krystyna K.

Wow look at your average daily burn and steps! Well done!! :clap:

Ilana Muhlstein

07/15/2020 1:50PM in MidSummer Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
  • Seriously craving chocolate today , and really proud of how I tackled it. Started lunch with lots of water and a HUGE amount of Brussels sprouts and broccoli with some light thousand island. Then had the chocolate sea salt shakeology with a handful of oat cereal ... followed by a beach bar snack. Feeling satisfied and on track! How about you?

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Caitlin J.

@dailia %'s of the pot goes to Dietbet and the host before the winners. Usually 20% to DB and 15% to host so that most likely where the calculations are off.

Gillette H.

@Brian K - sounds like you’re making some choices you should be proud of like more water! Every choice adds up, so it’s good you’re recognizing the positive ones, too. How’s today been for you?

Krystyna K.

07/14/2020 11:49AM in June Jumpstart into Weightloss Mode
  • Woohoo this was my first game and it was motivating! 🎉

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healthy mother trucker

07/14/2020 10:14AM in June Jumpstart into Weightloss Mode
How long before I get the you win screen? Submitted this morning and still waiting...

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Krystyna K.

Took about 4 hours for me

jaime b.

I’ve been waiting over 5 hours for it to be official

Cammie T.

07/14/2020 9:09AM in June Jumpstart into Weightloss Mode
Officially made it!!! Just waiting for my pictures to be approved!! So stinking excited 🙌🙌 congratulations everyone!!

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Shea F.

I’ve been waiting for over 4 hours....I have been in a few other challenges and it’s never taken this long.

Cammie T.

Mine took just a few hours, maybe 3.

Laurie H.

07/14/2020 8:51AM in June Jumpstart into Weightloss Mode
Help... when I go to weigh in everytime I try to add my photo of my weight nothing happens is this game frozen? Like I can still submit my weight?

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Krystyna K.

Same thing happened to me earlier, I had to delete and reinstall app and it worked

Grace N.

Same thing happened to me. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and I was able to submit my final weight pics.

Lindsey P.

07/14/2020 8:25AM in June Jumpstart into Weightloss Mode
  • First diet bet I’ve won in awhile! Finally figuring out what’s working for me and just doing the dang thing!! Was plant based this whole diet bet and I’m loving it so much I’m sticking with it!! I felt like I’ve ate/cooked better than I have in awhile WHILE loosing weight. which is amazing! I feel so light and good. Also started incorporating lifting back in this month as well after a few months off! Congrats to everyone who made their DietBet as well!!

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Krystyna K.

Congratulations! How long after you submitted your weigh in did you receive notification of success


07/01/2020 6:05AM in June Jumpstart into Weightloss Mode
7.8 pound lost🎉!! It feels good to hop on that scale and see those numbers getting lower and lower. My short term goal is do lose 20 pounds and 30 long term. Sugar is my weakness but thank goodness for Shakeo ❤

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Francoise V.

That's amazing! I try and keep the sugar down because it is my weakness too but I have no off switch when it comes to sugary treats.


Hi Krystyna Shakeology :blush:

Amanda P-T

06/25/2020 4:01PM in June Jumpstart into Weightloss Mode
  • Yummy grilled jerk chicken with salad and pineapple salsa.

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Do you have recipe for pineapple salsa?

Lee Ann K.

That looks sooo good!!
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