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Angela J. accepted the challenge.
10/10/2020 8:28AM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
The pot is now $16,650

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Kate V

08/21/2020 7:04AM in Fatgirlfedup's August Accountability Dietbet
Does anybody have any advice for weight loss that has stalled? I probably wouldn’t have minded if I wasn’t going to lose money in a diet bet!

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Nikki T

I did a three day egg fast and that really helped with my stall!

Angela J.

Do you exercise? Maybe change up your routine a bit?

Karen B.

08/21/2020 6:53AM in Fatgirlfedup's August Accountability Dietbet
Finally broke my two week plateau this morning and under 200lbs! By drinking lots of water throughout the day and taking a couple walks at the park

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Karen B.

Thank youuu

Angela J.

Great job, congrats!!!

Heidi D.

08/20/2020 11:37PM in Fatgirlfedup's August Accountability Dietbet
  • This makes
    Me proud!! Started 375 I’m at 318 now my goal is 220! I’m 6’1 so 220 is healthy and ok I have not been below 320 in over 12 years!!!!!

    I feel so good it’s ridiculous! Also nothing fits anymore it’s like I’ve deflated!

    Follow me on Instagram if you want @ready_4_healthy

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Claud O.

Wow Heidi that's amazing news! Good for you and great work!
Feeling good about you, huh lady?!

Angela J.

Keep up the great work!!!


08/14/2020 2:21PM in Fatgirlfedup's August Accountability Dietbet
  • Egg sandwich on a mini bagel. Avo, tom, and a little ricotta cheese. 300 cal, 11g protein. I paired it with some cottage cheese and cherries. I bought the mini bagels from Aldi’s and I love them. They’re only 120 cal apiece but they’re awesome.

    I’ve been noticing that some of you are struggling with switching your food over to smaller portions or healthier choices. I used to go through that too! It sucked but I learned a few things.

    I’m not a keto type of dieter. I just count calories, try to eat more protein. SEASON your protein well and you’ll be happy as a clam. Also I have maybe one form of grain a day (rice, bread, bagel, cereal, muffin, etc) and exercise often. Every few days If I have a specific treat I want, whether it be some Reese’s peanut butter cups or an ice cream sandwich, I’ll wait until tomorrow or the next day to eat it. It gives you More self control and you’re not saying “no” just “not yet”. I never feel like I’m missing out on anything and can still stay within a 1300 cal range a day.

    For instance i’ll eat healthy most of the week and if I see a pizza my family bought, I’ll eat the smallest slice but I’ll still eat it! And make sure to log it. And if I’m getting too close or a little over my calories that’s OK :-) I’ll just be sure to be a little under my calories tomorrow. I can still lose weight and it’s a sustainable diet.

    So if that helps any of you I’ll be happy. I’m definitely over the extreme dieting. Staying within 1300 cal might seem extreme, but you can actually eat a whole bunch, never feel full, still eat really delicious things if you do. And if worse comes to worse, eat a salad with your meal and you’ll feel super full. And drink lots of water. And if you get a sweet attack, chew gum :-)

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That looks so good!!

Liane K.

Pssst! ...have you tried the sugar free mini Reese’s cups?? They taste just like the regular ones! I keep some around to help with candy cravings.

Karen H.

08/14/2020 10:04AM in Fatgirlfedup's August Accountability Dietbet
  • Still stuck in the hospital and I probably won't be out until Monday or Tuesday! Argh! I have no idea whether I've lost weight. I'm not getting my workouts in, but I've stuck to keto even though the keto friendly menu items are really limited. Yay Me! The hubby is going to bring me a scoop of sugar free coffee icecream on Saturday. Woohoo.
    This is my swollen and red leg--I have sepsis and cellulitis. Can't wait to get out of here! For now, I'm pretending I'm at an exclusive and expensive weight loss spa. I may put the cucumber slices from tonight's salad on my eyeballs!

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Caitlin Z.

Hope you get better soon! My brother in law had sepsis a few years ago and it was getting pretty scary. My thoughts are with you!!


I hope everything goes okay!


08/12/2020 8:38AM in Fatgirlfedup's August Accountability Dietbet
  • I’ve seen lots of different cities and countries mentioned in posts. Where is everyone from? Picture of where I live in Santa Cruz County on the central coast of California.

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So cool to see where everyone is from! South Africa wins as the farthest - at least from my perspective :blush:. :heart: Cape Town and hope to get back some day.

Becky C.

  • Landlocked in northern Illinois. I hate you guys. Just kidding! The weather is actually nice today so I’m hitting up my blow up pool in my backyard since all of the pools and most beaches are closed here.


08/10/2020 3:01PM in Fatgirlfedup's August Accountability Dietbet
  • I'm on my way to ONEDERLAND

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Don S.

Wow – you go girl


Wow! Great work!

Aimee S.

08/10/2020 10:55AM in Fatgirlfedup's August Accountability Dietbet
Do you guys find it’s better to have a calorie limit or just try to eat healthy in general every day?

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Angela J.

I echo the above! I think tracking calories is super important, especially if you're just starting out. Eventually you may be able to figure it out on your own and not need to count every calorie. There are days I think I'm doing great and then I realize I forgot that cheese stick or couple of crackers! I also don't track/log every single item, instead I leave a couple of hundred calories - e.g. I don't log the TBSP of butter I used to sautee my veggies but what I log equals at least 150 kcal less than my calorie limit. I've lost 18 lbs in 7 weeks tracking calories! Good luck!

Don S.

Healthy doesn’t matter when you’re trying to lose weight - it’s calories that count.Eat healthy to maintain once you get skinny


08/03/2020 5:32AM in Fatgirlfedup's August Accountability Dietbet
Anyone else use the body project on youtube? I found them a few weeks ago and they are kicking my ass, but so fun! I just tried their 10 minute low impact fun cardio and it did not disappoint

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Angela J.

Yes! I just discovered them about a month ago! I love that they use real members in a lot of their videos and not just the trainers!


I'm going to check that out! Thanks for mentioning it!