Elizabeth C.

I want to get closer to my goal weight and set a good example of a healthy lifestyle for my kids.

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Favorite Health Food: Steak

Favorite Sinful Food: ice cream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: cardio

My Approach to Weight Loss: low carb diet paired with cardio 3-4x a week

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Elizabeth C.

02/23/2021 5:12AM in Liz’s Diet Bet #5
Just another reminder to weigh in before midnight tonight!

I have no way to see who has or hasn’t weighed in so I just don’t want anyone to miss out :)

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Elizabeth C.

02/22/2021 11:59AM in Liz’s Diet Bet #5
  • This photo is from November but I’m officially back at 45 pounds lost so here’s a photo of me holding 45 pounds of potatoes!

    January 4, 2020 I was 200.6 pounds & today I am 155.6 pounds making that a 45 pound weight loss as of today :)

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Vladka L.

Wow, this is so amazing photo!

Elizabeth C.

Thank you!

Elizabeth C.

02/22/2021 11:56AM in Liz’s Diet Bet #5
  • I don’t notice a drastic difference in this before and after (besides wow my mirror is filthy! Lol it doesn’t look that bad in person -_-) but it is great to take photos to see your progress bc sometimes we can see more progress in our photos than we see on the scale.

    Don’t forget to weigh in today or tomorrow, your choice!

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Elizabeth C.

02/22/2021 11:55AM in Liz’s Diet Bet #5
  • Just got notification that my weigh in was verified! Woohoo!

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Vladka L.

My weigh was also verified. I am truly proud about myself.

Elizabeth C.

That’s amazing!! So happy for you!

Elizabeth C.

02/21/2021 3:41PM in Liz’s Diet Bet #5
Great work these last 4 weeks, everyone!

You can either weigh in tomorrow or Tuesday!

I recommend weighing yourself first thing in the morning AFTER using the restroom and BEFORE you eat or drink anything.

If you have to work in the morning be sure to plan to give yourself time to take your weigh in photos before you head out to work.

I generally will set out my weigh in clothes and a piece of paper and writing utensil to write my weigh in word on.

Best of luck and be sure to let us know tomorrow if you made your 4% goal.

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Amanda B.

I made it! So excited!

Elizabeth C.


Elizabeth C.

02/20/2021 9:35AM in Liz’s Diet Bet #5
  • Fried eggs with cheese, cheddar smoked sausage and bacon

Elizabeth C.

02/20/2021 8:12AM in Liz’s Diet Bet #5
  • Hip hop & Zumba class this morning.

    113 minutes of exercise & 1042 calories burnt!

    We weigh in on either your choice of Monday or Tuesday. Stay strong this weekend and make healthy choices!

Elizabeth C.

Elizabeth C.

02/19/2021 4:03PM in Liz’s Diet Bet #5
  • Farmhouse salad with grilled chicken from Windmill Grill tonight

Elizabeth C.

02/18/2021 7:41PM in Liz’s Diet Bet #5
  • Hip hop class tonight

Elizabeth C.

02/18/2021 3:21PM in Liz’s Diet Bet #5
  • Dinner tonight for when I get home from the gym.

    Microwave steamed broccoli with grilled chicken breast covered in homemade copycat Olive Garden Alfredo sauce..sooo good!

    I made fettuccine noodles on the side for my family.

    The homemade Alfredo sauce is so delicious, if you haven’t ever made it, you’ve got to try it!

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