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Felicia K.

08/02/2020 5:29AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • SET UP SUNDAY!!!!!! Let’s set up this last week for success! ONE MORE WEEK omg!

    I’m out of town so no plan for me besides moderation of whatever my family is eating! But I want to see your plan! Get your dinner/meals planned for the week, write them down and comment below! I will pick 2 winners to win $50 PayPal cash!

    Regardless of where you’re at, LETS FINISH THIS THING STRONG!

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McCall H.

Linda O.

Hi everyone, I’m becoming frustrated because I can’t post pictures for weigh ins or even post on the stream. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I’ve updated the app and my phone.

Felicia K.

07/31/2020 5:03AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • HOLY CRAP! We are at the end of week 3 already! I feel like this is flying by!

    Congrats to yesterdays iron flask winners


    Please email me a screenshot of your dietbet profile to feliciafitnesshealth@aol.com

    We have a little over a week left, some will hit the 4% and some may not. A little over a week of this challenge, but the REST of your life for this lifestyle change. What are you doing to make this a lifestyle change? Are you restricting like crazy for 4 weeks just to hit the goal? And then go back into your same bad habits as before? If that’s the case….I am not doing my job here!
    ?Is being more disciplined during this challenge helpful? OF COURSE. But remember as soon as its over, you have to continue building these healthy habits. If you feel so restricted for these 4 weeks, you are way more likely to fall into a binge or fall back into old habits after. Remember OUR MAIN GOAL is SUSTAINABLE weight loss. Keeping it off FOR GOOD THIS TIME. Take these new healthy habits you are developing and continue them after these 4 weeks. Come back for my next dietbet in October and be THAT much closer to your end goal! Don’t come back at the same place as you are right now! NO MORE OF THAT SAME CYCLE. You can do this!

    I am leaving tomorrow for my North Carolina trip. I will show you what I am packing to help me stay on my routine as much as possible, but I will also be showing you how I will be eating in moderation with the rest of the family!

    99.9999% sure our house there has wifi so I will still be connected with you guys! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE 💕

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Angela W.

Start fresh the next day don’t beat my self up! But add reflection like why did u over eat what caused it. Example I usually over eat on weekends we get my fiancé’s son because we put extra fun treats in the house and I want to enjoy them to:see_no_evil::raising_hand:

Kate J.

I’m not going to hit 4% and that’s ok, I’m just happy to see the scale move when I feel like it’s been stuck for weeks!

Felicia K.

07/28/2020 5:48AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet

    I say this every time I do a dietbet. And it is why I stopped doing them for a little while. I see SO MANY people get fixated on not losing the weight fast enough. Its about that time (halfway through the game) where people are getting discouraged.


    Now I know that sounds crazy coming from someone hosting a game about losing 4% in 4 weeks. But this game was created to keep you accountable. To give you a little extra motivation. To give you a community of support. To learn and get new ideas/recipes. ANY LOSS SHOULD BE CELEBRATED.

    If you don’t hit the 4% goal, YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE. If you don’t think youre going to hit it in the next 2 weeks….. that doesnt mean you just give up!!!! KEEP. GOING. Where will you be 2 weeks from now if you quit?? Probably right back where you started. WHERE WILL YOU BE 2 WEEKS FROM NOW IF YOU KEEP GOING???? Even if you aren’t at that 4%….you will still have made progress MENTALLY and maybe even physically.

    If you come out of this with 1 pound loss or a 10 pound loss, YOU ARE AMAZING and YOU HAVE MADE PROGRESS. IM YELLING BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO HEAR ME 😭😂 I don’t want my games to make you feel like 4% weight loss is all that matters. WE ARE TALKING LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY. LONG TERM SUCESS. This is SO MUCH BIGGER than just 4 weeks. This is your life. THIS is the time you’re not going to give up when things aren’t going exactly how you thought or planned.

    This is me telling you to stop giving up on yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others. Remember that a bigger initial drop on the scale and then seeing out slow down is NORMAL. It doesn’t mean you are starting to plateau, it doesn’t mean you’re failing. JUST KEEP GOING. And be damn proud of every and any success you’re having, small or big. It all counts.

Sarah C. , Ashlee H. and like this photo.

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Allie B

“I’m yelling because I want you to hear me” :joy::joy::joy: you’re the best!

Christi S.

Thank you! I needed this! I was about to post all my failures. But I did sign up! That shows I haven’t quit! I am going to take the next 2 weeks to eating healthier, and hopefully you will have another diet bet next month! I bought a juicer and bread making machine (our store cannot get whole wheat buns here). So I’m going to try juicing and a bread machine. I really need to be healthy as I can. I am older and feel weak and tired all the time. I will also try to do exercises I learned while I was going to rehab. Thank you so much for helping me to not give up! :heart:

Felicia K.

07/27/2020 6:08PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
All caught up on posts!💕 I just want to say I am so proud of you all. I know this is the time where people are starting to get discouraged and I have a post / rant / encouragement coming tomorrow for you guys. I was typing like a mad women😂 Talk to you all tomorrow!!!💕

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Tracie A.

Yup, I am at the discouragement phase. You always seem to know what to post when I need it. Looking forward to your post!

Karleen C.

Yes.. it's hard! Gained 600g last week.. poo! Had a few bad choices this week but otherwise I have been working my but off! My head is all about that blimmon number on the scale..


07/27/2020 5:17PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
Looking for encouragement. The weight isn't coming off as fast as I want it to. Week one was great with a loss of 5.9 lbs (I'm guessing alot of water weight) week 2, 2 lbs loss. Ive got so much to lose but im so impatient. Im fighting with myself inside of my head, I know im doing the right thing but today didn't go as planned as far as eating goes and I dont want to lose any more progress. Those of you that's lost a significant amount of weight... how do you get past days like this? Part of me wants to give up, but other wants to keep going :(

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Heather P.

Yes you will we are all in this together :grin:

Lauryn H.

Just because you get one flat tire, doesn’t mean you should slash the other 3. Tomorrow is another day to get right back on track!

Mattie S.

07/27/2020 3:50PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
There are so many great WW giveaways on IG from people I follow but I feel like I never have any friends to tag that would be interested in those giveaways. Anyone want to be IG giveaway tag buddies?? My current IG is MattieSpillane

Let me know!

Cupcake Sue , cathethegr8 and like this comment.

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Lauryn H.

You can share the love with me! :two_hearts: @nothingsimpopsicle

Mattie S.

I finally started my WW/health page so I am going to add you all on there-thanks!!


Brooke P.

07/27/2020 12:19PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
So I ended up having to get surgery done today to remove a possibly cancerous nodule from my thyroid. Not the best timing right in the middle of our dietbet but I had already joined before finding out this surgery needed to happen. So here I am eating chick fil a because points don’t count on surgery days. Lol. I won’t be able to workout for the next two weeks but I’m going to go hard with tracking food (after today) and staying on top of my healthy eating! Just hope it’s enough! Also if you’re the praying type, please pray for a smooth recovery. If not, good vibes are appreciated too!! ❤

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Nichole S.

Praying for a smooth and speedy recovery for you!

Brooke P.

Thank you all so much!!

Felicia K.

07/23/2020 6:50AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • You know how much I preach about sustainability, so here we go again! ITS SO IMPORTANT. When this dietbet is over I know it can be easy to celebrate with food. But lets get ahead of that.

    FIRST, is it okay to celebrate with a cupcake or a meal out with family? SURE! But don’t let that turn into multiple meals/days and slip back into the old habits. Lets come up with some non food related rewards that you can treat yourself with!

    A new outfit
    New workout shoes
    Fitbit/Apple Watch
    Get nails done/pedicure
    Get your hair done!

    EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LOSE THE 4% I WANT YOU TO CELEBRATE ANY WEIGHT LOSS YOU HAD BECAUSE YOU ARE AMAZING. Not losing 4% DOES NOT make you a failure. I am SOOOO proud of you and you should be too! ANY weight loss should be celebrated and rewarded and not hitting the 4% goal doesnt mean you just give up! KEEP GOING.

    Comment below a non food related reward you have planned for yourself! I will pick 2 winners to win $50 PayPal to go towards that 😍

    CONGRATS to yesterdays 4 AlanuNu gift card winners. I AM SO INSPIRED looking at that workout thread! You guys are AMAZINGGGGGG and I wish I could give you ALL a freakin gift card!

    Felicia B.
    Alisha B.
    Sonshine mama
    Allie B.

    Please email me at feliciafitnesshealth@ aol.com with a screenshot of your dietbet profile for confirmation

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Amanda W.

I’m booking a massage for myself when I’m at 180 lbs.

Kristin M.

A new outfit for the fall


07/22/2020 8:19PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
How’s everyone doing toward their goal?? I’m 50% there!

Michelle M , Samantha R. and like this comment.

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31%! We can do this!

Felicia K.

Everyone is doing AMAZING! I am so blown away by you all!

Jennifer M.

07/22/2020 1:16PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
I need a pep-talk. I'm so stressed from work I ate a chocolate bar and a bowl of cereal. I think my next stop might be a glass of red wine, just to calm my nerves...☹

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Drink that red wine with no shame. Enjoy it! Relax, take a bubble bath, put a face mask on and sip away. Tomorrow when you feel better, get back to normal scheduling :blush:

Jackie K.

Mental health is important too! Do what you have to do to de-stress. In the end that is better for your health than worrying about a bar of chocolate and a glass of wine.
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