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10/03/2020 5:40AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Gooooood morning everyone and happy Saturday!

    Here’s our 2nd challenge in hopes of encouraging you to stay active this weekend. Both Saturday & Sunday aim for 12k steps then 50 burpees, 100 jumping jacks, 50 air squats. Yes, both days. If you can’t do regular full jump burpees do modified but I really want you to aim for 50 if your body will allow of course. Remember to take your time, this is not a race. You’re already winning and in first place by making the necessary changes in your life.

    To be entered into the giveaway for a $50 Nike gift card please comment below that you completed the challenge (both days) if this weekend is your rest day enjoy it and try and do it one of the days. I’ll be 2 picking winners from the comments, remember must complete both days of the challenge in order to be places in the drawling. Tag me on IG if you post over the weekend love seeing you’re guys meals and workouts.

    My plan today is hiking and the first day of the challenge. Also a deep clean of our apartment should burn some extra calories. Happy weekend everyone remember it’s as important for you to stay on track today and tomorrow just like you would the rest of the week. NO SLACKING.

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Challenge closed!

Stéphanie G.

Did the challenge today !! Went cranberries picking this weekend and it is a challenge too :sweat_smile:


09/26/2020 9:27AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • Hi everyone happy Saturday!

    Feel free to get weighed in today but there’s also no rush you can definitely wait until Monday or even a few days after if need be. I plan on weighing in on Monday morning.

    Our gyms are back open here through most of SoCal so that’s super exciting. Second day back in the gym and I’m feeling so good. Can’t wait to get this game started and see what we can all accomplish these next 4 weeks. Remember this game is YOUR PROMISE TO YOURSELF that you will stay committed for the entire 4 weeks. I want you all to win your bet back!

    -Take some time today or tomorrow to introduce yourselves and tell me why you’re here.
    -If you’re a first time player I really want to hear from you.
    -Please update your display picture it helps me get to know you better. Yes I put time and effort into you all as individuals as best I can.
    -Set some non-scale victories for yourself, this game is about you meeting a number goal but there will also be changes that aren’t reflected in the scale. Things like just adding an extra 10 minute walk into your day is something I’ve started doing.
    -Make sure you’re following me on my IG accounts @isfrannyfityetdietbet @isfrannyfityet @whatfrannyeats
    -Drop your IG handles below in the comments so we can follow each other.

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Steph C.

  • Woo woo! I’m excited. I’m 35 and live with my fiancé of 10 years we work a lot I work days he works nights and we have 3 for babies 2 cats and a Frenchie. I’ve always been pretty confident even in my 300’s but over the last couple years I’ve started to “feel and look” fat and I’ve wanted to do something about it but I’ve always put my career and house ahead of my own needs thinking I didn’t have time for myself. I recently lost my baby nephew in a devastating tragedy and he was only 6 years old with so much life lost. I fell into a bad depression and I didn’t want to be in that place so I told myself to honor baby Phillip I will get healthy and lose weight so I can live a long and healthy life to live the best life for his life that was stolen. I’m in a much better place now and I’ve learned to make time for myself and still get housework done. I also want to be able to have a baby of my own so I feel it would be easier if I wasn’t so over weight. I’m excited to be apart of this because I want to be around people with same mindset and I want some of that jackpot ????🙏????♥💪???? #RIPBABYPHILLIP

    My personal IG is @mmmmmuuuuaaahh

    My IG where I share healthy recipes and soon to be weight loss stuff is


Candina H.



09/21/2020 11:48AM in Crushing Fall w/Franny + lots of challenges
  • One week from today we will start out next 4 week challenge! This week I am determined to act as if the game already started. It’s nice to have a little break between games but we still need to stay focused.
    My goals this week are:
    Walk during both 10 min breaks at work.
    Gallon of water daily
    Hike at-least 4 days this week
    Incorporate weights before hike or cardio
    All home cooked meals + bring lunch everyday

    Tell me what your goals are this week! Let’s hear them. I’m excited for this next game and seeing what we can all accomplish leading up to game day. While your goal is to lose weight remember the only thing that will get you there are healthy repetitive habits!

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Melissa R.

My goals are:
96oz of water
Workout 5 days a week
Wall outside 3 times this week


I’m SO excited for this game to start. My goals for the week are to get at minimum 20 minutes of some kind of exercise a day (preferably closer to 40-60, but at LEAST 20), try for a gallon of water per day, stick to my WW points target every day, and spend less time on my phone. The last one isn’t exactly related to weight loss, but I’m in school rn and spending WAY too much time on my phone (like now

Carmen M.

09/14/2020 2:29PM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • Yayyy diet bet with franny #2 down .....17.7 pounds down since starting ...just a easy way to stay motivated can't wait for the next one !! THANKS FRANNY

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08/31/2020 6:21PM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • First day back at school with students. It was a very active day!

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Carmen M.

Good job

Erica D.

08/31/2020 4:38PM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • Got my Zumba in 💪 #KilledIt #Zumba #SweatIsJustFatCrying

beatriz r. , Bex and like this photo.

Carmen M.

Lol your hashtag..great job girl

catherine M.

08/31/2020 4:30PM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • Burrito bowl for tonight’s dinner. Salad, ground chicken, cauliflower rice, salsa, corn and cheese. Delicious!

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Carmen M.



08/31/2020 1:43PM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
Happy Monday team! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I had a nice time in Vegas but I'm happy to be home. We got lots of steps in and on Saturday we hit 30 K steps which was about 12 miles so we were productive in that sense at least.
On to more important things this week I am committed to running 3 miles a day Monday-Friday + it's also my goal to start lifting some weights again and incorporating other types of workouts in as well. Today I am 13 weeks post-op from my tummy tuck and I'm feeling great. I know I still have to take things slow but everyday I'm moving in the right direction and that is enough for me at this point.

Please remember I asked you all to make a commitment for yourself this week. Please keep that promise to yourself and do what you said you would do. I know things come up, and sometimes life gets in the way but you always MUST SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF. We have 2 weeks left in this game and I know we all need to stay as focused as we have been the first two weeks.
*I would say at this point you should be keeping a closer eye on the scale, watch how your body fluctuates depending on what you're eating ETC.
*Make sure you are hitting your water goal EVERYDAY! This is such an important piece to your weight loss and you meeting your goal. Water flushes your system and helps eliminate body waste.
*Keep an eye on what you are eating, you don't have to completely eliminate carbs but eat them at the start of your day and stick to lean meats and veggies for dinner. This allows your body to burn those cards during your day rather than going to sleep on a stomach of carbs!
*Measuring your portion sizes is also very important. Some foods we can get by without measuring but things like nuts, peanut butter, salad dressings are so easily over eaten. You can consume 100's of extra calories without even realizing it.
*WORKOUTS - WALKING - RUNNING- whatever physical activity you can get in DO IT! Lets burn these calories and get you to your goal.


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Carmen M.

Thx ..committing to 1 gallon of water a day

Jennifer C.

08/31/2020 12:12PM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
With a bunch of family stress I have to admit that I was derailed for two days and literally undid half of my progress. I need to get my head back in the game with only two weeks to go. I’m just appointed and concerned I won’t make it. I have been on point with exercise and over 10,000 steps a day but I am a few bad meals past staying on track there.

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Kristen M.

You can do it! There is still time! It’s not over until it’s over!!!

Carmen M.

It happens...move on drink water to flush junk out ...stay active u can do it plenty of time dont stress


08/31/2020 9:02AM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • Hey guys I just wanted to recommend a really good low calorie Mac and cheese that’s also really high in fibre (really filling). I watched someone on YouTube talk about it and I’m buying 3 as well as the companies’ other low calorie types of pasta. If you live in Canada the website I bought them off of was but if you live in the USA you can buy it straight off the companies website “fiber gourmet.” I’m so excited to try these😁😁😁????

Deanna D. , Rachel R. and like this photo.

Jennifer G.

I LOVE Fiber Gourmet pastas!! They’re delicious!

Carmen M.

Thanks for sharing
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