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Kayla H.

09/06/2020 11:40AM in Quarantine Comeback with PTKs
Woooottt weigh in!! Who is rocking it?!

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Miki V.

Erin K.

Autumn V.

09/06/2020 7:04AM in Quarantine Comeback with PTKs
  • Bam! Killed this weight out and plan to start another game with mu winnings. I'm still in the 6 month challenge so I have 5 months to go! Who struggles with the naughty carbs?!

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Kayla H.

Hahhhha facts!

Louise S.

There is a 6 month challenge? I need to look that up!!

Kayla H.

08/24/2020 8:05AM in Quarantine Comeback with PTKs
Half way through the challenge! How is everyone doing?!

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Sherry B.

Just crushed my goal this morning now to maintain!!!:muscle::100:

Anita L.

Need to get down 4 pounds i can do it...

Kayla H.

08/20/2020 4:26PM in Quarantine Comeback with PTKs
  • Making buffalo cauliflower and ground beef tonight! What are you making for dinner?

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Amie B.

Looks good! Started my reboot late so ketones only for me!!

Kayla H.

08/19/2020 6:32AM in Quarantine Comeback with PTKs
Happy reboot completion day I hope everyone smashed their review goals and they get moving on this gorgeous Wednesday morning!

Miki V. , Louise S. and like this comment.

Kayla H.

08/18/2020 5:40AM in Quarantine Comeback with PTKs
Good morning everyone! I hope you all have a great Tuesday and I hope everyone is rocking the final day of the reboot let’s make today great make sure you’re moving your body! Today’s goal get 10,000 steps when you do drop a picture of your watch your phone or honor system

Miki V. , Andrea and like this comment.

Erin K.

Kayla H.

08/15/2020 1:38PM in Quarantine Comeback with PTKs
Happy Saturday Everyone!
I’m so excited to start our reboot tomorrow night!!

How is everyone feeling?!

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Shannon T.

I think a reboot is a 60 hour fast.

Jordan K.

O wow thats a crazy fast. I dont think i could do more then 25 hours lol. Is there a logic behind the 60 hours or are those just a random chosen amount

Kayla H.

08/10/2020 8:54AM in Quarantine Comeback with PTKs
  • Happy Monday!
    New week New Start!

    What did everyone shake up this morning?
    Lime time for me!

    How are you going to make this week great?

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Yvette C.

Maui punch for me this morning.

Diana P.

Kayla H. accepted the challenge.
08/09/2020 11:22AM in Henhouse competition!
The pot is now $620

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Kayla H.

08/09/2020 8:46AM in Quarantine Comeback with PTKs
Happy Sunday everyone!! Today officially kicks off the challenge!! I am beyond excited for the next 4 weeks with you all!!

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Flor S.

Im so excited too.

Yvette C.

I’m so excited!!
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