Linda F.

I have regained 25 of my 77 lost on Medifast in the past year. I want to get back on track

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Favorite Health Food: built bars

Favorite Sinful Food: any carb!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Pilates

My Approach to Weight Loss: cut carbs

DietBet Winnings: $47.88

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Linda F.

08/17/2020 4:59AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
Back to tracking this week as have lost zero pounds so far in this challenge!! I find tracking and increases even a little in exercise is a game changer for me!

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Nancy C.

Your not alone ! Recommitted today

Kim H.

08/16/2020 9:20PM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
Did anyone else finish a diet bet right when this one started. I have had a much harder week this week for some reason. I have been good about exercise, but my diet has been all over the place. And my water intake has been bad. (Come to think of it, the water is probably part of why the diet is hard) but has anyone else experienced winning a round and then having a hard time staying on course?

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Yes I won the last one. Weight is moving way slower than I like. But it's on a downward trend. I also tend to lose than maybe gain, stall and lose. Or some variation of that. This is 4th bet and I don't like to lose lol

Nancy C.

I’m with u - I did My first day at bat that ended the day that this one started I won that bet with flying colors but week one of this game I’ve lost zero so far and have recommitted to win this one today.
I also think when you have removed 4% or more already your body is in a readjustment phase and takes a pause especially if you don’t have tons left to lose.

Anastasia W.

08/08/2020 4:58AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
Hi!! This is my very first DietBet, and I’m a bit nervous. If anyone has any advice, send it my way! 😊

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Amy B.

I won the last one, food and walks were everything for me! If you want to go down before a weigh-in make sure to drink lots of water, go on a big walk, and eat carrots the day before!!

Nancy C.

80 % Diet for sure - focus on nutrition, get plenty sleep and hydrate- exercise is a nice booster but can easily be negated by too many calories in - can’t out train a bad diet.
Good luck and enjoy the accountability!

Daniel M.

08/07/2020 10:53AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
Hello everybody, first game for me. I would like to know where you are coming from, anybody else from europe? Greetings, Daniel

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Judy J.

Michigan :)

Lisa Rush


Linda F.

08/07/2020 2:50AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
  • Can’t wait for this party to get started !!!

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Thank you!!!

Lisa Rush

Thanks for posting


08/06/2020 5:23PM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
This is my first dietbet! I am not sure what to expect.
Do I weigh in every week?? was it worth it to become a member? Are there incentives every week or just the end?

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Thank you all for the answers!! :two_hearts: I’m excited!!

Lisa Rush

Only advantage is you can use progress weigh ins for official weigh ins, so if you are doing more than one diet bet you don't have to submit more than one.

Brittany W.

07/22/2020 12:51AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
  • WELCOME FRIENDS! Just stopping by real quick to say hello and let you know how excited I am to have you join us for this end of the summer challenge! Weigh-ins begin as early as the 8th but you have up until the second week of the game to officially weigh in. I want you to know that there is a weekly weigh-ins hosted by Dietbet, but the only weigh-ins that are officially required of you is the one at the beginning of the game and the one at the end of the game. For fun I like to host my own weekly challenges with fun incentives and prizes (cookbooks, gift cards, etc.) to keep the game exciting so be on the look out for those! I'd love to get to know y'all a little bit better, comment below... what you are looking forward to the most in this game?

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Nancy C.

Continuing on the momentum and accountability of a diet bet I just finished and won today. These last lbs are seemingly hardest and this round should get me there.

Accountability and a little friendly competition for prizes are a good incentive to keep it going !

Kim M.

This is my first time on diet bet. I really just wanted a way to stay accountable. I really struggle with that so finding out about this app will hopefully give me the support I need to stay accountable.