Maddie B

After marriage and two kids, I put on some weight and am finally at a point where I'm committed to getting rid of it and getting back to a healthy lifestyle so I can set a good example for my kids.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Cukes, Cauliflower, & protein shakes

Favorite Sinful Food: Choc chip cookie dough & Pizza

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking and Beachbody Workouts

My Approach to Weight Loss: Balance and consistency. Making sustainable healthy life choices while still allowing for fun!

My Weight Loss Program: 2B Mindset

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, BOD Groups

Fitness Devices: My phone

DietBet Winnings: $226.50

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Maddie B

01/21/2021 4:25PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • After a year on my weight loss journey, I'm to the point where I love to work out, but I love it even more when I've got fun leggings!

    MM100 day 39 Melt Con ✔
    3 mile walk ✔
    Water goal ✔
    Nutrition ✔

    It's a good day!!

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Super cute leggings, what brand?

Maddie B

Thanks! Love Her brand. They have side pockets, too!!!

Katie B.

01/21/2021 7:21AM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
Hi everyone! I’m looking to change my collagen supplement, I don’t feel I’m getting the joint support I’m hoping for with what I’m currently using. Any suggestions??

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Maddie B

I use Alaya Naturals and love it. Considering quality, price, and calories, it seemed like the best value to me. I'm 5'1" on a good day so my caloric limits are lower than many, especially when trying to lose weight, so for me a lower calorie collagen supplement was really important, but this one hit the mark while still including the animal protein that I was looking for. I'm no expert, though, and there are ton of products out there.

Shannon G.

If you’re in the US, Isagenix just released a new Collagen Elixir and people are seeing getting amazing results!!!

Bethany M.

01/21/2021 4:36AM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
Completed MBFA today! Love Megan as a trainer. It was a fun workout program. Onto LIIFT4 and increase my weights!

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Great job!!!

Maddie B

Nice work!!! Yes, Megan is awesome!!!

Rachelle Y.

01/20/2021 9:14PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
I was wondering if CORE DE FORCE is a great program? There are no lift day!

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Meghan H.

I just finished my first round of CDF and I love it!

Maddie B

Love this thread. I had never considered Core de Force, but am now adding it to my list workouts to complete!!!

Maddie B

01/20/2021 6:30PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • MM100 day 38 Fight Club ✔
    4 mile walk ✔
    Water goal ✔

    Now for a big bowl of arugula with light oil, sea salt and pepper, and chicken roll ups with thin slice cheese, plain Greek yogurt, mustard, and a couple bites of red pepper that my kids didn't eat! Half way to my goal and going strong! I went into this DB not really expecting to make my goal, but it's going surprisingly well!!!

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Jacqueline K.

01/20/2021 5:07PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • I’ve been feeling sick for the past few days, but I’ve still managed to power through my workouts. Not today. Made the call to make today a rest day (or two) and give my body some needed time to heal itself.

    A past version of me would’ve taken this as a huge failure and used it as an excuse to also eat away her feelings of guilt and frustration at not being “perfect.” She would’ve sabotaged herself because she hated herself and she didn’t believe she deserved to be happy and successful and confident.

    But I’m not that person anymore. I believe in myself now. I’m kinder and more forgiving to myself, and hell, I might even go as far as to say I love myself. Not all the time, but some of the time. It’s been a long journey and hard af, but I know that if Past Jackie could talk to Present Jackie, she’d be in awe of what she’s become.

    And I know there’s a past version of all of you who’d feel the same way!

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Maddie B

Yes, girl!!

Seana C.

01/20/2021 2:17PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Okay, this tastes almost "too much" like a pina colada. Breanne....thank you for introducing me to Built. Their products are awesome!!!!

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Maddie B

Right!! These are my favorite!!!

Joel + Breanne F.

Glad you enjoy!

Emily H.

01/20/2021 10:10AM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • You guyssss!...This was my dinner lastnight. 1 chicken is 210 calories and 1 cup of the roasted veggies is 60 calories. 270 calorie meal and it feels like you're cheating on your diet. Sooooo good!

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Emily H.

It was near the chicken tenders in my store. They have other kinds of stuffed chicken but I found this one to be the lowest in calories. :blush:

Maddie B

Yes, these stuffed chicken breasts are so good. I keep them in the freezer for last minute meals!!!
Maddie B has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 0.9 pounds
01/20/2021 12:05PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Double Your Winnings!

Total weight lost is now 6,921 pounds! Average is 9.3 pounds.

Maddie B

01/19/2021 6:12PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • MM100 day 37 Downbeat Strength ✔
    3 mile walk ✔
    Water goal ✔

    Nutrition was going good most of the day, but my husband came home from work and informed me that he has to work out of town for a few days or more so we're enjoying the night together with some nachos ordered out. I'll be able to really dial in my nutrition while he's away.

    At least I won't be alone. I got my munchkins to keep me company 😜????😍

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