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Olivia S

10/08/2020 2:32PM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • Chicken Lo Mein - 6 points for 1 1/2 cups

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Dorothy B.

That looks super nummi!!:blush:

Melissa M.


Olivia S

10/06/2020 7:18AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • Transformation Tuesday - started in May! -45 pounds with a total goal of -111! If you work hard and don’t give up you will make progress even if it’s slow or not as fast as you’d like. Patience has been a blessing for me during this journey.

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natalia k.


Kevin M.

Very visible. Great job!

Felicia K.

10/06/2020 5:35AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet

    Lets see those transformations!! BIG OR SMALL! Lets motivate eachother! Also would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear some mental transformations as well!

    I am so sorry I haven’t been commenting on everyones posts. I am DOWN from this sinus infection (JUST a sinus infection thank goodness!) But my head feels like it’s going to explode! Ive lost 4.5 pounds since the start of the bet most likely because I have no appetite at all. Hoping to feel better soon! Husband is off work and going to watch the kids while I sleep it off today!

    Lets focus on WATER today! (ME TOO). Water is so important for weight loss but also for overall health! For me I love to drink a lot of water because it helps me feel fuller during and in between meals! It also flushes out my body and keeps me from being bloated!

    The recommended amount off water per day is 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces! So for example if you are 200 pounds, the recommended amount would be 100 oz! So comment below your goal for the day and check in periodically throughout the day to stay accountable!!! I will choose 2 winners from the comments to win a brand new IRON FLASK. My fav insulated water bottle!!!

    My goal is 150oz! Starting on my first 40oz bottle!

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Markie M

I have been looking into an ironflask but my goal is 100 ounces. I have went from 255lb to 170lbs since February 2019. I feel so great when I eat great and get my water in!!

Stephanie M.

  • Woo hoo!!

Olivia S

10/05/2020 2:48PM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • Healthy taco casserole from slender kitchen paired with Tostitos bite size chips - 19 for 3 points! Total plate - 7 points on blue!

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Amanda C.

Looks like many of us are having some variation of Mexican tonight.

Olivia S

10/04/2020 11:09AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
Trying six new recipes this week! Wish me luck and follow my journey exploring and sometimes failing at ww friendly recipes on Instagram! @liv_journey_ww

Monday - healthy taco casserole
Tuesday - turkey pot pie empanadas
Wednesday - rice balls with eggplant parmesan
Thursday - chicken lo mein
Friday - tater tot casserole
Saturday - creamy spinach pesto
Sunday - TBD

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Chicken lo mein recipe!

Felicia K.

10/04/2020 5:48AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
    (Yesterday’s giveaways winners are Jacqui F
    Mountain Mama, please email me at Feliciafitnesshealth@aol .com)
    On my weight loss journey (and still now in maintenance) meal PLANNING and setting myself up for success is SO DANG important. How many times have you said “Eh, I’m not sure what to have for dinner so lets just eat out”. This happens to me when I don’t have a plan in place. So every Sunday I write out my menu for the week and get all my groceries based off that menu! Here is this weeks menu!(Also, if something doesnt sound good that day I will switch meals around if I want to based on whatever sounds better that particular day!)

    I totally get everyone does things differently so don’t feel obligated, I just think this is a really great tool and something that helps me a TON! Post those plans for the week!!!!! Love seeing other meal ideas!

    M- Bean and cheese bombs
    T- Spaghetti and garlic knot with salad
    W- White enchiladas
    Th-Crockpot Italian chicken
    F- leftovers
    S- 2 Ingredient dough pizza
    Sun- Chicken stroganoff

    FKC bowl (cottage cheese, shredded cheddar, Tyson blackened chicken strips)
    #Thefeliciacombo (hash browns, eggs, Sams choice chicken apple sausage, cottage cheese)

    Alani Fit snack gummy bears
    Cucumber, laughing cow and pepperoni
    Alani protein bars

    Pizza- https://youtu.be/vPTHJgZS9NM

    Italian Chicken- https://youtu.be/5E4R9WLJzGM

    Bean and cheese bombs- https://youtu.be/rlTq5iBMH9g

    White enchiladas- https://www.instagram.com/p/CFgG0lxBySH/?igshid=1canvmav8yk80

    Chicken stroganoff- https://youtu.be/Zqi-M7guJL0

    Spaghetti- I am using fiber gourmet pasta and marinara sauce, with the marketplace garlic knots!

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Kellie F.

I’m just going to have what you’re having for dinner. Lol! Bean and cheese bombs last night were awesome!

jacquelyn c.

Felicia thank you thank you thank you for not posting about veggies and fruit constantly! I love that you keep these meals real and tasty!

Olivia S

10/03/2020 4:17PM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • This pizza takes up my whole plate and is only 8 points ????????????

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Olivia S

Fat free moz and part skim ricotta!!!! 2 ingredient dough!

Ashley V.

My go to! It’s sooo good!!

Tammy H.

10/02/2020 8:08AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
First diet bet ever! I lost 75 pounds on WW and over the last year have gained half of it back. Have been beating myself up for months but now getting back to it and ready to do work! Time to find "me" again! Good luck all!

Jessica R. , Allie S. and like this comment.

Andrea P.

You got this!

Olivia S

You can only move forward! Just focus on the weight you have lost!


09/26/2020 7:53PM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
Hey all! Any other teachers or soon to be brides here? Would love to connect!

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Olivia S

Getting married October 2021!

Heather E.

I’m a teacher! Hi!! Hope your year is off to a great start!