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Tiffany F.

10/18/2020 8:47AM in Progress not Perfection- Oct
  • Alright ladies, this is it! The final 6 days!! And you can totally do this!!!

    So take today to set your week up for success! Have your meals prepped or planned whatever works best for you! Get that water in, maybe squeeze in an extra workout(but nothing crazy so you don’t hurt yourself or your muscles!)

    You have so much more to be proud of then just a number on a scale! Because signing up for something brand new and then getting to the end of that new this is a HUGE accomplishment!!!

    Finally, thank you. Thank you for doing this with me and allowing me to be a part of your journey! It really is such an honor to get to cheer all you ladies on in everything you do!!! ❤❤

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Debbie H

Thank you for all you do to motivate us.

Teresa H.

Thank you for always cheering us on.

Tiffany F.

10/05/2020 6:41AM in Progress not Perfection- Oct
  • Hello everyone!!! Happy Monday and happy week 2!

    So let’s talk, what’s challenging you right now? Are you having a hard time with your diet? Maybe you can’t stay consistent with your activity, or maybe your water intake is totally lacking.

    Well what if you are over complicating it? This week, I really want you to focus on an aspect of this journey giving you a hard time, and then scale it back to the most basic.

    For example, if you are having a hard time with diet. Go back to simple things like eggs, chicken, fruits and veggies. Maybe that activity is the issue. So step back and just go for a simple walk or find a super simple beginners workout on fiton.

    Tell me what you want to focus on this week. And if you need help with ideas on how to get back to basics let me know in the comments!
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Debbie H

I'm going to try to cook all my meals and cut down on having starches at every meal.

Heather W.

My problem has been the traveling and camping with the family this week. Heading back to FL tomorrow and will be getting back to basics on Wednesday!!

Tiffany F.

09/29/2020 8:46AM in Progress not Perfection- Oct
Happy Tuesday everyone!

So as you guys know, In the progress not perfection group, I always do a check in Tuesday. So I figured I should do it here to!

How is your first week going in this DietBet? What are you focusing on this week? While the ultimate goal is to loose 4%, there is nothing that says you shouldn’t keep doing small weekly goals.

This week I’m challenging myself to do some kind of small activity on top of my normal workouts, which will be walking a small week each evening with my husband.

What are you going to challenge yourself to this week? Remember your activity doesn’t have to be some crazy calorie burning, sweat dripping workout. It can be something that just gets your body moving!

Share in the comments what you want to challenge yourself to!

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Krystle S.

I need to come up with something. However lately I've done small workouts here and there plus my weekly 5k and then haven't had soda in 2-3 weeks .. (which I'm craving so it's hard)


I’m working towards 3 miles 7 days and 10-20 min of strength 4 days. Eating a good breakfast before 8am. I’ve done at least 2.5 miles for 2 weeks straight so I’m ready to bump it up the next few weeks.

Nichole B.

09/28/2020 7:53PM in Progress not Perfection- Oct
Ok guys, I'm really surprised at how much I'm staying on track and I'm finding myself wanting to get exercise in. I think this diet bet thing just might work out 😂😂😂

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Tiffany F.

That’s amazing!! I’m telling you, something about the DietBet just gives you extra drive!!!


It really does give you the want! The want to get up and set goal and stay on track

Tiffany F.

09/27/2020 9:52AM in Progress not Perfection- Oct

Hello everyone!!! And happy official DietBet kick off!!!

I am so excited to do this with you amazing people! My goal is to guide you through these next four weeks, keep your motivated, and get you to your goal!!! I want to talk about your mindset, your goals, your why and the sustainability of all of it! But for this post I want to take about some essentials. My goal will be to push you guys. To get you active!

So I’ll be sharing workouts and challenges on different days and different weeks. Here are some of the things I think will be great to have for this DietBet!(but you don’t have to have if you don’t want to)

-water-bottle(you guys know I love my giant water-bottle, that doesn’t mean you have to have one like that. But have one that’s a go to for your day that you can fill up and keep track of!
-hand weights/heavy cans( I am going to share strength training workouts and moves with you guys and why strength training is so beneficial. So have some small hand weights or a few heavy cans will be helpful
-Fit-on App-(this app is free and actually linked in the WW app. And it’s where I get a lot of workouts from and I’ll reference workouts from this app. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
-comfy shoes-(I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a comfy pair of workout shoes. Please don’t ever workout out bare foots!!! It’s so bad for your knees, legs and back!
-resistance bands-(I use these when I workout, and they are not a must by any means but they are very very nice to have and offer a variety of workouts!

As I said, none of these items are a must have to complete the diet bet. They will just be items I will refer to or build workouts around. If you need suggestion where to get some of these items or what to get let me know!!


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Tiffany F. accepted the challenge.
09/25/2020 10:06PM in Progress not Perfection- Oct
The pot is now $195

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Tiffany F. created this game!

09/08/2020 12:48PM in Progress not Perfection- Oct
Players will compete to lose 4% of their starting weight in 4 weeks. Everyone who wins splits the pot! See how it works.

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