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Felicia K.

07/14/2020 11:14AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet

    Who here struggles to drink enough water? It can defiantly be hard! For me it became a habit overtime and now I don’t even think about it, I just drink!😂

    Why is water beneficial for a weight loss journey?

    1. Its just DANG GOOD FOR YOU! Being hydrated is so good for your body, skin, everything!
    2. Drinking lots of water before and during a meal can help with appetite and make you feel more full, less likely to over consume
    3. It helps filter toxins and can help keep your digestive system more regular!
    4. It can take the place of sugary sodas and drinks which in turn, helps with weight loss

    Here are some of my biggest tips for drinking more water! The general recommended amount of water is about 1/2 of your bodyweight in oz. So for example if you weigh 200 pounds, you want to shoot for 100oz a day. You can obviously adjust this to your needs!

    Comment below your plan to drink more water and what your daily water intake goal is! I will be picking 2 winners to win my favorite water bottle (Iron Flask!)

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Christina M.

I use my WW app.

Katie C.

I’ve found drinking the Smart water bottles of water was a game changer for me. I love the taste as is and can drink a whole 33oz bottle in such a short time.

Felicia K.

07/13/2020 11:23AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • GIVEAWAY TIME (CLOSED, winners announcement on new post)
    OK first holy freakin COW!!! I am blown away with all the activity on our dashbaord! SO MANY MEAL IDEAS!!!!!! Im trying my best to comment on all posts but its a little overwhelming so I’m going to 100% answer all posts with questions and do my best to comment on the food/workout posts! Bear with me!!!

    I just have to say again how freaking proud I am of ALL OF YOU for even joining! Its definitely a commitment! I want to start off by talking about our goals for this dietbet and also a giveaway! (I am not stingy with the amount of giveaways I do in here just so you know!😂)

    Yes, this game is about losing that 4%. BUT we need to make it a point to focus on NON SCALE things as well. The number is NOT everything. So I want you to tell me:

    1.) You’re WHY. Why do you want to lose weight/be a healthier version of you? What is driving you?

    2.) What is your main NON SCALE goal that you would like to accomplish (clothes fitting better, developing a new healthy habit, fitting into a goal pair of pants, a specific health goal like better bloodwork numbers, etc)

    3.) Optional: You can post your scale goal if you feel comfortable!

    Comment below and let me know and I will pick 2 people tomorrow morning to win $50 PayPal cash!

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Cammy M.

My why is to be able to participate in simple activities without getting out of breath and without my knees hurting from carrying this extra weight around. Thank you !

Tina K.

I put on 20 pounds as I had to go on prednisone last fall. I have never ( even at full term pregnancy) weighed this much. My clothes are tight. I want to be able to play with my grandsons who are 3, 1 and 4 months. I need to get healthier so I can see them grow up.