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Favorite Health Food: roasted veggies

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My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: less cals following Noom

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Danielle H.

07/29/2020 2:04PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
Anyone else ever notice a stall after about 20 lb. Weightloss?

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Eddy F.


Paulina P.

I had that happen a few weeks ago. I had to re adjust and reflect. I realized I was doing the same exercises often, so I changed them up. I would say the biggest thing though was I upped my water intake A LOT. Lol. I was getting maybe 20-40 oz a day (bad, I know!) and now I’m averaging 100-130 a day and I started losing again. I have upped my working out a bit but I really think the water was the game changer! I’m down another 10 and counting

Felicia K.

07/26/2020 5:32AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet

    Kelsey Killer please email me to claim your Clio prize from yesterday!

    Lets write out those plans for week #3 and get the grocery list started! We are leaving for an 8 day trip to NC on Saturday so that week will be totally out the window for planning but still going to bring my premier protein, my bars, etc and show you guys how I eat/what I bring while traveling! ALSO just a heads up I have a film crew coming to my house tomorrow so its going to be super hectic so if you don't hear from me a ton tomorrow that's why! Still going to try to get a post up first thing in the AM 💕

    M- BBQ tender salad
    T- Buffalo Nuggets w/ salad
    W- Grilled chicken, Mac n cheese and salad
    Th- Chicken Stroganoff
    F- Chili
    Sun- NC

    FKC bowl (cottage cheese, shredded cheddar, Tyson blackened chicken strips)
    #Thefeliciacombo spin (sweet potato, eggs, Sams choice sausage, cottage cheese)

    Chicken stroganoff- https://youtu.be/Zqi-M7guJL0

    BBQ Tender salad- I coat chicken tenders in the BBQ glaze shake n bake and air fry them. Cut them up and put them ontop of a bowl of spinach/romaine with some shredded cheese, boathouse farms ranch, and cottage cheese.

    1 lb 96/4 ground beef
    1/2 chopped onion
    2 8oz cans tomato sauce
    1 McCormick chili packet
    1 can kidney beans (drained)
    1 bag/or can of corn

    Cook beef and chopped onion until fully cooked. Add the rest of ingredients. Simmer on stove on low or keep in crockpot on low for 3-4 hours.

    5sp per 1 1/2 cups

    Makes about 3 servings.

    I usually double the recipe and it makes about 7 servings

    Buffalo Nuggets- https://youtu.be/YcAnof0b1Fk

    For the Mac n cheese I am going to try something new with brown rice pasta, laughing cow cheese…I will post it here if it ends up being good lol!

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Katie C.

Prepped 3 days of lunches :grin:

Misty R.

Danielle H.

07/25/2020 5:06PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • Felicias 2 ingredient dough pizza, I've made it before but this time it was the most perfect pizza! The fact that I can eat the whole thing for about the same cals as a slice or 2 dominoes, just blows my mind.

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Danielle H.

I put diced tomatoes too, believe me when I say, omg so good!!

Danielle H.

Also I dont eat meat :smirk:

Danielle H.

07/25/2020 1:10PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
Push mowing super high grass today because of a flat tire on rider. Its 90° and omg I'm dying, I keep thinking of the workout I'm getting❣ were not even done w front yard and it's been 2 hours😣

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Felicia K.

SUCH a good workout!

Felicia K.

07/25/2020 5:24AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet


    Kelsey Killer

    Shoot me an email at feliciafitnesshealth@aol.com

    Lets just make today a water accountability day! Comment below your water goal and then come back throughout the day and check in with how much water you’ve got so far!

    My goal today is 150oz and I am just now starting on my first 64oz!

    Tomorrow is SET UP SUNDAY so start thinking of what you want to plan for week 3!!!!

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Faith G.

I always drink 2 gallons of water a day:)

Melissa M

Made it to 100! :sweat_drops:

Felicia K.

07/23/2020 6:50AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • You know how much I preach about sustainability, so here we go again! ITS SO IMPORTANT. When this dietbet is over I know it can be easy to celebrate with food. But lets get ahead of that.

    FIRST, is it okay to celebrate with a cupcake or a meal out with family? SURE! But don’t let that turn into multiple meals/days and slip back into the old habits. Lets come up with some non food related rewards that you can treat yourself with!

    A new outfit
    New workout shoes
    Fitbit/Apple Watch
    Get nails done/pedicure
    Get your hair done!

    EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LOSE THE 4% I WANT YOU TO CELEBRATE ANY WEIGHT LOSS YOU HAD BECAUSE YOU ARE AMAZING. Not losing 4% DOES NOT make you a failure. I am SOOOO proud of you and you should be too! ANY weight loss should be celebrated and rewarded and not hitting the 4% goal doesnt mean you just give up! KEEP GOING.

    Comment below a non food related reward you have planned for yourself! I will pick 2 winners to win $50 PayPal to go towards that 😍

    CONGRATS to yesterdays 4 AlanuNu gift card winners. I AM SO INSPIRED looking at that workout thread! You guys are AMAZINGGGGGG and I wish I could give you ALL a freakin gift card!

    Felicia B.
    Alisha B.
    Sonshine mama
    Allie B.

    Please email me at feliciafitnesshealth@ aol.com with a screenshot of your dietbet profile for confirmation

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Amanda W.

I’m booking a massage for myself when I’m at 180 lbs.

Kristin M.

A new outfit for the fall

Danielle H.

07/22/2020 2:22PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • I have more to lose than some. But this is great motivation🎊

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Brittany M.

That’s awesome! My starting weight at right around there too. I’ve been working at this 18 months but down nearly 80lbs

Victoria B.

You go girl!

Danielle H.

07/22/2020 11:10AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
How do we earn points?

Felicia K.

07/22/2020 7:18AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet

    Goodmorning everyone!! How are we feeling?! Mid way through the 2nd week! I feel like its going so fast!

    Today is workout Wednesday and I want everyone to get moving today! Even if its just a quick 20 minute walk. Lets see those workout selfies, fitness watches, anything to show proof of a workout today! I will be hitting the gym tonight and posting my selfie here for accountability too since I know ill be exhausted by the end of the day LOL. Upper body for me tonight and I am going to challenge myself to 30 minutes on the stair master!😩😂

    I will be picking FOUR people from the comments to giveaway a $50 Alani Nutrition gift card! LETS DO THIS AND MAKE TODAY AN AWESOME DAY!

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  • Yesterday I put in some WORK on the Peloton app... 4 workouts (not including the meditation afterwards!)

Nicole R.

  • Fitness blender - leg day! My legs were shaking at the end!

Danielle H.

07/17/2020 8:01AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
Anyone else having pro lems submitting weigh ins? My pics arent uploading

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Melanie H.

Same issue here!

Danielle H.

It worked thank you
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