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Felicia K.

08/02/2020 5:29AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • SET UP SUNDAY!!!!!! Let’s set up this last week for success! ONE MORE WEEK omg!

    I’m out of town so no plan for me besides moderation of whatever my family is eating! But I want to see your plan! Get your dinner/meals planned for the week, write them down and comment below! I will pick 2 winners to win $50 PayPal cash!

    Regardless of where you’re at, LETS FINISH THIS THING STRONG!

Chelsea T. , Holly M. and like this photo.

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McCall H.

Linda O.

Hi everyone, I’m becoming frustrated because I can’t post pictures for weigh ins or even post on the stream. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I’ve updated the app and my phone.

Heather P.

08/02/2020 4:15PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • So I hate running it’s not for me so I am happy we bought just dance for the switch it is something I like doing and the kids can do it with me so much fun 😁 this is what my exercise looks like since we got it it also helps me get my steps in

stephiej , loveyourself333 and like this photo.

Caitlin P.

Yes!!! I do just dance every single day! I also stream so I play it on twitch but it’s so great they have playlists that are workouts :)

Heather P.

08/01/2020 10:31PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • 2 birthday parties and ate no cake 😁 was very tempted lol one for my niece and another for a nephew lol lots of fun I didn’t get a picture with my nephew though only blue dots since I began the diet bet feeling pretty good 😊

Ashley , stephiej and like this photo.

Felicia K.

So beautiful :sob::sparkling_heart:

Erin V.

07/30/2020 7:04PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • This is my fav snack, nonfat Greek yogurt, drizzle of honey, blueberries, 1-2 tbls of granola. I know this isn’t proper WW counting, but I don’t count the honey! It’s one of the FEW things I don’t track, because I use such a small amount. I also don’t track olive oil (if its about a teaspoon) or the milk in my coffee in the AM. I’m sure some people might look down on that, but it’s more of a mental health thing for me. I can’t be obsessed over measuring the milk in my coffee. I will go insane. I’ll get frustrated and I’ll give up. So I just make it work for me! #findwhatworksforyou ❤

Mattie S. , Ashley M. and like this photo.

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Jennifer N.

I do the exact same thing. I also rarely use my weeklies or if I do, I never get close to using all of them so I tell myself those are my points for the little things I don't count.


:raised_hands:It’s gotta be sustainable for you. I do the same with oil or if I’m measuring something and it’s like a gram or two off. It’ll be fine. It’s the consistency that matters as well as your sanity. Gotta do what works best for you.:green_heart:

Felicia K.

07/30/2020 6:34PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • Love you guys 💖
    My heart is so full going through this page every night. So dang proud of every single one of you.

Sarah C. , Ashlee H. and like this photo.

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Jessica W.



Thank you for that extra motivation and all the tips along the way

Heather P.

07/30/2020 4:18PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • Got my water goal done now on my 4th cup lol dinner was spaghetti with zoodles yummy 4 points 😊

Felicia K.

Killin it :heart_eyes:

Courtney S.

07/30/2020 4:07PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • My husband LOVES cheese grits and asked for them tonight. Of course my favorite recipe is not the healthiest so today in the WW app I made some modifications (fat free cheddar, margarine instead of butter, less fat milk) and got the recipe down to 8 points for a one cup serving. I topped it with blackened chicken strips & 1 points worth of light blue cheese dressing.
    💙 9 points total and so good and filling!! I love that I don’t have to stop eating good food on WW.

Abbey V. , loveyourself333 and like this photo.

Heather P.

I have never tried them lol I may have to just am very picky lol


07/29/2020 8:17PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
I’m less than 30% to my goal and we’re past the 50% mark in the bet. I’d love to say I’m not discouraged but I am. I know overall the weight comes in it’s own time but I can’t help feeling frustrated because I want to be apart of the winners circle. I’m not folding in the cards because I know that gets me nowhere. Instead, I keep going. Because at least by trying, I still have a chance at succeeding. Quitting is guaranteed to not get there.

Kristen S. , Allie P. and like this comment.

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Felicia K.

Think of where you will be at the end of this, regardless of the 4% goal. YOU HAVE MADE SO MUCH PROGRESS GIRL! I am SO proud of you and you should be incredibly proud of yourself!


Stalls really mentally get to me as well. Just keep going. The scale will catch up. Also take pics. Sometimes I don't lose but I can see it in my pics. I have my hubby take bra n panties pics every two weeks.

Heather P.

07/29/2020 4:43PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
OMG 😳 I bought a medium sports bra because I’m a medium ok so didn’t try it on get home and try it on that dang thing has no stretch and fits like a small lol I guess it’s a goal bra now lol

Lisa E. , Felicia K. and like this comment.

Felicia K.

AH that's the worst lol! But YAY for a goal bra!

Rose J.

07/29/2020 4:43PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
Looking into buying an air fryer. Which do you have and do you recommend?

Felicia K. , Carlie F. and Heather P. like this comment.

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I also have a ninja and love it. It is multi functional....even though I have only used the air fryer and roast features but there is more.

Rose J.

Thank you all so much for your advice and recommendations. I will totally check them out and see which would be the best fit :blush:
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