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Felicia K.

10/26/2020 5:17AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet

    I know the DietBet is coming to an end but DONT let yourself fizzle out! Remember this DietBet was to help give you a kickstart. Not a start and end. I encourage you to keep up with the healthy habits you’ve developed and come back to my next game even farther along in your journey!!!!

    This journey is HARD. The hardest. But the only way you won’t succeed is if you give up. Where could you be a year from today if you just kept going. Despite the INEVITABLE “slip ups” or days you skip your workout. Think big picture. 365 days. How many more days are you going to let go by?

    My next DietBet will be in January. The start of a new year. After such a horrible year, I think it’ll be a much needed refresher. But don’t let the rest of this year go by just “waiting until the new year” Think of how much progress you can make in just a few months!

    Set yourself up for success with meal planning, planning your workouts, self care, and constantly reminding yourself that no matter what are DONE quitting

    Comment below 2 healthy habits you want to keep consistent with! I will choose 2 people to each win $50 PayPal cash!

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Traci B.

I will continue to meet my water goals and keep exercise as a part of my daily life. This has been such a wonderful experience and has really helped keep me accountable to myself!

Kimberly D.

Exercise and meal planning!


10/25/2020 4:02PM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • Stove top chicken bake (6), veggies (0), and garlic toast (5). Yummy dinner. The stove top bake is 1-1/2 servings, otherwise it would have been 4 points. This is the recipe I followed.

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Alex C.

Looks like a whole lotta comfort food yum!


Alex, it's so dang cold here in WI all I want is comfort food, lol. I was SO glad that this was low in points. AND that I had the WW points for a piece of garlic toast. ❤❤

Genie P.

10/24/2020 11:34AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • 😂 really hoping they make this permanent

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P D.

I’ve never tried it haven’t even heard of it until people started posting about it on Felicia‘s weight loss challenge. I looked it up on Amazon it’s pricey can’t afford it on Social Security.

Nini ?.

@P D I found it at GNC

Felicia K.

10/24/2020 7:36AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
Hi everyone!!!!!

So after some feedback I made a Facebook group for anyone who wants to have some post DietBet support from one another! I won’t be super active in there but it’s just for anyone who wants to stay in touch! You’ll be asked a secret word to join and that word is: PEANUT

Search “Feliciafitnesshealth post DietBet support group” on Facebook

I was also thinking about a way we can be more connected in future DietBet’s since this app isn’t the most user friendly. I was thinking either a private instagram or private Facebook page. That way I can post videos, I can do motivational LIVES, respond to individual comments, etc. Which platform (Facebook or IG) would you prefer? Just looking for some feedback!💞

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Stevee B.

IG don’t have FB

Allison T.


Felicia K.

10/22/2020 10:28AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • Yesterday’s giveaway winners:

    Markie M

    Please email me at Feliciafitnesshealth@aol. com

    Reading everyone’s “why” had me so emotional! I also just want to let everyone know how proud I am of you. The scale won’t budge for me right now either but I’m not going to fret it because 1) I’m doing everything I need to be doing for my health and my body 2) My hormones are all whacked out from stopping nursing. Started my first period since before I was pregnant with Jax and it’s lasting weeks. So I know I’m bloated. But regardless of anything going on I’m still pushing myself and doing the absolute best I can WITHOUT restricting and always remembering this that journey is FOREVER!

    I really need some water accountability today to help get rid of this bloat. Let’s do a water post. My goal is 200 oz. I’m at about 80 right now! Comment below and check in the rest of the day. I’ll pick 2 people to win an iron flask of their choice! I chugged a bunch of water with lunch and it really does help keep me so full 🙌????

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Katie Z.

My goal is 100oz. per day!!! I’m at 64 right now!

Trish Q.

150 chug chug


10/18/2020 12:33AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • I thought I’d share this with everyone...😍SO good! It tastes like chocolate banana cream pie. Mine came out to 8pts💚, but you can adjust it accordingly.
    Jello SF Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Pudding
    Frozen banana
    Whipped cream
    Chopped nuts

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Shambray G.


Meghan A.

10/17/2020 7:56AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet

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:yum: recipe please

Melody K.

Yes! Recipe, please! :yum:

Felicia K.

10/17/2020 6:32AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • So if you were in my previous DietBet you’ll remember when I talked about starting to think about your “reward” for finishing this game! Yes, I said finishing, not winning. Remember that no matter how much you loose, no matter if you hit the 4 week goal, you are still a winner. You joined. You challenged yourself. You hopefully made yourself better physically and mentally.

    So when the game is over, I know a lot of people like to celebrate with food! Which is A OK WITH ME!!!! In moderation of course! Enjoy and move on!!! But I would love to encourage some non food related rewards as well! When this game is over I do NOT want you to think “ah I’m done! Free for all!!!!!” And go back to old habits . I want you to start finding other ways to treat yourself.


    A new workout outfit
    New shoes
    A new piece to your wardrobe
    Nail day
    New hair style
    Apple Watch/ fit bit

    Comment below a non food related reward youre planning for yourself! I will pick 4 winners to give $50 PayPal cash to go towards that!💓

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Sally S.

Going to use my winnings to purchase some workout gear.


Nail day!

Felicia K.

10/16/2020 11:41AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • HI EVERYONE!!!! It’s the weekend!!!!!😍🙌???? so sorry for the late post! I’ve had a busy morning!

    Do you have a plan to stick to your goals this weekend?!? The weekends can be so hard for a lot of people but having a plan helps me SO SO MUCH!!!! We are have pizza night tonight with 2 ingredient dough pizzas! Went on a walk today and plan to do the same tomorrow! Instead of sitting inside being tempted by snacks- getting out and enjoying the crisp weather helps so much! I’m also going to stay distracted by deep cleaning our bedroom! Surgery is coming up and I’m in “nesting” mode 😂😂😂

    What is your plan this weekend to stay active / stick to your goals?!

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Maggie B.

Going to a few trails this weekend to enjoy fall:maple_leaf::fallen_leaf:

Julia H.

My fiance is at his bachelor party this weekend. It's nice to have the house to myself and I am GoCleanCo - ing my house while he's gone! If you don't follow @GoCleanCo on Instagram you should! I've also made it to the gym both days and plan on enjoying the fall weather tomorrow with either a long walk or run in the park before the Browns game :)


10/14/2020 3:44PM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • 💚15pt lunch. This is why WW works for me. I can eat what I love and make it work. 😊
    Tuna Salad-7
    Kettle corn-3

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Felicia K.

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