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Brittany W.

about 4 hours ago in Instant Loss Festive & Fit Challenge
  • Happy Monday!

    Let’s intentionally focus together on building the new habits that will help us reach our goals over the next couple of weeks, instead of falling into the trap of repeating the old habits that are no longer serving us.

    We have been given the gift of a new challenge, a new week, and a new day!
    How are we going to spend it? ✨ ✨

    Share below one positive thing you are focusing on this week!

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Mikki C.

Meeting my water goals and sticking to my eating window.

Dani M.

Making healthy food choices all week!
Dani M. accepted the challenge.
11/21/2020 9:16PM in Instant Loss Festive & Fit Challenge
The pot is now $1,015

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Annie D.

11/20/2020 4:24PM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
I’m sooooo close! My weight fluctuates so much! When does weigh in start and end and what Time Zone please?!! Just so I can ensure I do it correctly!

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Melissa R.

Same! I was a pound under my goal two days ago and now I am up two pounds.... I’m gonna have to wait a little bit to weigh in. :(


*Everything* affects me. If I eat a restaurant meal, processed food, how well elimination is working, everything. I barely made it under and in fact gained almost two pounds this week. I so wanted to be closer to 7-8%. I'm not sure if it's water weight gain, temporary sluggish metabolism processing, or actual weight gain. Very frustrating!

Brittany W.

11/18/2020 3:17PM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • Mid-week check in....
    What is one thing you are proud of this week?

    Personally I am proud of the fact that even though I have been traveling for work this week I have made relatively great nutritional choices and I am heading home today to finish out the week strong!

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Kayla B.

I have been to the gym every night this week

Shelly B

I am proud that I’ve been consistent with getting on my bike. 45+ minutes 6 days a week.

Brittany W.

10/28/2020 6:45AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • Success is found in your daily routine. Small steps in the right direction add up to amazing lifelong results!

    Mid week check-in...What healthy habits could you do a better job of incorporating into your daily routine?

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Lesli F.

Consistently working out is one major thing I need to work on. I go gung-ho for a while, then I have no motivation to work out.

Sarah M.

Water and food prep are my lifelines

Brittany W.

10/23/2020 8:12AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • Horray Horray! It’s officially weigh-in day! It’s super simple to do and your photo is kept completely private! Just take one photo of the scale with today’s weigh-in word above it, and then a full body photo of you on the scale in light weight clothes! The app walks you through it completely and once you have submitted your photos you are ready to go! I am so excited to kick this Holiday Hustle challenge off alongside y’all! Let’s shed some weight before Thanksgiving!

    *Reminder that only the DietBet referees can look at your weigh-in photos. Comment below if you are ready to get this challenge started!

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Heather C.

Super excited to start this journey. I need accountability and I’m tired of yo-yoing! I know I can do this!

Sarah M.

My 4% will be my COVID weight. Let's see if it comes off just as easily...

Brittany W.

10/22/2020 9:49PM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • WELCOME FRIENDS! Just stopping by real quick to say hello and let you know how excited I am to have you join us for this challenge! Weigh-ins begin as early as tomorrow morning (23rd) but you have up until the second week of the game to officially weigh in. I want you to know that there is a weekly weigh-ins hosted by Dietbet, but the only weigh-ins that are officially required of you is the one at the beginning of the game and the one at the end of the game. For fun I like to host my own weekly challenges with fun incentives and prizes (cookbooks, gift cards, etc.) to keep the game exciting so be on the look out for those! I'd love to get to know y'all a little bit better, comment below... what you are looking forward to the most in this game?

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Sarah M.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Tracey B.

10/03/2020 7:01PM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
If you have a fitbit...what is your daily goal? Trying to figure out what mine should be for weight loss. I set it for 12,000 but today I did 19, 000...so not sure if it should be higher or what. Thanks!! Also - any tips for fitbit? I have the versa 3.

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Chelsea L.

I originally had my goal at 10k steps, but after a couple weeks of getting more steps most days, I upped to 15k for a challenge.
I currently have the inspire 2.

Dani M.

I do StepBet and it calculates how many steps it thinks you should do.

Brittany W.

09/16/2020 5:37AM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • When I was 170 pounds y’all talked me into blogging a weeks worth of what I was eating. I called it “The Importance of Keeping a Food Journal”.

    Writing down what I was eating helped me so much. It eliminated a lot of the snacking I was doing off my kids plates or the “harmless” little handfuls of things I’d grab from the pantry throughout the day. Writing things down was like having an accountability partner.

    Since y’all are tracking this week, I figured I’d resurrect these posts to give you an idea of what tracking looked like for me back then!

    You can view all seven days here: https://instantloss.com/?s=The+importance+of

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britt d.

Thank you for sharing this post brittany! being new to your group and journey, i wouldnt have found it otherwise! i love keeping a food journal. i dont track calories, but just keeping tabs on what im putting in my face helps me make better decisions. :)

Dani M.

I never thought about writing water into the plan but that's a great way to make sure you do it!