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Autumn Calabrese

01/27/2023 10:06AM in Healthy Me in ‘23 with Autumn Calabrese
As we wrap up this diet bet, I wanted to take a minute to tell you all how proud I am of you, but more importantly you should be proud of yourself. Making a change is never easy. There will always be good days & hard days. There is no perfect science to losing weight, and/ or building muscle. It takes time, it takes building good habits that are sustainable. Change & progress are found in the small changes made daily. Yes, we had 4 weeks to hit a goal but what I really hope you got from this is knowledge of YOUR body, what it needs to feel it’s best. I hope you showed yourself what you are capable of, even if you didn’t meet win the bet, you showed up for yourself so you won! Keep going, health is not a destination it’s something to work on for a life’s time.

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Definitely check with support by emailing them, agandolph.


When I weigh in for several games, they give me one word only. I submit once for all games. Contact support.

Andrea W.

01/28/2023 8:54AM in Healthy Me in ‘23 with Autumn Calabrese
  • Sweaty 9WCF off the wall week7 day5. Love how this program has made me feel. Autumn said we should be our own biggest and most important project. Love that. I am going to keep forging ahead! I got this!

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Donielle R.

Yes!! You do!!! I love the Marilyn picture!!

Wendy R.

01/28/2023 8:44AM in Healthy Me in ‘23 with Autumn Calabrese
Almost to my goal for this challenge but not the end. I have another 1.2 to lose to win but in the end this is still a win. I’ve been stuck in the menopause weigh gain for the last 8months. It’s all so new to me but learning what my body needs.
Finish the weened strong!

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Andrea W.

You bet! I’m in same stage and finally have been able to start to lose a little! This is just the beginning of a new chapter!! Keep at it!!

Megan P.

I, too, have 1 pound to win the bet. I'm hoping to make it by tomorrow to weigh in, but will continue to push through and know I have till Monday for final weigh in. Water, exercise, and already planned my meals. Weekend warriors; here we are! We can do this!

Andrea W.

01/27/2023 6:26AM in Healthy Me in ‘23 with Autumn Calabrese
  • Took 2 rest days as was fighting cold/flu but woke up this morning feeling better so did 2 to catch up 9WCF phase 3 day 3 and 4

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Stephanie A.

By far my FAVORITE program!! I’ve done it 4 times!

Stephanie A.

PS you go girl for doing TWO in one day, especially phase 3!

Andrea W.

01/25/2023 8:59AM in Healthy Me in ‘23 with Autumn Calabrese
I caught the flu, was feeling off last couple days and in bed today. It’s a full on rest day for me to gain my strength back. I’m honouring my body today and will finish off strong the last few days of this bet.

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Melissa R.

I hope you’re feeling back to 100% soon :pray:

Winona G.

Always listen to your body:) feel better soon!

Andrea W.

01/24/2023 7:49AM in Healthy Me in ‘23 with Autumn Calabrese
  • 9WCF phase 3 w7d2 Tabata in the books

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Andrea W.

01/23/2023 7:32PM in Healthy Me in ‘23 with Autumn Calabrese
  • 9WCF done! Started phase 3 today. Forgot to post workout when did this morning and tonight sis my controlled stretches. Felt amazing!

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I just love to see your smile everytime you post! That is so inspiring.


01/23/2023 8:02AM in Healthy Me in ‘23 with Autumn Calabrese
  • I hit the 220’s with my weigh-in!!!! 229.7!!!! It’s been years since I have seen the 220’s. I’m stoked!

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Great job!

Andrea W.

Way to go!!

Sarah-Louise H.

01/22/2023 5:08AM in Healthy Me in ‘23 with Autumn Calabrese
  • I finally made my first cloud bread pizza!

    I loaded it up with veggies on top and a side salad. Annoyingly this is the first time I ever remember not having red onions in the house, which would have been a nice addition.

    I'm undecided on whether I'll make it again since I wasn't as keen as I expected to be, and ended up having (light) mayo with it, ironically to mask the eggy taste. Focusing on the nutritional perspective though it seems a good addition, so who knows.

    Edit: I added cornflour, oregano, and garlic powder to the mixture.

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Good idea Nyxx to make it into a breakfast pizza.

Andrea W.

I love cloud bread and don’t notice it’s eggie maybe it’s the brand of egg whites

Andrea W.

01/21/2023 11:52AM in Healthy Me in ‘23 with Autumn Calabrese
  • Egg white omelette loaded with veggies and mushrooms! So delicious!!

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