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07/30/2022 7:47AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Today I stepped on the scale and saw a number I haven’t seen since the start of my abusive relationship in 2015 which I finally broke free from in April 2021. I’ve worked so hard to get that girl back. She’s back 😭💕

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Alicia W.

That’s awesome!

Debbie R.

WooHoo...Welcome back to That Girl..Congrats!!

Alicia W.

07/27/2022 5:00AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Did great with water over the weekend and had some weight loss. Monday not so much.

However, yesterday I stuck with dinner and done and did well with water. Dinner and done is tough for me but I challenged myself and did the dang thing! Now only .3 away from goal! Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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Michelle K.

07/27/2022 4:17AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
I fell over the weekend and dislocated and fractured my elbow. Surgery tomorrow. No exercise for me for weeks. Trying not to get so discouraged that I say the heck with it and eat my stress and dismay. I know that eating healthy foods that nourish my body is probably more important now than ever. Any advice ?

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Alicia W.

They may let you do a stationary bike before too long. Doesn’t hurt to ask!

Try to remember you are healing and your body needs you now more than ever to give it good, healthy, clean fuel to heal after surgery so you can get back to 100% and your workouts once you’re healed. Good luck and prayers for quick healing!

Michelle K.

thank you for your encouraging words. i will ask about riding a stationary bike. great idea

Alicia W.

07/10/2022 2:26PM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed with life and starting to get down in the dumps today. So I decided to take the advice of my fire and flow tank and be good to myself. I’m on a walk by myself, something I never really do. Also no headphones or anything. Just me, my thoughts, and making this post. Hopefully moving my body will help release some of these feelings.

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Mimi B.

I love this!!

Alicia W.

Thank you all. It was just what I needed and the time with my thoughts helped me to talk it out with my husband later.

Hope you got what you needed done Tammy and that you are feeling better.

Alicia W.

06/27/2022 6:27PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
I wasn’t as present in here as I wanted but I loved seeing everyone’s food and inspiration. The bet did keep me focused on tracking and listening to my body more. I finally let go of some bloat and made it to goal weight. Glad the bet ends this week as I will be celebrating my 30th this weekend and will be eating out more so the scale may creep back up a bit. I recently stopped birth control due some side effects so I think there has been a lot of bloat and things since my body doesn’t know what it’s doing right now so I’m glad I finally reach my goal.

Loving fire and flow right now and started week 2 today. Can’t wait for the rest of the program. Hope everyone has a great summer!

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Debbie R.

Congrats and Happy 30th!!

Alicia W.

Thank you!

Alicia W.

06/20/2022 5:33AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
Forgot to take a picture but Fire and Flow day one complete! My arms were burning for sure. Can’t wait to experience flow tomorrow. 💙

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Alicia W.

06/19/2022 7:46AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
  • Feeling strong after being able to use 2 pound weights for a BodI Yoga Strength class with Elise. I’m also proud of myself for taking some time for me before heading off to celebrate with my in-laws.

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Elise J.

06/18/2022 11:54PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
Love seeing everyone’s successes!! Week 4 meal plans will go live tomorrow!!! What can I help you guys with this final week? I will be going LIVE on Instagram to chat & answer questions so drop any questions or topics in the comments below!

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Alicia W.

What granola brand do you eat?

Elise J.

All fab questions!!! I’ll adress all these in an IG Live!

Alicia W.

06/13/2022 8:13PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
So I love the controlled statues with Autumn for 9 Week Control Freak but….I think it would be AMAZING if Elise did a general evening stretch and mobility program with some aspects of her mediation and wonderful relaxation/encouragement vibes. It could even go along with the mediations she’s already done. I think it would be such a wonderful addition to a nightly routine.

MixtapeLiving , Brittnea p. and like this comment.

Michelle B.

Yes, I’d love this, too!

Shawna B.

They would be amazing

Alicia W.

06/13/2022 5:39PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
Resisted the open pack of Hershey’s kisses in the office all day because I knew the milk chocolate would only be okay to me. However, I did not pack enough for lunch and had to buy a snack I normally wouldn’t eat. It’s all about balance I guess right? Didn’t eat the sugar so that’s a win!

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