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Brittany W.

09/27/2020 8:08AM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • Congratulations!! You made it through another week!! Please use this post to share your tracking from this week and three winners will be announced on Monday evening!

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We’re the winners posted and I missed it?!? Sorry to bother!

Leigh N.

Same - no winners were posted that I’ve seen.
Tia has weighed in at 129.4 pounds, down 1.2 pounds
09/25/2020 7:34AM in Bet on Yourself for the Win

now at 31% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 31 pounds! Average is 1.5 pounds.

Tia has weighed in at 131 pounds, up 0.2 pounds
09/21/2020 7:37AM in Bet on Yourself for the Win

now at 0% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 27 pounds! Average is 1.4 pounds.

Trisha S.

09/17/2020 6:47AM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
Haven’t lost a single pound yet (haven’t gained either). Got relaxed after my daughters birthday and had more alcohol than normal the last 5 days with not paying attention to portion control. Gotta get back on track.

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Lisa K.

You got this Trisha!


Not gaining is a win!! Keep it up! You got this

Ashley M.

09/16/2020 9:05PM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
Has anyone ever used a waist trainer to help slim the mom gut vs looking 4 months preggo? I am eating healthier and trying to lose weight but looking at my stomach makes me sad. I just feel like I look bloated but I'm not. I eat a dairy and gluten free diet, which are things that make me bloat... thank you. ❤

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Jennifer P.

Same tummy issues here. It’s where I carry all of my weight all the time. I’m here with you!


I used a waist trainer with both my kids postpartum because I had a c section and it helped with support. But now I use a sweet sweat band. It helps me sweat and gives my belly the support it needs.

However remember it took your body 9 months to grow that baby, give it atleast that to heal, I know that’s hard but your body did an amazing thing, and with fueling your body, and movement you’ll get back there in no time. Be Patient :heart::two_hearts:

Veronica R.

09/16/2020 5:12PM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • Orange cauliflower for the win!! Definitely need to adjust the cook time since it came out a little burnt but still very tasty! 😋

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Yum is this recipe in her book?? It looks amazing

Christina C.

09/16/2020 3:19PM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
Rough start to this bet. It’s been an emotional week, and I fully admitted to myself yesterday that I was emotionally eating, which I don’t think I’ve ever truly admitted to before. Thing is, I saw it, admitted to it, and allowed it to continue. For a short period though. Told myself that I could have this one, but tomorrow is a new day and I want and need and deserve to be better. So, here’s to a new day!

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britt d.

I think you could benefit from this parable/poem that a therapist introduced me to years ago. Its a process! https://simpleandpractical.com/stages-change-poem/

Lisa K.

I struggle sometimes with emotional eating! You aren’t alone! When I find myself in those situations, I try to just load up on all veggies! You get that comfort feeling of eating, but not the calories as much! Hang in there! Tomorrow is always a new day & a new start!


09/16/2020 1:48PM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • Lunch!
    Turkey wrap with spicy hummus with side salad

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Kayla C.

09/16/2020 10:18AM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • My Perfectly Imperfect Produce box was delivered today. Is it wrong to feel like a kid on Christmas opening up a mystery box of fresh fruits and vegetables?

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Lisa K.

We use to subscribe to this, but would repeatedly get food that was infested with bugs... I just couldn’t do it anymore! But I loved it when it was bug free


Omg all the colors!!! Beautiful :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Emma T.

09/15/2020 8:01PM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • Three days on plan! I made Brittany’s crispy orange cauliflower today, loved it, why did I wait this long to make it?! Bonus, I didn’t have to make a separate meal for my vegetarian daughter 😊 Not the best photo, took it after eating some of it 😘

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Bleida M.

What kind of noodles are those?? Do you mind sharing the recipe?? Looks yummy

Brittany W.

Omg I love this recipe! So glad you liked it too!
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