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Favorite Health Food: Zucchini

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Christina C.

09/16/2020 3:19PM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
Rough start to this bet. It’s been an emotional week, and I fully admitted to myself yesterday that I was emotionally eating, which I don’t think I’ve ever truly admitted to before. Thing is, I saw it, admitted to it, and allowed it to continue. For a short period though. Told myself that I could have this one, but tomorrow is a new day and I want and need and deserve to be better. So, here’s to a new day!

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britt d.

I think you could benefit from this parable/poem that a therapist introduced me to years ago. Its a process! https://simpleandpractical.com/stages-change-poem/

Lisa K.

I struggle sometimes with emotional eating! You aren’t alone! When I find myself in those situations, I try to just load up on all veggies! You get that comfort feeling of eating, but not the calories as much! Hang in there! Tomorrow is always a new day & a new start!


09/16/2020 1:48PM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • Lunch!
    Turkey wrap with spicy hummus with side salad

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Kayla C.

09/16/2020 10:18AM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • My Perfectly Imperfect Produce box was delivered today. Is it wrong to feel like a kid on Christmas opening up a mystery box of fresh fruits and vegetables?

Kristin O. , Gillian A. and like this photo.

Lisa K.

We use to subscribe to this, but would repeatedly get food that was infested with bugs... I just couldn’t do it anymore! But I loved it when it was bug free


Omg all the colors!!! Beautiful :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Emma T.

09/15/2020 8:01PM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • Three days on plan! I made Brittany’s crispy orange cauliflower today, loved it, why did I wait this long to make it?! Bonus, I didn’t have to make a separate meal for my vegetarian daughter 😊 Not the best photo, took it after eating some of it 😘

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Bleida M.

What kind of noodles are those?? Do you mind sharing the recipe?? Looks yummy

Brittany W.

Omg I love this recipe! So glad you liked it too!


09/15/2020 5:33PM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • Today started well, then I had a frustrating issue come up. I did eat 1 cookie but I only stuck to 1! I didn’t go off the rails so that is a plus for me. I’m also enjoying the journaling. Keeping an eye on the things I put in my mouth is keeping me focused on my goals!

Laura-Lee , Brittany W. and like this photo.

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Where did you get this book to track

Bleida M.

First! Let me tell you that you are beautiful and you are int he right track! If you ever feel down Just Remember that we create our own colors. Keep shining! :star::dizzy:
Journals notebooks are the best! I made one from scratch but your looks fantastic and easier... I need another soon... this is a long journey, where you got yours?

Ashley H.

09/15/2020 5:23PM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • I made the spicy Thai pizza from book 2 tonight! It is amazing!

Kristin O. , Tuscany J. and like this photo.

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Omg yum!!!


I love this pizza

Veronica R.

09/15/2020 6:22AM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • Good morning everyone. Here’s my breakfast for today 😋

Marjorie W. , Laura-Lee and like this photo.


Looks yummy!!

Jennifer B.

09/14/2020 8:12PM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • Tried the chicken tortilla soup tonight....it was a hit with my kids too. Yum, topped with cilantro, sour cream, a tad of cheese and a few tortilla chips. Pic does not do it justice.

Laura-Lee , LEIGH H. and like this photo.

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Darcy F.

I love this soup—I add in about 16 ounces of refried beans too!

Veronica R.

09/14/2020 9:07AM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • Turkey bacon, avocado and egg breakfast sandwich for breakfast with lemon water. 😋 so excited to start this journey!

Laura-Lee , Cheryl S. and like this photo.


Looks delish.

Chelsea D.

09/14/2020 8:37AM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • I blew it big time yesterday with my eating. It was bad. Really really bad. But Im ready to start over today, move on and see some progress!! Here is to a better week!

Darcy F. , Trini and like this photo.

Shelly R.

Here's to a better week!


You got this week! :clap::muscle:
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