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Sally L.

09/16/2020 5:14AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • Oh oh lols like fall is starting here. I’ll be getting all of my exercise raking leaves soon.

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Sally L.

09/13/2020 5:44AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Was at my sister’s for dinner. Brother-in-law made fish he had caught for dinner. Was really good but fried. Went to bed way later than usual. My weight is Up a lot this morning! Hate going in the wrong direction!

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One meal won't derail your progress. If you get right back to it today, that extra weight will be gone quickly!! I'm currently "in the wrong direction" too, but I know a few days of being good will correct it!! Hang in there!!

Shaz M.

09/13/2020 1:52AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Has anyone here tried Noom? The basic calorie counting isn’t really working for me and leaves me hungry and I thought I would give something else a try. I signed up for the two week trial of Noom yesterday and still undecided about it. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Maddie B

I have done Noom and also follow 2B mindset. I really liked Noom's food tracker and the food colors they follow, which is based on caloried density. It really helped me in assessing my food choices. For example, 2B follows a plate-it method, which I love, but the food categories are generic: protein, carbs (fiber-filled), and veggies. Noom takes it one step further. Chicken and shrimp are lower calorie dense proteins versus steak and cheese. I think we know this already, but seeing it tracked and how it effects your daily totals really helped me. I only did one session of Noom and just carry forward what I learned while still following 2B. I will probably follow 2B for life!!!

Caitlin L.

I’m doing 2B mindset and I’ve lost 35 pounds since June 3rd

Sally L.

09/08/2020 10:22AM in Getfitwjessicas August dietbet!
So close but no cookie!😀. Congratulations to all that made your weight! I lost some so I’m calling it a win.

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Progress is keyA

Sarah H.

Great attitude!!
Sally L. accepted the challenge.
09/04/2020 12:34PM in Sweaty September
The pot is now $80

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09/04/2020 7:31AM in Getfitwjessicas August dietbet!
4.1 lbs to go... praying this is water weight. At least I have until Mon night!

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Sally L.

I have 2.8 but also hoping I can drop some water weight. Here’s to making goal!

Allie S.

09/04/2020 6:41AM in Getfitwjessicas August dietbet!
So I don’t think I’ll hit my goal, I’m still 3.3 lbs away. But I have loved seeing everyone’s progress! My new goal is to see how close I can get to my diet bet goal, congrats to everyone who has made it or who will make it!

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Karina Y.

You can do it

Karina Y.

Egg fast

Sally L.

09/04/2020 3:48AM in Getfitwjessicas August dietbet!
Last day on the lake. We cycled 7 miles into town and back. First time in about 1.5 years so my legs are still buzzing. I have a long way to go nut am going to cut all starch and sugar, and drink all of the water I should be to see if I can make weight. If I don’t make weight at least I’ll be ready for my transformer weigh in.

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Kim W.

09/03/2020 3:50AM in Getfitwjessicas August dietbet!
Just in tears. Haven’t made my goal yet. The scale will not move. I have 3.6 pounds to lose

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Kortney M.

I understand this struggle. I keep losing and gaining the last 3 lbs. :sob::sob:

Sally L.

Lots of times it will move all at once. Gets lots of sleep. Drink lots of water and practice some self love:grinning:


08/28/2020 7:31PM in Getfitwjessicas August dietbet!

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In the past I've found them at a health food store 2 hours away from me. This time I ordered them online from sunfoods website.

Sally L.

Thank you!
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