I want to be the best version of me, for myself and my family. I have a little boy that I need to be a good role model for and need to be here for as he grows up. I want to see him graduate high school, college and encourage him to dream big! :)

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Salad with Grilled Chicken and Avocado

Favorite Sinful Food: Cheese Fries and Pepperoni Italian Rolls

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: Low Carb High Fat

My Diet Plan: Keto

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $52.47

TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
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09/15/2020 8:37PM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • This is only the beginning!

IsFrannyFitYet , Cat and like this photo.


Love it!! :two_hearts:

Holly K

09/14/2020 7:11PM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • I did it!!! I even lost two pounds more than I needed to!!! Thanks so much Fran for an amazing diet bet.

Betsy D. , Julie A. and like this photo.


Me too!! It feels great!!

Amy B.

Another 20.2 to onederland! You got this!

Maria C.

09/14/2020 12:29PM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
Even though this was by far the most difficult dietbet I've done (I thought I had done 4 before but turns out actually this is my 6th), it's the only one I have officially WON. I consider the losses on the prior games instead as wins because I've been steadily losing for 3.5 years. I didn't think I was going to make it considering we had a family member pass away suddenly yesterday and my eating was derailed and working out has come close to a standstill with hazardous air quality. Goes to show... Abs really are made in the kitchen. Focused on tracking meals and it worked.

kyshara , Tina B. and like this comment.


Congrats! So sorry for your loss of a family member though :(

Katrina S.

09/14/2020 11:02AM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • Yasssss!!! killed this diet bet with 21 pounds down.. The first picture is from my first diet bet w Franny from July

Alia S. , Ekerete A. and like this photo.

Betsy D.

Wow, you look so different!


Great job!! :)


09/14/2020 3:53AM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
Woohoo! Did my weigh in! ⬇ 14.8 lbs!!!!
So excited!! Thanks for hosting franny & helping keeping me accountable! You are always my
Favorite host!! 💜

Kyla L. , Julie A. and like this comment.

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Thank you!!


Congrats!!! :tada::confetti_ball:

Kyla L.

09/13/2020 11:17AM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • 15.8 lbs gone!!!! Thank you Franny!!!!

Alex R. , Eddie L. and like this photo.

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Amazing job!! :tada:

Eddie L.



09/11/2020 5:57AM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
I was doing great!! I’ve been 1 pound from goal (goal for the DietBet) for a few days and then my period started!! I’m retaining water and bloated and I feel like crap! I haven’t even bothered weighing but I know I won’t be done with it by Sunday. Just bummed out. I’m pretty sure this is going to blow it for me. Fingers crossed this will all wash out when it ends in a few days, I’ve still been sticking to my healthy eating but my energy has been completely zapped. I think I’m peri menopausal.

Kat , Julie A. and like this comment.

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Stay away from anything with a lot of sodium. Keep rocking out and work a little harder and u can kick your periods ass!!! You got this!!!


Stay mindful of your hunger! I stayed at my weight during my period last week without any cardio, just light strength training. I did take debloating pills (I’m sure tea would do the same) and drink a good amount of water before eating. Usually I can eat everything in sight but try to make cramps a turnoff to overeating!

Maria C.

09/10/2020 10:18PM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • So much for working out. I was able to workout indoors yesterday but the smoke has now penetrated inside and it's difficult to breath. Still tracking macros in hopes of maintaining.

Kat , Kaiomma and like this photo.

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Jess Wieber

Try going to stay with a friend or at a hotel, you shouldn’t be breathing in that much smoke! We’re on the WA/OR border so I understand where you’re at - stay safe!!

Maria C.

Drove 2 hours away to the gorge and the smoke reached here before we even made it. It's inescapable at this point. :sob:


09/10/2020 8:56PM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • Finally lost the first 50 pounds!! It’s been 7 months, 6 months with quarantine/COVID/WFH!
    Onto the next 50!!

Kskibunny , Kat and like this photo.

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Brandy E.

Congrats!!! That’s incredible!


Great color dress and great pic and Congrats

catherine M.

08/29/2020 2:02PM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • I don’t normally do a workout after work on a Saturday but this DietBet is keeping me moving. Like the shirt says “Ican. I will. I am”

Rachel R. , Bex and like this photo.

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I love it!!!! We CAN!!


Love the shirt!! :sparkling_heart:
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