Tara W.

To love healthy and be able to keep up with my two young boys while they are still little!

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Favorite Health Food: vegetables

Favorite Sinful Food: sweets

My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: instant loss w/ Brittany Williams

DietBet Winnings: $103.35

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Tara W.

01/26/2021 6:34AM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
Oh my goodness I dropped 3 lbs over night even during that time of the month! I am now under my weight goal I have to meet for this challenge a week and a half early! This never happens to me I am always stressing to the last minute it seems!

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Katie S.

That’s awesome!! I’m on my monthly and gained some weight. I feel like I’m not going to meet this diet bet goal unfortunately.

Darya M.

Love this!! Same same :relieved::heart:

Emily O.

01/08/2021 6:38AM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
Guys i made my goal last diet bet and than literally went on a binge. Ugh. Getting back on track is so hard. I have thrown out alll the holiday stuff and made my meal plan. Excerise isntvas important for me as i have ALOT to use still. But excerise keeps me happy. So i am going to try 3x a week to start. Also I have been horrible at drinking water. Ugh. I just can't do it when i am cold!
This is an accountability post i am starting 210.3 today i also think this alot of water weight as i excerise hard yesterday.
I want to be under 200 by the end of this diet. I am going to lose those 10 lbs!

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Amanda M.

If you don’t like drinking water, drink hot herbal tea.

Sarah M.

Same boat. I know I can loose 10 lbs so I did the challenge then jumped off plan for the holidays and gave my self excuses like we start again on the 10th...going to work on my mind this time around.

Tara W.

12/27/2020 9:45AM in Instant Loss Festive & Fit Challenge

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