amber L.

I feel better when I'm within a certain weight range, I have joint issues when I gain weight.

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Favorite Health Food: avocado toast (kinda healthy)

Favorite Sinful Food: French bread & butter. any baked goods!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: running, yoga, weight lifting

My Approach to Weight Loss: eating clean, tracking cals w/ MFP, also intermittent fasting

DietBet Winnings: $178.26

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about 17 hours ago in Laurin’s Winter Meltdown!
  • Hey guys! 😊 I initially met my goal fairly quickly- likely from water weight. I joined a gym and was exercising at least three days a week, along with a keto diet and intermittent fasting. I was feeling really awesome and started to see my weight creep back up. Scratching my head to figure out what I was doing wrong and lo and behold- I’m 2 months pregnant! Lol I’m too competitive not to finish the diet bet but I have stopped fasting at least. Hopefully we can still get there 💪????????????

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Debbie A.


Darlene H.


amber L.

02/22/2021 10:09AM in Laurin’s Winter Meltdown!
  • Thank goodness for this old treadmill. Since covid and homeschooling, getting out for my runs is nearly impossible. Homeschooling my little ones keeps me busy but I can hop on the treadmill for 10 min here and there, no excuses. I've been good about exercising since this diet bet started but still struggling to drop the lbs, only half way there. Gotta cut calories more. Hope everyone is on track ❤

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Katrina G.

02/21/2021 9:00PM in Laurin’s Winter Meltdown!
Just spent an hour walking around our living room trying to reach my personal step goal of 10,000 daily steps. But I'm done and it's only 9pm! Two weeks to go, let's stay focused everyone!

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Yessss! Love it! I need to get back to meeting a step goal. That is so helpful to keep me on track.

Amy A.

Way to stay committed! Gotta do whatever it takes

Stacy F.

02/19/2021 8:39AM in Laurin’s Winter Meltdown!
So worried I am not going to make it! I am definitely staying within my points (dip into weeklies usually) but the scale stopped moving. Maybe my metabolism is too slow to lose 1.7 pounds a week. :/

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Lauren that’s what my body does too!


Girl I feel you! When I do this I need a change- keep committed but just like the above advice- change something small, sounds like you are! Keep going girl :clap:


02/07/2021 1:01PM in Laurin’s Winter Meltdown!
Hey guys, I'm really excited to get started. What is everyone doing to lose weight?

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Marissa S.

Tracking and getting my steps in!!! Trying HARD to not drink any calories. Chugging water!!!!!

Amy A.

Ive tried other plans in the past and worked short term, but not for the long haul. So I'm going the old fashioned route. Eating real food, tracking calories, exercise, and drinking lots of water. It's working for me so far. Down 37 pounds before this round.

Jean C.

02/07/2021 8:15AM in Laurin’s Winter Meltdown!
Finished a kickstarter a week ago and have gained almost 4lbs back. I did not take care of myself - ate junk had more to drink than I usually do. I decided I could kick myself for it & make it worse or get back in the saddle. So here I go again!

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amber L.

Exactly the same thing going on here! Good luck to us both

amber L.

01/25/2021 12:33PM in 70lbsOfLife New Year, New Mindset, New Plan
  • Whoa I barely made this one. On to another diet bet challenge to keep me motivated

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amber L.

01/12/2021 7:17PM in 70lbsOfLife New Year, New Mindset, New Plan
  • After a big fall off the wagon a little over a week ago I have been eating much cleaner ever since. today I was put to the test when my husband and son had one of my favorite lunches-bagels and cream cheese with hot smoked salmon and avocado on top with a side of potato chips and ice cream for dessert... I would usually cave but today I didn't even want to, I had my yummy low cal kimchi rice cakes with avo and a boiled egg sprinkled with cayenne and was in heaven. And for dessert an oatmilk ice cream bar, so as to keep the calories contained at least. I felt so satisfied and proud... it is getting easier to resist those high calorie foods. I hope you all are finding your groove too ❤

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Jess E

Nice job!

amber L.

Thank you Jess!!


12/26/2020 5:27AM in 70lbsOfLife New Year, New Mindset, New Plan
This is my first time and I already messed up. Can someone help me? I uploaded the photo that didn’t have the scale in it with me. I had to have my son help get my photo, and it took him several tries. The referees are already reviewing, but I realized I loaded the wrong photo. How can I change it?

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amber L.

Yes, just wait, they will ask you to re submit if there is an issue


Thank you!

amber L.

12/23/2020 11:03PM in 70lbsOfLife New Year, New Mindset, New Plan
Hi everyone! This is my 3rd dietbet and I cannot wait to get back on track. Been eating so much junk, I can't say no to holiday baked goods. So excited to start eating clean and exercising again. I truly miss feeling healthy.

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amber L.

Megan - yes, you will get an email and a notification on here when you open the app when it's time to weigh in, you will need to take a photo of your feet on the scale and a full body photo on the scale and then enter your weight. It is all private. They will let you know how to do it all and notify you if anything needs fixing. Good luck!! You got this!!

amber L.

Jessica - yes I use my fitness pal to stay in my calorie range and track my exercise, that and diet bet motivate me to eat cleaner, more veggies and lean proteins, less refined and processed foods, I will also limit sugar and dairy because my body has trouble processing both, and intermittent fasting each day - I only eat from 10am-6pm this works well for me when I stick to it
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