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Anna D.

11/29/2020 1:35PM in Molsinspires LAST DIETBET
  • I’ll be honest that this game hasn’t been the most exciting for me. What’s the next game you guys are doing?

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Amanda S.

What is the Megan Davies one for January? I’ve never tried hers.

Judy B.

I’m in two now w/ Jenn n Kandice. More excitement than here. I too got into “Thankful to End 2020 Strong”
amanda o. has weighed in at xxx pounds, up 0.6 pounds
11/18/2020 12:05PM in Ali Kay’s DIETBET challenge

Total weight lost is now 671 pounds! Average is 2.3 pounds.

amanda o. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 5 pounds
11/02/2020 6:05AM in Ali Kay’s DIETBET challenge

Total weight lost is now 248 pounds! Average is 0.9 pounds.

amanda o. accepted the challenge.
11/01/2020 4:30PM in Ali Kay’s DIETBET challenge
The pot is now $9,590

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Alexandra k.

11/01/2020 9:26AM in Ali Kay’s DIETBET challenge
How’s everyone feeling? What is 1 specific goal you are working towards this week? Mine is to not eat past 7 pm... comment below ⬇

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Erin H.

I'm focused on fruits, veggies and all sources of proteins as the foundation for my eating, and no sweets. I always find it freeing, not restricting, to make a rule around that (then I don't have to try to be moderate.... Moderation is not my strong suit).


Drink water (half my weight in oz)


10/31/2020 10:20PM in Ali Kay’s DIETBET challenge
Looking for healthy recommendations.

Tonight I unintentionally went off my nutrition plan. We wound up eating later than anticipated and I ate more than I normally would (and certain foods that I normally avoid like cheese).

I’m annoyed because I JUST started to see the scale move this morning and I know tomorrow I will be up again due to salt and inflammation.

What are your favorite ways to help your body kick out / rebound from a meal when you over indulge? Not trying to do something unhealthy like starve myself ... more like best ways to kick our extra salt or help your system reset?

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Alexandra k.

Water water water!

amanda o.

At least half your weight in ounces of water every day! And veggies.

Mindy M.

10/29/2020 4:12AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
Feeling bummed, I was at goal and this morning I’m over. Hoping one last day will get me back there but feeling a little defeated to have hit it and then lose it at the last moment.

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Kevin M.

Water, fast, do extra cardio. Every ounce that enters your mouth that is not a liquid needs to be measured. I see so many giant portions posted on this DB and statements about points ... my wife has figured out she can eat copious amounts of veggies and whatever else that are zero points, which I don’t agree with. It is still caloric and adds up quickly. Those veggies are not weightless and need to come out. You can do this!!

Mindy M.

Thank you everyone!! We can do this!

amanda o.

10/28/2020 5:19PM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
I had an official weigh in on Monday. Today, I used that official weigh in for a new game that just started. My question is: tomorrow for this game's weigh in, will that weigh in for today be able to be used again tomorrow? It is more than 48 hrs since I took the pic but not 48 hrs since it being used for an official weigh in.

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P D.

I believe you have to do an official weigh-in at the end of each weight loss challenge game. After midnight tonight on your screen before the thread it should say official weigh-in needed.

amanda o.

Thanks! Here's to hoping I'm not bloated or anything in the morning. Lol


10/27/2020 4:46AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
Good morning all hoping no one takes offense to my vent but just trying to to find some support. On the 24th I did an unofficial weigh in and was .2 pounds away from my dietbet goal. Everyday since my weight has increased by .2. I am eating within my points and even leaving some roll overs. I am now 154.8 and .8 pounds away. How could I have such great progress and then start gaining so close to the end when I’m doing everything right. Super disappointed and discouraged 😣

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Kayla I.

Same thing happened to me. I was eating in a calorie deficit and not losing any weight or gaining something. It’s frustrating

amanda o.

Go low sodium, keep up the water intake, and watch that weight disappear. You didn't gain. It is water weight. Also, get enough fibre so you have some good poops.


10/26/2020 3:59PM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
  • Yeay!! This is motivating 😁What bet is everyone doing next? I still got 10 Ibs to lose...

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Toni W.

Body Goals & High Vibes with Elise Joan

amanda o.

I've also moved on to Elsie Joan's dietbet. She has been very active sharing resources and it must started! I'm already pumped to keep up the work we did here with Megan.
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