samantha c.

feel better about the way I look.

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Favorite Health Food: stir fry

Favorite Sinful Food: sugary baked goods

My Preferred Method of Exercise: beachbody/lifting

My Approach to Weight Loss: 2b mindset & beachbody workout

DietBet Winnings: $256.76

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01/25/2021 7:11PM in TAKE BACK THE 2020s with Ilana!
  • Today I cried, not tears of happiness, but tears of euphoria. For showing up for myself. For putting my health at the forefront of my life. My relationship with food, with my body, with my mind have changed over these 30 days. And I don’t want to look back.

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Cammie T.

Good job!!

Kimberly R.

Max omg I feel the same! My cravings have changed. My awareness of what I’m doing and eating has changed. It’s an amazing powerful feeling to finally have control over my mindset.

Joel + Breanne F.

01/21/2021 11:30PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Just a little reminder that regardless of the number of pounds you may have lost so far, you’re setting up positive new behaviors that will lead to long term success!

    If you ever catch yourself saying “I’ve only lost 1, 5 or 10 pounds” I want you to remember these images. I think they give a great perspective of what just ONE pound of fat looks like… mind-blown right?!

    -->>Tomorrow is our third LIVE Q&A at 10am PST/1pm EST. Link will be provided in the group tomorrow morning. Drop your questions as a COMMENT IN THIS POST TODAY. We’ll answer a variety of them & announce the BUILT BAR winner from yesterday’s contest.

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Patti A.

I like having the visual! Thanks

samantha c.

I can never unsee this, which is a good thing!

Nicole S.

01/20/2021 6:34AM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
So I know this week’s focus is hitting the fiber goal - SO what are some quick, go-to sources of fiber people are having?

I finally am getting in my protein goal and have my go-to’s down (turkey slices, jerky, Greek yogurt) and now I feel like it’s back to the drawing board for fiber sources 😅

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Amy Z.

Raspberries are actually high in fiber and lower on sugar than other berries. Frozen raspberries in a smoothie or with some granola or oatmeal?

samantha c.

I eat fiber gummies to help boost my fiber intake, not food but it helps me!

Ilana Muhlstein

01/15/2021 3:00AM in TAKE BACK THE 2020s with Ilana!
  • Hi loves!! Happy FriYAY!! This is when we increase our focus on our healthy habits and lifestyle. Don’t take the mindset that the weekend has to be harder. In fact, tons of my clients find they lose more weight on the weekend due to extra time to sleep, relax, drink water (and pee), workout, go grocery shopping and plan for the week.

    How much water are you drinking this weekend? What veggies do you plan on eating tonight, tomorrow and the next day? Are you going to any events? How are you going to go about it smart??

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Alissa K.

This looks amazing! Can you share the recipe plz?

Elke H.

  • I generally drink about a gallon of water daily. Thirsty bunny! Lately I've been make a huge Kale salad for dinner. Loving it!

Joel + Breanne F.

01/14/2021 11:30PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN a box of Built Bar or bag of Built Boost: Share how you’ve been attacking your daily protein goal. What are your favorite protein sources? What are your go-to protein snacks? Has it been easier to meet your daily goal this week? Please SHARE AS A COMMENT IN THIS POST. We’ll pick and announce the winner during our live Q&A this Sunday.

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Brittany M.

I’m a huge fan of snacking on deli meats. I’ll pack up a few slices of ham or turkey to munch on through the day. Also love my cheese. I also have my protein shakes, yogurt, nuts, fairlife milk, and protein bars if I get super desperate. Oh and those core power protein drinks. They have like 42 grams of protein in them! It’s a fairlife product so obviously it’s delicious :relaxed:

Katie H

I’ve been eating a lot of scrambled egg whites and add spinach to it for extra nutrition. I have chicken breasts daily (grilled, baked, or sautéed). I’d love to have easier protein on the go. I have also added some Advocare ready to go protein shakes but that has added sugar. :(

Brooke L.

01/14/2021 4:38PM in TAKE BACK THE 2020s with Ilana!
  • I’m not giving up hope yet, but not quite understanding why I’ve been gaining weight I been eating healthy and drinking lots of water. Could it be because my schedule is all messed up! From me working graveyard! I am not sure! But I am not giving up! I also just got my book in and can’t wait to start reading it!

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Jennifer S.

It could be any number of things, consistency is key, keep up your hard work! Your inconsistent sleep schedule could most definitely be playing a part. Any hidden sources of sodium or calories you might not be thinking about? Not sure if you’re working out but if so, it could also be gaining muscle or your muscles retaining water. Happy to connect on IG as well :heart: @fitwithmejennyd

But it seems like you’ve mastered the mindset with your never give up attitude! Keep it up, you’ve got this! :muscle:

Stephanie M.

For my body type I had to rein in the portions a bit with the 2b mindset. I’m still following all the same principles but just made my portions a little smaller .Since I did that the scale dropped drastically this week

Ilana Muhlstein

01/14/2021 1:35PM in TAKE BACK THE 2020s with Ilana!
  • Splurged on some raw cut up veggies this week and it was the best decision ever. I’m crunching on them while my husband and kids are sitting right next to me with their silly snacks. What’s the best healthy choice you made this week? Could always use more inspiration and ideas!

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Heather R.

Pre cut up some veggies. Helped out with a quick lunch during the week.

Karla B.

I tried quinoa with salsa and avocado... surprisingly satisfying :heart:

Ryan & Jennifer W.

01/14/2021 11:36AM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Look what I made! Homemade protein bars! I may have licked out the pot of melted chocolate.....😬😅...

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Joshua S.

Haha, can I lick the blender beaters? Looks delicious!

Carolyn S.

Those look amazing! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to make these

Jenny F.

01/14/2021 7:39AM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
Frustrated. It’s been 4 days and I’m stuck at my same weight. I’ve been following my calories and working out. Only thing I can think of is I’m doing Liift 4 so I’m adding muscle again (thank goodness for muscle memory).

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Joel + Breanne F.

4 days is not a plateau

samantha c.

You got this just stick with it! Water intake & sleep effect my weight soooo much, try upping water and sleep? Also gut health- take probiotics

Michael P.

01/14/2021 5:46AM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Working out with my favorite partner

heather w. , Deb and like this photo.

samantha c.

Little workout buddies are the best!

Michael P.

Totally!!! Makes it all worth it
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