Melissa T.

I’m tired of not feeling comfortable in my body and it’s the only body I’ll ever have so I’ve decided it was time to start a healthier way of living

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Favorite Health Food: salads

Favorite Sinful Food: cookie dough ice cream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: cardio and strength training

My Approach to Weight Loss: calorie conscious meal and moving my body everyday

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Miriam C.

08/25/2022 7:15PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Was hospitalized the first half of this week. Now between the steroids I’m on and not being able to exercise I highly doubt I’ll make it. All I can do is try to stick to a diet.

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Julie K.

So sorry. Do your best!


Steroids are the worst! That's what originally made me gain weight a few years ago! So sorry to hear this. :( I know it changes the way your body processes food.. stick to healthy foods and keep your spirits up!

Kristin B.

08/24/2022 5:54AM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Anyone have any low carb advice for breakfast bedsides eggs which I don’t really love? TIA

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I don’t know the carb info off the top of my head but we love cottage cheese and apple butter together for a sweet breakfast. Or whole milk Greek yogurt with peanut butter, flax, and cinnamon

Melissa T.

When I used to do keto I would make low carb pancakes! There’s plenty of recipes on Pinterest! I also bought sugar free syrup, whip cream and berries to top the pancakes

Melissa T.

08/19/2022 9:10PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • Babysat my 4yo nephew 24/7 this entire week, IM TIRED lol i don’t know if the 10k steps will be as easy to achieve tomorrow without him here 😅

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Tarra H.

08/19/2022 4:05PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
The first 10 days I lost weight every day. Even hit my goal by day 10. However the last few days I’ve gained 2 pounds back. I feel discouraged 😫

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How did you hit your goal in only 10 days?! I know everyone’s is different but mines almost 10lbs. (Genuinely curious, not trying to be mean) If you crashed to hit your goal that quickly it’s probably normal water weight and fluctuations. I’d stay on track and I’m sure you’ll go back down.

Tarra H.

I actually didn’t crash diet! I had 12 pounds to lose and my start weight was 305. This is also the beginning of my journey so it definitely comes off easier in the beginning lol. I did drop a lot of things out of my diet. Mainly sugary drinks and started drinking a lot of water and actually working out! I figured out I was starting my period soon so that was the reason for the weight fluctuation.

Melissa T.

08/18/2022 9:03PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK

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Melissa T.

08/17/2022 9:31PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK

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Danielle M.

08/17/2022 4:36AM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
My boyfriend works at a bakery and brought home snacks yesterday so I caved and binged 😭 But today is a new day. Gotta stay strong 😅

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Kelly V.

You got this, reset and kick butt!

Melissa T.

I don’t have a bf that works at a bakery but yesterday when I went to a dollar general to buy an exacto knife there was a box of zebra cakes literally screaming my name bloody murder :joy: I had more than I should but got rid of the rest today :sweat_smile:

Melissa T.

08/16/2022 8:37PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • Got my 44 points for the day! My goal is to get them way before the end of the day at least a few times

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Kelly V.

Good job What are the 44 points for?

Melissa T.

There is a group smart watch challenge where you get points for steps or closing your move rings! The link is one of the first pinned posts for this diet bet!

Julie M.

08/16/2022 7:42PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
All I want is pizza but I know if I do I’ll eat the WHOLE thing and then regret it right after…ugh…the struggle is real! I know when we crave something we should have it but I KNOW I won’t have a boundary with it and that’s my problem.
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Melissa T.

Try Caulipower pizza! I usually get mine at Walmart

Melissa F.

Have you heard of Joseph's Lavash bread? It makes a really good pizza! The macros are awesome.

Melissa T.

08/15/2022 9:04PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK

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