Rheanne S.

my goal is to be healthy and not miss out on life.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: vegetables, nuts, cheese & meat

Favorite Sinful Food: chocolate , cheesecake, ice cream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: yoga, walking, cycling

My Approach to Weight Loss: slow and steady wins the race!!

DietBet Winnings: $34.70

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09/29/2020 5:31AM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • I did not win this game, (which I knew I wasn't going to),.. but can we just look at the difference between July vs today?!? I'm ok with not winning, cause I'm still making progress and I am not going to give up! Congrats to everyone who won! And lots of encouragement to the people who didn't to keep going! Hopefully I will see everyone in Stacy's n xt game next week! 👏👏💪💪

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Sue H.

So awesome Andi. Love your commitment :muscle:

Hannah E.

Good job!!

Rheanne S.

09/28/2020 2:28PM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • 💪????👏????👍???? So proud!!

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Rheanne S.

09/28/2020 11:36AM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
Wow, I’ve really learnt not to doubt my successes. I’ve won my very first dietbet and I’m that much closer to a healthier me. This experience was awesome and loved seeing those who could relate and support.

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09/18/2020 8:11AM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • Here’s your reminder to not let your situation get in the way of your goals!! I woke up this morning seriously questioning why on earth I decided to start Phase 1 of 75 Hard before/during my vacation, but I quickly squashed those thoughts! I’m doing this to prove that anybody can do hard things!! I got to Las Vegas last night and am here through Monday for a wedding my bf is in, but I decided I am still going to complete all my 75 Hard Phase 1 tasks! So, fail to plan=plan to fail! Got up early and knocked my reading and some other tasks out of the way and got to the hotel gym when it opened at 6am to get my 1st 45 minute workout in - total body with a warm up on the stair master. I’m either just going to walk on the strip or maybe swim in the pool for my 2nd outdoor workout!

    Proud of myself for making strong decisions and sticking with them!!

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I actually love working out on vacation... you have more time to get it in! Just have to plan ahead like you said! Way to go


Wow, what great comment, through real life events!!!
Now where can I find out more info on this 75 Hard and its phases.


09/18/2020 5:55AM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • It's so exciting to see my weight going down! I've been working on at least 10,000 steps a day (18,000 yesterday) and logging food on Myfitnesspal for 80 days..down 49 pounds total. I just need 5 more pounds in 9 days to win this diet bet. Let's finish strong! 🔥👍💪

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You can do it! that's amazing. Walking and tracking the key to success

Ana M.

That’s awesome! What a great accomplishment!


09/14/2020 2:46AM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • Today marks the start of week 3 of our game which means we are officially HALF WAY through!!! How is everyone feeling??

    The challenge for the week is healthy meals! Every day I want you to post a picture of a healthy meal/snack you had. Healthy is subjective, so whatever that means to you and your goals applies! ie: Keto, paleo, balanced, vegan, weight watchers etc. Leave a comment below on what a healthy meal looks like to you and if you know what you’re planning for food this week. I’ll be posting some of my fave healthy recipes as well!

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  • Bob’s Red Mill High Fiber Oat Bran cereal, an apple chopped, Cinnamon, topped with Stonyfield FF plain yogurt.

Brittany A.

Rheanne S.

09/13/2020 11:12PM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
2 weeks to go and only 33% of my goal. This is my first dietbet and I’m feeling anxious I will not achieve this goal. How are each of you using this platform to stay focused and motivated?

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I double my outdoor walks. One in the morning and one at night and I start tracking my food. It helps to track because when I don’t it’s so easy to over eat


Full roar! Perhaps try to intermittent fast as well as all you are doing?


09/09/2020 6:08AM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!

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Rheanne S.


Rheanne S.



09/08/2020 12:09PM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
  • Healthy snack option! Keto friendly low carb yogurt with some toasted coconut chips! Delicious, high in protein, and satisfying! I’ll put pics of the nutrition info for both and packaging for the coconut chips in the comments.

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Rheanne S.

Are these only available in the US? I haven’t seen them anywhere.

Rheanne S.

09/03/2020 11:31AM in Fit for Fall with Losing For Health!
Healthy habit : not cheating on my diet plan
Unhealthy habit : not hitting my step goal daily

I have a desk job and feel it’s difficult to hit my minimum steps daily. I plan to get up and move more often and take walks when time allows between calls. This is in addition to my daily workouts.

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