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Kendra S.

11/25/2020 9:32AM in Mitten State Slim Down
  • Woohoo!!! How’d you all do? What non-scale victories did you have??

Kendra S.

11/03/2020 7:26AM in Mitten State Slim Down
Get out and EXERCISE your right to vote today friends

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Rachael L.

11/01/2020 8:28PM in Mitten State Slim Down

    I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and was able to stay on track for the most part. (We all need a cheat day here and there so it’s ok if you enjoy some candy. 😉)

    The challenge this week is drinking water. Sounds easy enough right? We all know how great water is for us but the amount we may get each day isn’t enough. This week I want you to try to drink half your body weight in ounces and keep track of it and share on Friday (if you would like) how many ounces you were able to drink each day and if you felt any different. I will also post some great TRICKS in the comments to help you out.

    Depending on how many people will accept this challenge I may have a TREAT in store. 😉

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Rachael L.

Kendra S.

I need to up my water intake!

Kendra S.

10/26/2020 9:21AM in Mitten State Slim Down
  • Hey y’all thanks for joining us!

    I’m Kendra👋 I’m a Mitten State Mom of 3 and a Grammy. I kick started my wellness journey back in April when the world flipped on its head. As a mom I felt like my self care needed a boost. I started with walking a mile a day and slowly have worked up to running 3+ miles daily.

    My message: Don’t just do it for you, do it for them too! If you don’t have your health, you are on a slippery slope! I’m teaching my kids how to stay active, self care, and live a healthy lifestyle. We get outside and play daily and I’m so thankful to have the energy to keep up with them now.

    Cheers to 4% and beyond, because they are counting on us to be the best version of ourselves too✨

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Kendra S. created this game!

10/20/2020 6:25AM in Mitten State Slim Down
Players will compete to lose 4% of their starting weight in 4 weeks. Everyone who wins splits the pot! See how it works.