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11/24/2020 4:18PM in Say NO! to Holiday Weight Gain
What are your thanksgiving plans? Working out in the morning? Splurging on your lunch/dinner or sticking to the plan?

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Jason C.

I worked out, still did my fasting until 10am - had 1 scoop of protein powder...had thanksgiving where we ate at 11:30 ...mainly only ate turkey and prime rib and salad...no potatos, rolls, or stuffing...pretty happy with how I ate...scale reflects my restraint. Felt overall better after the meal without stuffing myself full of carbs.


Worked out first thing yesterday morning. Then stayed within my calorie budget for my feast! :)


11/23/2020 7:38AM in Say NO! to Holiday Weight Gain
Welcome to the DietBet game! I’m Michael and I’m your host. Let’s start with some introductions! I’m 29, live in Phoenix AZ and work as a firefighter/paramedic. I’m married with a 2 year old daughter and we just had our second daughter 8 months ago! I love fitness and nutrition. I was a personal trainer for years and I studied nutrition in college and it’s something I’m very passionate about.

I wrote an E-Book “The Ultimate Guide to Fat Loss” and it’s available for all my dietbet players for FREE! (Usually $20). Go to www. Picktritionist.com and use the code “dietbet” at checkout to get your copy for free. This is an easy to read step by step guide to help you understand how weight loss works and how you can design your own program customized for yourself. This is the same process/outline that I use for my clients. I wrote it to help people figure it out without having to hire and pay and trainer or diet coach. I hope it helps!

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Sarah W.

I just got done reading your book. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I have definitely done fad diet after fad diet over the years. Everytime I failed and gained even more weight. Even before reading your book I have been doing alot of what you said the last few months and I've lost almost 40lbs. I love how you focus on calories being King and there's no bad food. I'm still getting used to tracking my calories, but overall the changes I've made are things I'd be happy to continue forever. No more stupid fad diets for this girl! Also I love your Instagram section. I do follow several weight loss people on Instagram, but I have the mindset that I don't actually know anything about their lives and I don't compare myself to them. Everybody's story and body is different. I follow them because they show me that it's possible to get healthy even when your over 300lbs. I have along journey ahead of me and I know even when I get to a weight that is healthy, I still will be on this journey. This isn't just a weight loss journey for me, it's about being the best version of myself and a big part of that is doing what I can do to be healthy.


Sarah thank you for your feedback ! I’m glad you liked it and I hope it helps !