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Brittany B.

11/26/2020 5:03AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
  • Drove until after midnight last night, in the gym by 6:45. Ran 3.5 miles and as you can tell my eyes don’t want to be open 😂😂

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Good on you for doing it anyway.

Mike S.

lol I don’t know how people have the discipline to work out first thing in the morning, I’ve always admired that in people who do it. Great job making it a priority even when you’re tired!


11/26/2020 3:35AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!

Happy Turkey Day! It's that time of the week when we announce the 3 recipients of the Mirror home workout system. You’ll receive an email from us with details, so be on the lookout. Want a chance to get a prize next week? Become a member today! Without further ado...


KK, Noni F, and Twinmama16!


Next week’s prize: A multi-use slow cooker. Rated the most versatile slow cooker on the market, sauté, simmer, cook, steam, and warm your winter dishes with almost no effort. 18 players get this prize.




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Jessica M.

Congrats to the winners!

John R.

I love dieting! It's the best! :grin:

Bob W

11/25/2020 8:45PM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
So, do most people have a big weight difference from night (bedtime) to morning? Just asking because I am usually at 3-5 lbs difference. Never noticed it before. Just wondering if it's somewhat normal or just plain odd.

Amy R. , Mike S. and like this comment.

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Jeanee D.

I weigh about 2-3lbs more at night!

Bob W

Thanks y'all. Think I am getting a bit too focused on numbers. Haven't eaten great this week but could be worse. Have hit my step goal everyday though.

Sally L.

11/24/2020 9:17AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
I just found out what Workout MIRROR was. Pretty cool! Can’t forget to weigh in tomorrow!

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Workout MIRROR?

Judy B.

Sally, I didn’t know either. Looked up and determined it’s an updated version of the Wii, which I still use.

Jeanne H.

11/20/2020 8:14PM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
Never have i prepped so much for a trip as I have this week. Made pumpkin muffins and scones, granola bars, pecan "pie", homemade salad dressings, healthy chips/crackers, fruit. Feeling very accomished and proud of myself. True test will be next week with extended family.

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What an amazing job you've done. Have a wonderful time. I sometimes it found being a little selfish with my special food made family jealous and inspired me to keep at it. Be generous and thankful and sharing and caring and have fun with it all. :raised_hands::thumbsup:


11/09/2020 2:33PM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
Is it just me or does anyone else feel Paralyzed by the cold?

Chrissy , Mike S. and like this comment.

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Amanda H.

I feel paralyzed by grey clouds. But that's Washington for you. If you have sunshine be grateful!

Ky C.

The cold does bring challenges...I have to bundle up for my freezing runs - plus it's dark - I love the 4 seasons... But summer reigns supreme for me

Jessica M.

11/08/2020 7:48AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
  • Ooh my gosh! Anyone familiar with Pauline Nordin? Did a workout from her Body by Pauline app today and am still laughing 😂 she makes the pain of the workout more bearable with her ridiculous jokes!! Love it!

Chrissy , Leigh and like this photo.

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Jessica M.

Carol - yeah I don’t have the discipline to eat POUNDS of cabbage! Love the workouts though, and love Pauline! Glad to know someone else here knows her, I had to share with someone. I am still cracking up about her lines!

Jessica M.

Kylie - the workouts are short, but you can tell the next day they worked ;)

Kim D.

10/29/2020 10:03AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
How long does it take to receive verification of final weigh in?

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Carol C.

I’ve been waiting for about 2...hoping it gets confirmed soon because I was in by .1:flushed:

Jessica M.

3 hours for me today.

Jessica M.

10/29/2020 4:01AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
  • The weigh-in is gonna be close... but I definitely put the work into the workouts! Thanks for a great workout program, Jillian, and thanks to everyone doing it along with me - you motivated me to keep going!

Meg , Corrine W. and like this photo.

Monica G.

10/28/2020 7:53AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
  • I just made my way to one-derland!! I'm super proud to be overcoming the debilitating effects of the rare kidney disease I was diagnosed with last year + the horrible treatment, and then Covid in July. I worked out 3 times this week. Last year at the time it was all I could do to walk to the mail box, or up the stairs at my mom's house. This is about so much more than weight!

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Deanna F.


Chris A.

You rock girl! That is awesome. You are blessed. Enjoy your victory, you earned it!! Praise God
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