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Brittany W.

01/23/2021 11:38AM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
  • Happy Saturday!

    Tell me what you did today that you will be proud of tomorrow?!

Ilana R. , Trina and like this photo.

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Tina C.

I went for a walk on the beach and had juiced veggies with Kale salad for lunch when I got home!!!! (I didn’t buy takeout on the way home)

Christine C.

I portioned out all of my food for the week today.

Brittany W.

01/22/2021 6:19AM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
  • Week 2 veggie challenge is almost over! Love reading how yall are doing!

    What was the most challenging thing about this for you?

Valerie , Katie F. and like this photo.

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Sarah M.

Using before spoiling. I either buy too much or too little!

Heidi G.

Eating differently than my son and husband. They have stuffed crust pizza some nights and I LOVE stuffed crust pizza! Thank God for my daughter who will eat high veggie content meals with me.


01/22/2021 4:48AM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
I’m 1lb away guys!!!! I hope y’all are doing well and preserving. It took several failures over the course of 6months before I finally felt like something clicked. I’m glad I didn’t give up during that time because I never would have made it here. Hang in there! You will eventually see the hard work paying off!

Cindy H. , Jen D. and like this comment.

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I still have 3.7 to go...I’ve limited carbs and exercise 5 days a week...not to mention drink tons of water and tea. Proud of the couple ivelost, but I’m worried I won’t lose fast enough to meet my goal in time :(


3.6 to go in a matter of a week. I signed up in time but started really working towards my goal only a week ago. I'm so proud of myself

Vicki H.

01/21/2021 1:41PM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
I’m so frustrated. I see everyone losing lots of weight and I’m just not, only around 2 lbs a week. I am only making instant loss foods, drinking 96+ oz of water every day. I do 3 miles in under an hour on my treadmill 6 days a week plus mix in strength, Pilates and yoga from the peloton app. I weigh myself daily so I can see what foods work better for me but it’s discouraging when I go up a pound then only lose 0.2 lbs the next day. I feel like I should be losing more than I am. I know it’s only week 2 of the bet but I have been doing this since Mid December. I know I’m within the normal range by losing 2 lbs a week but it’s still frustrating.

Sarah M. , Valerie and like this comment.

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Amy A.

Nia & Heidi are both right. We didnt gain the weight in a day, and it wont come off in a day. It's going to take time. But you have to fuel your body or it will store it. And you have to let your body get some rest too. 2 pounds a week is fantastic! It's long term sustainable. Keep going. I'm down 35 pounds and just starting to see the difference in my clothes. Be patient with yourself.

Sarah R.

Are you “eating back” your workout calories? If so, then you don’t create a calorie deficit. Stick to whatever your calories are even if you workout.

Heather S.

01/19/2021 8:15AM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
I am proud of myself. I have Covid fatigue still (after 10 weeks) so the exercise part of this is nearly impossible( yesterday carrying a laundry basket up the stairs did me in). BUT, today I challenged myself to walk to our local fruits and veggie market. My husband asked if he could join me. My first thought was “ who is going to pick me up when I don’t make it ?” I am happy to say that I made it!!! (And enjoyed time with my hubby)

Sarah F. , Tanya D. and like this comment.

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Emily K.

Good job!!!

Sarah M.

Hey casual walk or power walk, you got movement in!

Emily K.

01/19/2021 5:13AM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. I had planned to stick with eating healthy, but then he called and asked me to go to lunch with him. I thought, I don’t get to do that very often and it’s his birthday. We also always get donuts from a local bakery on birthdays at our house. I decided these are not things that happen very often so I should just enjoy the day. I still drank my water and increased my veggies. I feel like that was a good balance.

Nicole H. , Tanya D. and like this comment.

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Kearin P.

You have to celebrate the good things! Great balance

Sarah M.

Life is to be enjoyed. Finding ways to do that is the balancing act we will all play.

Brittany W.

01/18/2021 3:08PM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
  • Way to go with the Week 1 Water challenge! Y’all killed it!
    Special congratulations to Kelly V. Our winner this week!
    Kelly, please email me the email address you would like your gift card sent to!

Kim K. , Destinee D. and like this photo.

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Brittany W.

Yes! YOU Kelly V! ;)

Sarah M.

Tracking challenges are my favorite! And winning!

Emily K.

01/17/2021 3:15PM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
  • I’ve been in a baking mood this weekend. Yesterday I made Brittany’s oatmeal cookies from book 1. Today it was the chocolate chip scones from the website and Apple cider donuts from the preorder bonus. I’ve already frozen the oatmeal cookies. I will also freeze these so I have some snacks. I have had 1 of each today. We will see how my will power goes tomorrow.

Sarah M. , Chanty and like this photo.

Darya M.

I would be so tempted to eat all of it :see_no_evil: I started baking with erythritol and it’s helped so much

Sarah M.

Oh I couldn't make another treat until the first is gone. Overabundance is an issue for me. Something I need to work on in the long run but for now the answer is not having too much in the house

Re G.

01/17/2021 6:34AM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
Morning group it's been a week what emoji shows how you feeling? This is how I feel 😳 lol no this is it 💪

Sarah M. , Darya M. and like this comment.

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Ilana R.

Sarah M.

Where do I start...? LOL


01/16/2021 7:07AM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
It has been a hard week. I havent locked down my diet or water drinking nearly as much as I wanted to, but I’ve started. Today is a new day to be a better version of me!!! Had open face egg sandwich with our farm fresh eggs and homemade sourdough bread this morning. Crockpot of chili going on the counter for the Packer game later today! Go Packers!

Sarah M. , Kristine C. and like this comment.

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Roxanne J.

Good job and go pack go :green_heart::yellow_heart:

Sarah M.

You have many choices to make within a day. If you make one bad one commit to the rest of them being great
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