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Jenny S.

03/31/2021 6:10PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
  • Any clue why it’s saying I did not win the diet bet? My weight in was accepted and it’s showing I met the goal. I’m confused.

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Gabriela D.

Did you submit on time? They should give you the reason why you didn’t won...


Maybe shut the app and reopen? Also, when did you submit and did the e-mail say “Your final weight has been verified”?

Scott N.

03/31/2021 1:34PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
It says I won but I haven’t received a payout yet. Can anyone help?

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Once they figure out what the payout is, you will receive an e-mail. It will also say it at the top of the page.

Megan S.

It takes time, they need to approve all winners first to figure it out.


03/30/2021 10:43AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
I’m seeing people wearing the same clothes does it have to be the same clothes? I already submitted my picture. 

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I wear different clothes. I don’t usually use these as progress pictures though.

Jenny S.

I will tell you for my own weight ins that I do whether it’s for a bet or not I have a set top and shorts that I use. I keep them right next to my tape measure. I just personally like to be able to see the changes over time in the same clothes.

Danielle B.

03/29/2021 6:51PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
  • Yay I made it! This will be my last DietBet this year because I found out I’m pregnant!! I am so excited to add another little one to our family! I am also committed to having a fit pregnancy this time! Thank goodness I love ppn barre!

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Lindsay A.



Congratulations! :confetti_ball:

Rosanna E.

03/28/2021 6:10AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
My first Dietbet has definitely been a challenge! I think I want to do it again next month; any suggestions? Which ones are you trying?

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Rosanna E.

Ilana sounds like a good choice then. Thanks! Another month would bring me very close to my goal weight (110#) but a Transformer would leave me at 106#. Yikes! I’m a mother of six so I need a little padding :grinning:.


Ilana has one starting right after Easter.

Lindsey A.

03/23/2021 1:36PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
  • Diet bet calendar for barre blend done! Feeling kind of nervous. Hit my goal but then this week came and afraid it’s going to put me over just a little. Any other women have any pointers on how they make it through that time of the month with the weight fluctuation?

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Lots of water, low sodium intake and no alcohol.


I was in the same boat for my last diet bet as well as this one, LOL. And likely next month too. I tend to lose once it starts as someone else said, as I have the pre-bloating time right now. Hopefully it will start soon and will drop lbs by 3/30!

Cheri H.

03/22/2021 5:00AM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
Looking for a recommendation on a good pair of walking shoes please.......

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sharon c.

I agree with MJ. My physio recommended a store that has great employees who do that. I have been wearing the same type of shoes for about 10yrs with no further knee problems (ASICS GT2000)

Tri it with MS

I would recommend going to a shoe store and also consider where, the length and type of ground your walking in. I have m.s. and have done an Ironman. I used hokas, vibrum, merrall, and asics. All depending on my ballance gait distance well you get the picture. I loved all the shoes it just depends on how well my legs were working. Sooooo much depends on what your training for. I racewalk not run due to back problems.

samantha b.

03/21/2021 4:52PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
I am 2 lbs away! Any tips are welcome! If I make this goal this will be my lowest weight in two years and only 2 lbs away from my goal!!!

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Stacy H.

Get your carbs in earlier in the day. Water!!!


Drink lots of water! Stay away from things high in sodium.


03/21/2021 4:45PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
This month has been a struggle. For real. After winning two months in a row, this is my third month of DietBet and not sure I will make my goal. Trying so hard. Scale will not move. I've tried resetting my metabolism which worked a little but instantly plateaued again. 8 days until final weigh in. Need to do this. I don't want to lose my $35!!

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I am right there with you. But don’t give up! You can do this!


That was me last month! Before that I ate healthy and worked out, but the scale didn't budge for 3 weeks!!! Not one pound! So I started tracking my food, eating less carbs, and drinking more water. The next week I lost almost 4 pounds. You will get there, just keep pushing :heart:

Lisa C.

03/12/2021 3:25PM in Spring into Action with Elise Joan
Question- I want to tone and lose weight. I’ve been doing MBF and noticing my thighs/legs are gaining inches. I run 3 days a week also.
Would anyone recommend combining MBF and Barre Blend?! I want to tone and lose weight!
Oh....did I mention I’m 60?!

Any suggestions/comments appreciated!!

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britt S.

I combined MBFA with pre and post natal barreblend and it was perfect for me


Do you have the time to workout at 2 separate times of the day? I have been doubling up on programs for several months now, but I do one workout in the morning and one in the evening I did 9 Week Control Freak (morning workout) and Barre Blend (evening workout) together for the last 5 weeks of BB, because I didn’t want to give it up. So I would think that you could do some BB & MBF. I am also a big PiYo fan for sculpting. If you are looking to do a hybrid calendar vs. working out twice a day, I would Google it. There are a lot of hybrid calendars out there.
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