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Maddie B

10/28/2020 8:15AM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
  • Well, I made weight...a day late and definitely more than a dollar short, lol. I'm trying not to get too bummed about the lost money. After all, this is my 4th diet bet and the first one I didn't win, so not bad. I am still super happy with the weight loss and more importantly all of the non-scale victories. I lost another inch around my waist and am now wearing the smallest size jeans I've ever worn in my adult life!!! I've also gained muscle and am seeing definition in areas I've never had before. This is all after having two kids! It really is possible to get your body back! I have completely fallen in love with MBF. I will be doing another round starting Monday and then moving into MBFA. I can't wait! Thanks all for the awesome motivation and support and congratulations to everyone for finishing, whether you "won" or not!!!

    Hope everyone has a happy Halloween!! 🎃

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Allison M.

Huge accomplishments! And your positive attitude is top-notch, and catching - thank you :)

Heather B.

Way to go hot momma!!!!

Erin G.

10/27/2020 8:47PM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
Didn't make it but glad I had/have a goal to work towards. I was really bummed all day but now tomorrows a new day, back at hardwork and nutrition on point. Congrats to everyone who won!!

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Megan Davies

You should be proud of yourself! Making healthy changes is not easy. Create what that healthy mindset and process looks like for YOU and keep being consistent! This is just the beginning! Keep that momentum going!

Jackie B.

I’m sure you had non scale victories along with great nutrition!

Megan Davies

10/19/2020 9:32AM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
  • My virtual high five to each of you! We have ONE MORE WEEK! I want to tell you I am so proud of all of you! Whether you are on track to win or not, I have seen so many amazing changes from each person in this group! So make sure in this last week, you focus on the positive. You don’t take your foot off the gas no matter what. And you find out what you’re capable of.
    -stay consistent with your training but keep working hard!
    -Keep your water intake up.
    -watch your sodium intake or foods known to make you bloat/hold water.
    -LISS (Low intensity steady state) like walking is always a great way to increase caloric burn without increasing soreness and inflammation.
    -Take a moment or two to destress this week! Whatever self care looks like for you! Read a book, take a bath, meditate... all options work!

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Erin G.

High Five to us all :raised_hands: "You're Doing It!"

Anna V.

Thanks for the motivation to stay consistent this week! :thumbsup:

Megan Davies

10/13/2020 11:59AM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
  • Traveling across country to LA today for work. What about an airplane makes me want to eat junk food? lol But coming into any situation prepared is important. A protein bar, and piece of fruit, some water and a good movie. When I get off this flight, I already have a healthy lunch planned and a workout. The one thing I did that I regret? Leg day yesterday! Owww. A little mindfulness goes a long way in your day and I believe that starts with a little planning the night before. Typically people start off the week with good plans and intentions. We can have all the plans in the world at the start of the week but if you’re like me, those plans need to be tweaked along the way to make them doable. Make it a nightly habit to take a look at the following day and see when you have a pocket of time for a workout, how much time you’ll be away from home and how much food you’ll need to plan for. Being a bit flexible with your plans will make a world of difference.

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Anna D.

I’m having a hard time with nutrition

Whitney R.

I also feel the urge to eat a lot on the plane or at airports. I think to ease the boredom and make time go by faster?

Megan Davies

10/12/2020 10:03AM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
  • Half way through this DIET BET! How exciting!

    Now, some of you are feeling on top of the world and like you’re on pace to win and that’s great. I know others are slinking back, participating less, and already throwing in the towel. And so today’s message is about CONSISTENCY!

    Think of going towards your goals like being stuck in traffic. You’re cruising along and see some congestion coming up but your lane is doing good. You go past so many cars but all the sudden your lane stops. Youre stuck. The person in the next lane has been watching with envy trying to cut over into the moving lane for awhile, they are super frustrated, but then their lane starts moving and they cruise past you. You now move into their lane and manage to get a few more car lengths before you stop again.. Does anyone just sit on the side of the road waiting for traffic to clear? No. Because some headway is better than none and we still need to get to our destination no matter how late or frustrated we are!

    Everyone is different. Some people start and lose weight right out of the gate which is super motivating to keep going! I promise there will be a time their roll is slowed or even stopped and they will need to rely on consistency in their actions and efforts to start moving again. Some people are going to have a hard time getting started, but once they find that happy spot everything falls into place and they start cruising towards their goals. Eventually, we make it to our destination. But it’s not going any faster if you keep pulling over and stopping.

    This week. Don’t stop. See how far you can go. We have been talking about another word a lot: RECOMMIT. Remind yourself of the excitement and reason why you signed up for this bet in the first place! We are in this together y’all! Two more weeks of consistency is what I’m asking for and I know each of you have it in you!!!

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Thank you! This is awesome!

Brittany B.

I think (hopefully) I’ve finally learned that I can’t solely rely on motivation. I set a goal 7 weeks ago to stay consistent. For 7 weeks I only missed 3 days of working out because I was very sick. Other than those 3 days I’ve worked out 6 days a week with 1 day of active rest. There were days when I just didn’t want to hit play. I had no motivation but I set a goal and hit play anyway. And I never regretted hitting play, but I know I would have regretted not hitting play. I have 4 kids and they have been my cheerleaders. They hold me accountable and believe in me when I’m faltering in believing in myself. I have even managed to stay consistent with my eating even when not eating at home. I account for what I may eat ahead of time to make sure I don’t overdo my calorie allowance for the day. Losing weight, gaining muscle and becoming healthier has been great, but I started with the goal of being consistent and in doing so that’s what has allowed me to lose the weight, shed the inches and believe in the process when the scale doesn’t change!

Megan Davies

10/09/2020 8:57AM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
  • I know we all have big goals for this diet bet, but I also want you to know that small weight fluctuations up and down are normal in the short term. It breaks my heart when people beat themselves up over what the scale says from one day to the next! You are made up of more than muscle and fat!!! It may have nothing to do with either.

    A pound of fat is 3500 calories. Which is why we create small caloric deficits everyday that eventually add up to a pound lost. Easier said than done but that’s another topic.

    If I gain 2 lbs since the day before, that means I would have needed to eat 7,000 calories above maintenance for that to be fat. Assuming I could have processed and fully stored that fast. A little less than 11,000 calories for me! I’m not Michael Phelps! There’s no way!

    What could it be? Water, waste, inflammation, hormones, stress... there’s so many metabolic processes that your body goes through during the day. It’s a dynamic system, constantly changing. So you can’t expect weight loss in a straight line. Take a deep breath and let go of that kind of pressure.

    If you feel like you are stuck and it’s been a longer time period, I promise the answer is in your nutrition! This is a long term learning process, don’t be afraid to change something up and find what works!

    And yes this is my weight. I typically think of my weight as a range instead of one number. If I see anything between 137 and 142 I know I am maintaining a good balance.

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Paula W.

Thank you so much for this post, I needed this today! The first week I lost four lbs then this week I am back up three lbs. I am losing inches and my eating has been the same, only change is water intake this past week hasn’t been as much. I am definitely getting discouraged.


Thank you for explaining it this way. We would love if you can share with us how you structure your day nutrition-wise and what types of food you personally eat. It’s easy to read about it, but seeing someone who’s doing great share their reality is always helpful! Not to copy, because we’re all different, but as an example. Thank you!

brooke n.

10/07/2020 4:51AM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
  • Upper advanced! Got out my 25s today! Feeling powerful! Come on muscle, burn that fat!!

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Erin G.

:muscle: thats awesome

Molly N.

What is the plank challenge

Megan Davies

10/02/2020 10:41AM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
  • Its Friday!
    It’s the weekend and for me, this is where the hinges can start coming off. I think it’s fair to say, it’s a super stressful season of life for everyone this year on top of taking control of our health and fitness. So I want to introduce you to a saying of mine: DESPITE ALL OBSTACLES. This was a mantra I was using earlier this year when I felt like everything was falling apart. It reminds me that I am fully capable of taking one step towards my goals everyday no matter the chaos that surrounds me. I do have control and so do you. The reason I share Kaylas before and after is because she took this mantra to heart when she started in my test group back in May. This has been her progress through October using my fitness programs MBF and MBFA and the nutrition program 2BMindset. When I saw this updated picture yesterday my heart about burst out of my chest. Kayla is a mama of 4 and I know the hard work she has put in the time between these two photos. This lady is motivation!! So DESPITE ALL OBSTACLES we are showing up for ourselves, showing up for our workouts, making healthier decisions in our nutrition and realizing we can take another step forward each day.

    CHALLENGE: when you post your sweaty selfie from now on, go to the 3 posts before yours and write them a message of encouragement! Leave a “Great Job!” Or maybe your favorite motivational quote. What ever you want! Lets support each other and lean in MORE heading into the weekend! Are you in?

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Carley S.

Ahhhhh I love that “despite all obstacles”! Way to go Kayla girl! Amazing work!

Karen G R.

Wow!!! Great job! This is so good!!

Lucy M.

09/26/2020 6:23AM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
Hi!! So is everyone on here doing MBF/A too? I've got 2 weeks left of another program then will be starting another round of MBF.

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No, I am not sure what is involved, but it looks like the workouts involve high impact stuff, so I it is not for me.


I am in the middle of LIIFT4. So I'm going to finish that program