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Toni D

10/07/2020 5:56AM in Fitbit Fanatics' Commit to Fit w/ WayBetter Jen
I started weight training a few weeks ago & while I look and feel fine, the scale isn’t budging at all. I know muscle weighs more than fat but UGH! I gotta stop focusing so much on the numbers...but that’s kinda what DietBet is lol I’m supposed to be losing weight. #BigOOF
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Kel'ley G.

Congrats on starting!!!!!

Sarah G.

I’m with you Toni! I started at a new gym 2 weeks ago and coincided this DietBet with my starting the gym! I’m realizing the same predicament you’re also in. While I can tell I’m gaining muscle and becoming stronger the scale isn’t budging as much as I thought it would. I’m REALLLLLLY trying to work on diet and eating enough to keep gaining muscle while not being so focused on the scale. I want to fuel my workouts while ALSO moving the scale in the right direction. Tia R’s advice was great!! Thank You for commenting in length. Science behind why the scale isn’t moving is ok with me and a great reminder of patience and not a quick fix.


09/24/2020 6:47AM in Fitbit Fanatics' Commit to Fit w/ WayBetter Jen
Welcome to this round of Fitbit Fanatics!

Kicking off a new year means a fresh start with a renewed focus on our goals and what we need to do in order to achieve them. Right now, you're probably saying to yourself, "But Jen, it's September 24."

I know it's only September, but there are 99 days until January 1, 2021. I want you to channel the feeling most of us have on January 1. You're committed. You set goals. You have a plan.

I challenge you to feel this way for these 28 days. Imagine getting a jumpstart on 2021 by having a plan of action when we are more than three months away from it.

Use the SMART method to determine what your goal(s) will be not only for the next 28 days, but also for the remainder of 2020.

S = Specific - What, Why, Who Where
DO NOT say "I want to start running."
DO say "I will run three times a week."

M = Measurable - How do I know if I accomplished my goal?
DO NOT say "I'm going to do better with my eating."
DO say "I am going to track my food and stay within my macros/calories/points."

A = Achievable - Is my goal realistic and attainable?
DO NOT say "I want to lose 50 lbs by Thanksgiving."
DO say "I will log my food, stay within my calories and be consistent."

R = Relevant - Is it important to you?
Example: Getting a job in education after you earned an education degree.

T = Time Bound (What is your deadline?)
DO NOT say "I'll sign up for a 5K sometime this year."
DO say "I will sign up for a 5K three months from now so I have time to train."

I'd love for you to share a SMART goal you have for yourself - can be fitness related or not - either over this four week challenge, or for the remainder of 2020.

PS - We start with a bang. There's a step challenge out of the gate. The goal for today is 8,500 steps. You can use any type of device for challenges so long as the device shows the date and your steps. If you have any questions about how challenges work, please ask.

Welcome to you all!

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Stacie D.

How do we log/post our steps?

Lisa H.

My smart goal is to eat 6 servings of veggies a day and to limit my sugar to one small treat a day.