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Christal T.

04/19/2021 6:43PM in Franny's Spring Dietbet
  • Too embarrassed to post anywhere else! What do y’all think? See a difference? About 14 lbs down

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JazzyCee C.

14lbs that’s exciting!

Keeley H.

You look great!

Julia L.

04/19/2021 5:26PM in Franny's Spring Dietbet
I squeaked in with .1 pounds to go! Now just wait for the official word

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Dee W.

04/19/2021 5:35AM in Franny's Spring Dietbet
Good morning everyone!! I'm going to make the most of these last few hours and submit my weigh-in tomorrow. This was my first challenge and it has kept me motivated and fairly consistent even with slip ups. I hope everyone reaches their goal and if not that you don't give up!! I'll be doing this again!

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Julia L.

Me too!

Julia L.

04/13/2021 4:57AM in Franny's Spring Dietbet
I got off to a rough start, but have now hit a rhythm. 2 more pounds to go!! I can do this!!

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04/01/2021 8:13PM in Franny's Spring Dietbet
Whoops... birthday celebration weekend went a little long... and leftover cake all week... and free burritos... I’m up 2 lbs higher than my starting weight... thank goodness there’s still time to get back on track!

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Mariah C.

Yes! Never give up. Tomorrow is a new day!

Julia L.

Same thing happened to me! There's still time!

Julia L.

03/27/2021 5:49PM in Franny's Spring Dietbet
I'm so proud of myself! Went to the diner, ordered a turkey club with fries. I would usually eat all of it. I ate half of the sandwich and about 4 fries. Boxed the rest up and brought it home to my hubby. I NEVER do this!

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Proud of you Julia!!!!!! Things like this are so important to celebrate thank you for sharing.


Awe Julia I can feel your joy through this post! Way to go! Plus, your Hubby probably felt extra special too. Keep it up you're doing great!


03/25/2021 8:39PM in Franny's Spring Dietbet
  • Hi everyone!!!!
    Happy almost Friday, maybe already Friday by the time you read this 🎉 It has been a long week for me and I’m sure some of you can relate. Keeping on track with work, gym, our nutrition + whatever is going on in our personal lives is not always easy. It’s much more convenient to put things like our health on the back burner. Yes I said that, and it’s so true. Isn’t it? I have first hand experience of giving everything but my health the proper attention and focus.
    I’m here to remind you that you committed to this challenge and you have to keep everything that’s going to get you to your goal at the forefront.
    We know what it’s like to allow life to get in the way.
    We know what we feel like when we’re not giving everything 100% effort.
    We know how easy it is to let others negatively influence our decision making.
    We know what to avoid to keep us on the straight and narrow. I know that you are capable of starting what you finish. Even if you don’t feel like you’re making enough progress heading into the weekend I hope you’re able to remind yourself that any type of self sabotage is not going to make it any easier on you. Weekends can be hard to get through but not impossible. Please trust in your ability to succeed as we head into this first weekend. You can and will be successful.
    At some point tomorrow (Friday) I will be posting 2 optional workout challenges that will have a few giveaways tied to them. Stay tuned!
    What’s everyone’s biggest accomplishment so far this week? Mine was actually taking my rest day yesterday and relaxing, then made it back to the gym today like regular programming 🎉 I made this super easy taco soup on my IG for anyone interested @whatfrannyeats

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Kelly C.

Mine is that I’ve workout out 3 times so far this week. I used to workout every day but stopped in November because I was having health problems & in a lot of pain until about February. I have been trying to get back to my routine & this is the first week I have started to make progress with that. :blush:

Stephanie E.

Oh my goodness, totally needed this inspiration today!! Just started my period and want nothing but junk food lol But you're right, it was a decision I made, and I need to keep this goal at the forefront!! I am capable of finishing what I started! I chose this game because I knew my period would happen in the beginning and still allow me time to hit my goal before it come back again. So I can do this!! Gonna go get a workout in :muscle:

Julia L.

03/25/2021 4:55AM in Franny's Spring Dietbet
  • Egg beaters, strawberries and coffee. I'm donating blood today so pushing the water and will skip my workout.

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Tracy D.

03/24/2021 10:01PM in Franny's Spring Dietbet
So I was heading out for my walk today when I happened upon my 80 year old neighbour who had just been assaulted by a man who broke into his home - for the third time. As in, the suspect walked close enough to me that my dog snarled and lunged at him (what a good boy!). The neighbour said he was okay and refused medical attention, but his face was bruised, swollen, and bleeding. After spending 15 minutes on the phone with 911, I still did go for a short walk. And now I’m having some wine, because holy crap!

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Julia L.



How awful for that man. I'm glad you were there to help him. Why is that suspect still on the streets if he has broken in 3 times! How sad. :(

Amanda A.

03/24/2021 7:49AM in Franny's Spring Dietbet
  • Breakfast was 2 pieces of center cut bacon, 1 small zucchini and some egg beaters. I need to up my excercise game. I was doing so well the last few weeks going to the gym then I assumed it would stay warm outside for bike rides and outdoor cardio but it hasn't aaaaand I just didn't go back. Here's to going back today...Hopefully ????

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Julia L.

The zucchini is a great idea. I'm always trying to add more food to my breakfast without alot of calories!


Ohh this is my favorite breakfast combo, I also love yellow squash with my zuchinni.
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