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WayBetter Dary

01/29/2021 11:54AM in The 2021 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!

Take a moment to celebrate all you accomplished in the last 4 weeks. If you're feeling awesome, let's keep this good thing going! Join us in the Double Down Transformer where you could have a chance to double your winnings. In that game, you'll aim to lose 10% in 6 months. See you there!

Double Down Transformer

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Leanne O.

So, whilst I understand people being annoyed (I was in that boat last year), the rules and payouts are stated in the T&Cs. I said I wouldn't do another one after Jan 20 - I didn't win much, but after looking into the T&Cs in more detail and doing the maths I realised how many people needed to lose to return a big sum, and that Jan is likely the worst month for returns cos people are motivated.
But after lockdown and struggling to keep on track, I realised that the motivation of not losing money was enough - I have done this game and a six month transformer which I realised would cost the same as Slimming World membership and I would pay that and never get it back, so any return is a bonus really.
I agree that the 25% is too big a %, especially on big games where that cash is is the fairly substantial five figures region, but unfortunately, those are the rules...

Leanne O.

My advice to DietBet would be to 1. Make the % cut info easier to find in the T&Cs 2. Potentially offer a reduction in fee % on games with pots over a certain cash level (this might even encourage players to invite others and drive up the pot overall) and 3. Share some info about where the 1.5-2x claim comes from (for example, I bet Dec games have a better return than Jan)

Angela W.

02/01/2021 5:30AM in The 2021 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!
  • Why did I get an email saying I didn’t reach my goal??? I tried emailing support and it said there was a server issue.
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Christine Z.

Write a review on the app store

WayBetter Dary

Hi Angela, please email the details of your issue to the Support Team at support@waybetter.com. Even if they are working through some technical issues, they will get to you to help you with this.

WayBetter Dary

01/28/2021 9:16PM in The 2021 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!
There's only a few days left to our game! Where did the time go? 🕖💨

Leave a comment below and tell me what else you would have wanted from this game. I'm always wanting to improve as your host!

The final days are like applying that topcoat polish! Give it your all! 👊

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Ericka L.

Can you please take a look at my entry I hit the wrong choice this morning and it used a weight from 2 days ago and not this mornings

WayBetter Dary

Hi @Ericka L, please reach out to the Support Team at support@waybetter.com. We will be able to see the issue over there. Thank you!

WayBetter Dary

01/26/2021 11:21PM in The 2021 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!
  • Make each step one step closer to victory!

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Becky S.

If we don’t meet our goal do we get anything! I have lost 17% of my body weight. I had to have my thyroid removed almost 2 years ago so it’s been hard

WayBetter Dary

Hi Becky, in the rules, it says you'll only have winnings in this game if you lose 4% of the weight based on the weight you started at 4 weeks ago. How are you doing from when you first started the game?

WayBetter Dary

01/24/2021 10:00PM in The 2021 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!
🙌 The weekend is over. It's time to get moving, and show Monday who's boss! 💪

Keep it up, Everybody!

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It's hard to believe a month has gone by. I am very glad that I joined and put my heart into losing 4% of my body weight. I am already feeling better in my skin. It's becoming a positive habit to take care of myself.

WayBetter Dary

That's wonderful, Stephanie! I'm so happy for you! Isn't amazing to see all your hard work pay off? I hope you keep on doing what you're doing to feel healthier and make a change for the better. :raised_hands:

WayBetter Dary

01/22/2021 7:51AM in The 2021 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!
  • Don't forget the fiber!

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Going better than expected! Already met my goal! Gonna keep going till im a skinny minnie!


Carnivore is working wonderful for me!

WayBetter Dary

01/19/2021 12:20PM in The 2021 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!
  • Which do you like?

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Lisa I.

Spinach dressing and homemade!


Spinach, dressing, homemade

WayBetter Dary

01/18/2021 9:03AM in The 2021 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!
  • I hope the weekend got you energized and refreshed!

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Dawn C.

I’m hanging in. Got my workouts in.... ate just ok but that’s the best I could expect. After myself and 1 of my four children testing positive for Covid in November.... my husband and 3 remaining children tested positive this past Thursday. Been a bit of a crazy time - everyone is ok (thankfully) - but everyone’s feeling a little cooped up.


Dawn C..... hang in there! Detours are common, just do what you can and give yourself grace in situations like this. Glad all are ok


01/16/2021 7:21AM in The 2021 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!
  • Thankful for my walking buddy...even when I don't totally feel like it he makes sure I am out the door and we always have a good time!

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Lovely dog


Look at that sunset!

Jaydee L.

01/16/2021 4:17AM in The 2021 Kickstarter - $5,000 Pot Bonus!
  • Happy birthday to Me!!!!
    My birthday breakfast.
    2 eggs, plantain, lots of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, sweet pepper.
    One nice, thiccc, healthy sandwich to keep me full most of the day to prevent overeating because I'm eating my treats as a meals on its own cause I know they are high in calories 😅

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WayBetter Dary

Happy Birthday!!


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