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Allison W.

08/15/2022 4:27AM in AUGUST ACCOUNTABILITY w/ @thecurvygirltrainer
  • This is my third DietBet, second one with Lacee! Last one I was going all in, seeing some results and then bam the unexpected happened. July 2, 2022 my husband unexpectedly died in front of our kids and myself. I gave up a little but I can’t be held down! I’m a fighter and I will work out my emotions and get back to loving myself with healthy eating! I love Lacee’s energy and NEED this group! So happy to be back in the game!

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Karen L.

Take care of yourself so you can take care of others!

Mai T.

:heart::heart::heart: so sorry for your loss and I admire your strength

Katie ..

08/13/2022 9:52AM in AUGUST ACCOUNTABILITY w/ @thecurvygirltrainer
Hi, friends! I’ve done a few dietbets this year, but I have lost more than I won. Down 6lbs since Monday, so I thought: why not join a db to keep the momentum going?! So excited to be here with all of you! Let’s crush these next 4 weeks!! ❤

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Stefanie B.

Great job Katie! Let’s crush it together! We got this!

Katie ..

Thank you, Stefanie!!

Natalie R.

08/11/2022 4:59AM in AUGUST ACCOUNTABILITY w/ @thecurvygirltrainer
Hey Guys! I love doing step bets, but this is my first DietBet. Where do I upload my pics & weight for Monday?

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Katie ..

When the weigh-in window opens, it’ll say “submit initial weigh-in”. You follow the prompts, which includes getting a weigh-in word that you’ll write down, with your weight on a scale that is visible. You’ll also provide a full-length pic of yourself standing on the scale (weight doesn’t need to be visible)- after that, the judges will look over to see if everything is correct, and if so, you’re in the game! :)

Stefanie B.

It’s at the very top if the app where it says submit

Katie ..

08/06/2022 9:24AM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Was in the july db, but came short in the end. I’m determined to win this game, this time around. Been maintaining since June- so ready to be losing lbs/inches again! Let’s do this, y’all!! ❤

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Katie ..

07/24/2022 7:14AM in _FinallyLosingWeight July! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
My self-love was getting my hair & nails done and booking a trip for my 30th birthday in a few months! Also, getting back into the 220s! ❤

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Amber B.

07/14/2022 5:53AM in _FinallyLosingWeight July! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Anyone in here use pre-workout? If so, what do you use? I had a sample one today and the flavor was labeled as "candy bliss" so I was thinking it would be cotton candy flavor but it was grape flavor (I hate artificial grape flavor), it was so gross. I want to find one that tastes decent and doesn't make you feel itchy (some types make my face feel itchy for a while).

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Ashley k.

I use the Alani nu preworkout. I also dry scoop it so it works faster

Katie ..

I love Alani Nu! Doesn’t make you jittery, tastes good, and is a great company. I love the Arctic White flavor (tastes like a snow cone) :)

Katie ..

07/07/2022 3:25PM in _FinallyLosingWeight July! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Back for my second dietbet with Allison- ready to re- commit to my goals. Pretty much maintained my weight since 5/1, which is annoying, but it’s my fault- gotta tighten up my nutrition- can’t wait to crush these next 4 weeks! Let’s gooo ❤

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Rebecca J.

06/22/2022 8:29AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
  • Yay!! It’s my birthday, my weight finally fell from doing the right things consistently this week (one tenth of a pound from goal!), I am running kids around to a few places before they land at sitters this afternoon, so my husband and I can have a two-night hotel date over the mountains in Reno—and I scored this parks pass at the library just now!! I’m stoked to have the opportunity to adventure in Tahoe or Donner on the way there or way back, and not have it be all food, cocktails, pool, romance (not that those are bad! But YAY for hikes with a VIEW and dip into beautiful waters in a heat wave!!

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Sherry M.

Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday :tada: and congrats

Katie ..

06/21/2022 4:53PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
Got into a really bad car accident this morning- guy hit me from the rear going 50mph. Little banged up and have to miss work for the remainder of the week, but just thanking the good Lord bc it could have been sooo much worse. Probably won’t win this db due to my injuries, but after a near-death experience, my head is definitely not in it. Best of luck to you guys & thanks for reading ❤

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How scary!! Glad you are alright. And yes - get that bag!! :moneybag:

Anita L.

Glad you are ok. Take care of yourself first! :heart:

Jessica L.

06/14/2022 7:31AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
  • Major storms hit last night. Came in waves of 3. Been out of power since 230am. Ugh and it's suppose to be hot ones next cple days. Hoping they get us up and running soon. Had a half of maple tree hit corner of house as well.

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Alissa E.

Glad you are ok! It came through illinois yesterday too and thankfully kind of skipped over my suburb!

Katie ..

Omg, I’m going through this right now! Powers been out for 3 hours, with no end in sight :( they’ve been working on the electricity poles for a few weeks- I’m thinking that, that is why it hasn’t cut back on yet. Either way, we’re MISERABLE. So over this!
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