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Favorite Health Food: chia seed porridge with blueberries

Favorite Sinful Food: pancakes

My Preferred Method of Exercise: running, weights and pilates

My Approach to Weight Loss: cut calories by sticking to whole foods such as fruits and vegetables and moderate exercise

DietBet Winnings: $44.38

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Alice S.

11/13/2020 9:15PM in Molsinspires LAST DIETBET
I just scored a pair of Lululemon leggings for a great price! They may be a bit snug, so hello goal pants! I've never had them before, hope they live up to the hype!!

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Good luck :)

Judy B.

Do they have pockets?

Consuelo V.

11/13/2020 7:38AM in Molsinspires LAST DIETBET
  • ***Edited***

    I’m just reading these comments and I started crying. You guys are the sweetest and every single little message means the world to me. Is so beautiful when women encourage other women and support each other. I never felt so loved by strangers!! you all rock, I’m gonna miss this space and I don’t know you but you girls are very kind and beautiful souls. I will never forget these comments!! But might be back here in 9 months lol ❤ I’m sending you all so much love and is almost 2021 and hopefully our lives will come back to “normal”. Really admire the ones with babies and toddlers at home, but, we are almost there. Stay strong!!!


    I have to lose 1.8 more lbs but I think I’m not going to be able to. I found out I’m 6 weeks pregnant and couldn’t be happier, was trying for a while! I lost 8.8 lbs total in 1 1/2 month with this app so I’m very glad.

    Good luck everyone!!! I will have to step out since I can’t keep exercising the way I was before and don’t want to harm the baby trying to loose weight! ❤

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Judy B.

No better news. Will b looking for you when u come back.


Congratulations! Best news ever! What a wonderful way to end 2020! Pray for your new journey:heart:


11/04/2020 8:34AM in Molsinspires LAST DIETBET
How do you become less disheartened when the scale goes the other way?

I am really great at self sabotaging. It’s a skill. When the going gets tough I usually quit because it’s too hard.

I ordered lunch out yesterday and vastly undercounted the meal on MFP. Then I overate some sides at dinner. Plus I grabbed a not-healthy snack when I wasn’t even hungry. Shockingly, my weight jumped up a bit this morning. I’m fighting with that voice that’s saying “this is too hard, just give up.” One tough day, a couple of not great decisions, doesn’t make me a failure. And weight fluctuations are a thing.

It just... sometimes it sucks. How do you talk yourself out of a slump?

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kiley d.

Like same girl! You got this


I remind myself that I’m changing for life and that expecting myself not to have overeating days for the rest of my life is unrealistic. Getting rid of an all or nothing, temporary diet mindset has been hugely helpful. I also have given myself permission to be like 80/20. If I spend 80% of my meals prioritizing health and choosing the better-for-me choice, then the other 20% of the time I have room to indulge a bit. That’s helped my indulgences not to be as large because I know there will be another one in the future! I don’t have to eat ALL of the Oreos if I allow myself to also have one tomorrow. Maybe I don’t even need to have one if I know they’ll still be available to me later.

Sarah H.

11/02/2020 1:58PM in Molsinspires LAST DIETBET
I’ve just finished my first ever diet bet and lost almost 5kg. Wanted to jump straight into another one to keep the momentum going. I started eating takeaway again this week because of stress and not asking my husband to cook!! I made sure I ate smaller portions but still not good. First goal is to get back to my usual home prepped food. Post surgery a month now so can start adding more exercise back in too. My nanas are my inspiration this time around. I want to be as fit and healthy as my nanas when I get to my 90s! In it for the long haul!!

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Mary B.

Nice loss!! I just finished one and didn't win but still lost 6 pounds and got below 300 first time in forever!!! Take it easy starting out again!! I'm a Granny and would love to be fit when I get to my 90's! For now just being able to do more with my grandson has given me so much joy!!! Good luck!!



Sarah H.

11/02/2020 1:39PM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
  • Yay! My first ever diet bet. Thanks everyone was great having a team to keep me accountable! See you next round!

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Yay!! :D Congrats!!


11/02/2020 5:41AM in Molsinspires LAST DIETBET
What is the best tracking/diet app? I’ve used weight watchers in the past successfully but I don’t like the new systems...thanks I advance!! Ready to get this going!!!

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I use lose it


My fitness pal

Kendahl A.

10/26/2020 7:05PM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
You guys. Totally binged today. Total. And binge eating is my problem. It’s why I flux all the time. I ate so much Saturday and a pretty heavy dinner last night then today I just devoured everything. Everything. I’m concerned I won’t win the bet now. Anyone have pointers for getting on track for tomorrow?

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IF helped a ton with my binging. Also tracking and not keeping "trigger" foods in the house. You may want to try OMAD. When I feel the need to binge, I do OMAD. You eat for one hour and don't for 23 hours. And once you get used to IF you get a smaller stomach and a binge becomes a full plate not several plates.

Sarah H.

Trying to throw something in that hasn’t been mentioned. Research shows always eating at the dinner table compared to at computer or in front of tv results in less bingeing because it brings about mindfulness. Keep all leftovers in the kitchen so you have to consciously choose to get up and get more if you decide that’s what you want. If it’s a snack, plate up how much your wanting or worked out your happy to consume and put the rest away. Again this means you have to decide consciously to get up and get more. Hide tempting foods out of sight, sometimes seeing the foods can trigger your brain to eat them. Research also showed that if we try to save our yummy foods for a special treat, it makes us crave more of the special food and less of the veggies or whatever we’ve told ourselves we have to eat first. Sometimes I literally plan to eat chocolate brownie with some strawberries and coconut yoghurt for dinner and that’s all I have. I second a lot of the other comments here too, just wanted to give you something different. We need to set ourselves up for success, I always find looking at the psychology of food interesting. Good luck :heart:

Elizabeth S.

10/25/2020 8:21AM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
Anyone have any links to easy, low cal recipes that aren’t keto? I’m at a stall this final week for meal prep!! Thanks!! :)

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Marya H.

These are delicious. :)

Sarah H.

I do a lot of health bowls. Just google it and try a few. I do a Mexican one, a beetroot and goats cheese one, a chicken schnitzel one... so yummy and easy! There’s even breakfast ones!

barbra h.

10/24/2020 12:38AM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
Anyone on Keto? Had a great start but now totally stalled.

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How long have you been on? What is your plan and how do you track? Many times a stall is about the food choosing to eat, not about following the rules of keto.

Sarah H.

Remember protein can convert to carb via glucogenesis so make sure you’re not eating too much protein. Most women only need about 46g of protein per day or 15% of your macros. For keto I am lucky I do under 50g most days and then can get away with 80g here and there. I monitor with blood measurement of ketones. I aim for light ketosis of 0.5 - 1. Combined with 1200 calories the I consistently loose about 200g per day. Remember you still have to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. Hope this helps


10/19/2020 7:20PM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
  • My mom got these today. Self control right? 😅

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Thats just mean!
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