Molly G.

Not trying to lose weight...trying to gain muscle, flexibility, self-control, healthy habits, confidence, and peace of mind.

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Favorite Health Food: arugula, beets, pineapple

Favorite Sinful Food: pumpkin ravioli

My Preferred Method of Exercise: dancing & barre blend

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Rebecca J.

06/14/2022 10:10AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
  • My kids have such beautiful imaginations (photo is my dinner served while playing “restaurant”—we are far from mudpies these days!). I on the other hand, seem to always think I’m thirsty or hungry while I’m outdoors…very little imagination for anything else. I don’t know why I take better care of myself during the times of the year I am indoors more often. Camping trips and long picnic/bbq playtimes for the kids are often my undoing. I am using the DietBet right now to help me make better choices when they aren’t coming naturally.. Does anyone else have this problem? Have some advice?

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Sherry M.

For play dates, or BBQs I always bring healthy snacks. Plus I bring my protein bars which feel like treats. As for camping trips…honestly I enjoy. We make healthy meals but if I want s’mores I have s’mores. If I want chips I have chips. Life’s too short and we work too hard to not enjoy it. Yes we will gain some pounds back but the key is to get back on track when you get home and not feel guilty. I usually weigh myself a week after being back from vacation. Maybe not advice…but I use to stress too and stress causes me to hold on to weight which causes more stress than results in comfort eating, which results in weight gain. So I enjoy and more on. It’s a journey. There will be ups and downs in the journey but the key it to keep going.

Rebecca J.

@Sherry M I think that’s where I need to be. I just don’t like this feeling I have recognized where it seems I’m attached to having food or a drink in my hand every 5 minutes. Only when camping and having long barbecues and picnics! At home, I usually have coffee or water on hand, but it’s otherwise hours between eating, so I don’t know why I feel so desperate for it outdoors. I almost feel a little panic when cleaning up—must fill up plate again before it goes! I don’t like this desperate feeling, and I don’t know where it comes from. But life definitely feels too short for it.

Molly G.

06/13/2022 2:03PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
My fire and flow still isn’t popping up :/ it was here in May then disappeared… anyone else have this happen?

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Dawn H.

Try reinstalling the app

Alicia W.

The sample workout or did you purchase the program?

Molly G.

06/06/2022 6:02PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
  • Maybe the most I’ve ever walked ?

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Cassandra R.


Molly G.

06/01/2022 12:04PM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit

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Bethany H.

That looks super good!! :yum:

Rebecca J.

Those little sweet peppers are my favorite! I wish they didn’t take me so long to prep (ribs and seeds and all!)

Molly G.

05/31/2022 9:31AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
My Fire & Flow page disappeared - did this happen to anyone else?


05/31/2022 9:18AM in Summer Slay with Elise Joan Fit
  • Morning routine done ✅ Woke up at 4:30am.

    I am Focused and I am Fulfilled meditations we’re what called to me this morning. Journal writing complete.

    Was about to press play when my daughter woke up. Because her molar is coming in, she’s been pretty clingy. Luckily, today was Day 6 of F&F and it ended up being a perfect workout - I was able to do most of the exercises with the little in my arms ❤❤❤

    40oz. Of water 💦 down and almost ready for breakfast! ????

Tracy A. , Debbie R. and like this photo.

Molly G.

My baby is 5 months & teething, too!! I’m gonna check out the workout since you said you can do it while holding the babe! Thanks for the motivation!


That lil one is adorable!

Molly G.

05/22/2022 8:22AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
I just joined Elise’s DietBet! I’m excited:)) I always love hers!

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S B.

Well, I may do it... especially if someone in this group recommends it!

Jennifer K.

Got it! Thank you for sharing

Molly G.

05/21/2022 2:06PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
What are y’all doing for the next couple days?? This is gonna be reeeally close for me.. but it’s not impossible. I’m breastfeeding so I’m not willing to cut calories. I regularly drink between 1-2 gallons of h2o a day (I’m a Pisces.) I go on walks with my baby a lot, but I’m not sure if an energetic workout like LGU or the F&F sample would help against stagnation OR would it push the scale in the wrong direction for water retention?? Where are the experts lol I know there are some smart folks in this group!!

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Molly G.

These are really smart!! I’m gonna watch my sodium … I have low blood pressure so usually I have tons of salt but I think for 2 days I should have an avg amount and not overdo it…. Definitely could increase my water tho.. I’ve been slacking … and that’s smart to know about conditioning the body!!

Karin V.

Concentrate on vegetables, renounce on fruits and sugar and try to cancel dinner. No workout, as Hazel Rain wrote. Workouts in the last days can be counterproductive. (otherwise, of course, it's good to workout)
Go to bed early and sleep well. This should be enough to win.
Good luck !

Molly G.

05/17/2022 3:55PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Decadent dessert

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Liz R.

That looks beautiful!

Molly G.

Thanks y’all!

Molly G.

05/16/2022 9:39AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Walked 55km:)

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Molly G.

No lol over the course of a WEEK!

Molly G.

It’s just PokémonGo ;) you need to walk in order to hatch eggs and get other rewards- it really brought me out of a depression when I left a horrible job in 2016 because it forced me to get up and get outside
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