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Kym M.

01/04/2022 4:50PM in Healthy YOU in 2022 with Autumn Calabrese
  • I broke a little today. I came into 2022 strong, determined to go back to NO processed sugars. My body doesn’t need that and it feels awful when I put junk in it.
    But today I broke down and got a 3 Musketeers out of the hospital vending machine and devoured it, didn’t even really taste it! I immediately felt horrible, physically and mentally.
    It was emotional eating. My husband had open heart surgery to replace his aorta valve less then two weeks ago. Today the visiting nurse said to take him to the emergency room, his pulse was dangerously low and he could have a clot. Due to COVID I couldn’t go in with him and I sat in my Jeep and worried. I went in to use the bathroom and saw the vending machine and didn’t think.
    My husband is fine. We weren’t there long, his pulse was back up and we know what to look for.
    Time to move forward. But WHY do I continue to do that to myself???!!!

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Laura A.

Don’t beat up on yourself.

You’re going through a tough time right now. The fact that you recognize you mindlessly ate it is a good thing. Next time, you are more likely to stop yourself before you eat it.

BTW- 3 Musketeers are my favorite. I can understand why you went for that one :grin:

I hope that all is well with your husband!

Tabi P.

I'm so glad he's doing OK!! Thats extremely stressful to deal with. It's important that you know you were emotionally eating and that you realized it wasn't worth it but definitely give yourself a little bit of grace. Don't beat yourself up over one candy bar. The next time this situation pops up, remember that it wasn't worth it. And maybe there is nuts or something in the vending machine that you can reach for instead!