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Brittany W.

11/10/2020 10:10AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • Popcorn with coconut oil and sea salt is one of my favorite things to munch on. This homemade Garlic Ranch Popcorn is a refreshing spin on a classic snack! What is your favorite thing to snack on?
    Recipe: instantloss.com/g…

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Sarah M.

Granola! Or siete chips. I like plenty of snacks but I keep going back for a healthy crunch (veg doesn't count!)

Carolyn G.

Plain air popped popcorn, sometimes with salt, or fruit. I don’t limit my fruit intake but make sure I am eating whole fruits, not prepackaged or dried as sometimes extra stuff is incorporated into those items. Plus drink water. Sometimes I think I want a snack but I’m really just thirsty and don’t know it.


11/08/2020 2:09AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • After my run this morning, lunch is a salad. It's got chicken, small pieces of bacon, tomato, mozzarella, green apple and walnuts. Just a year ago you would never catch me eating a salad, but back then I had no idea they could be so delicious!

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T B.


Kayla B.

I love a good chicken salad with fruit!!


11/06/2020 4:28AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
Good morning all! 15 days left! It doesn't look promising for me. This is what I know: I'm drinking water, I'm walking, I'm eating lean and clean! So I'm on the right path and I'll continue this challenge and sign up for another. It could be my metabolism which is sluggish but I won't despair. For those of you on the projected weight loss track...kudos! For those of you lagging with me I say let's give it all we've got! It ain't over till its over!

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There's still two weeks! You have the right attitude for sure. Establishing good habits is the real prize.

Kayla B.

It isn’t over yet keep going!!!

Brittany W.

11/03/2020 9:20AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • Every day is a New Day.
    Sometimes we get in the habit of dragging yesterday’s failures into today. I urge you not to do that. Every day, each morning is a fresh start, a new day for the rest of your life! Whatever you did yesterday, let it slide away into the past that is forgotten and focus on moving forward. When you drive, if you spend the whole time looking in the rearview mirror you will crash. Same is true for your life. Forget the past and focus on your day today. It’s the only moment you actually have, today.

    Curious to know, what’s your favorite form of exercising? Mine is walking/running and light weight training!

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Katie M.

Due to damage done during childbirth and having surgical repairs, I can no longer (for life :sob:) do high impact exercise, aka running. Thankfully I have a hybrid trainer (elliptical with bike in one machine) and those are both low impact! I love a good elliptical work out. Paired with ifit is soooo motivating and killer workouts


Right now it is only walking, but looking to incorporate strength traing.

Amanda H.

11/02/2020 5:47PM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
Help please! What do you do for motivation to work out? I feel overwhelmed with teaching 5th grade right now, juggling my family, and trying to lose weight. This is the heaviest I have ever been, and I worry if I don't lose weight now then I will only get worse. This may sound silly, but I feel alone in my struggles. 😩

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For motivation I moved my spin bike right next to the couch I sit on to watch tv....the bike just STARES at me:flushed: makes me get right on it! :grin: so far its worked with getting me to exercise

Sarah M.

My motivation came from a coworker. I would workout for her and vice versa. I struggle working out for myself now that we're working from home. The best I have now is a machine in front of a TV but that is even hard to start. Find a partner in your house to just move with, no matter how structured.

Brittany W.

11/02/2020 10:26AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • What’s everyone having for lunch?
    I’m thinking of making my Instant Pot Asian Chicken Salad. Not only does this recipe come together very quickly but it doesn’t have any added sugars or sweeteners. Asian Chicken Salad is notorious for its high calorie, refined sugar filled dressings. But with this recipe you don’t have to worry about anything but filling your plate!

    Recipe: instantloss.com/i…

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T B.

Made a salad with the Jerk Chicken.

Jenae S.

  • Chicken bacon ranch wraps!


11/02/2020 7:01AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
I'm at my parents house this whole week. I'll manage to get my exercise in, but my mom does the cooking most of the time. My mom is a woman who says she want to lose weight, but has never really started making changes in the last 20 years. That's why it got easier for me to lose weight when I started living alone. Just yesterday I asked if she had any healthy snacks, and all she had were chicken nuggets (she does know those aren't healthy). It gets really hard for me to resist temptation when I see the people around me eating all the unhealthy stuff. I've offered to cook but I'm not going to do that everyday as I'm just visiting and because my dad will complain a lot. Any tips? I'm scared I will let myself by influenced and 'pressured' into eating the wrong things.

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T B.

I went through the same thing. I felt I was disrespecting them if I didn't eat what they had. Lately I cook a couple times when I'm there and buy my own snacks to have (bags of salad, hummus, fruit, grilled chicken).

Allison H.

I have a strict allergy that some family doesn’t understand. I freeze meals that are safe for me to eat and take it just in case. That way I’m taking care of myself and I can always take home the frozen food if I don’t need it!

Brittany W.

11/01/2020 1:48AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • Week 2 Move It Challenge
    Yay! You made it through the first week of our challenge! So many of you did such an amazing job completing last week’s water challenge! Not only did most of you hit your goal of drinking 80 ounces every day most of you exceeded it! Way to go!

    This week (11/2-11/6) I challenge you to get your moving. I challenge you to incorporate (and track) at least 45 minutes of exercise every day this week Mon.-Fri.! Like I have mentioned previously I track my exercise by hand in my planner, but you can use any tracking app, a note in your phone, whatever method you feel will work best for you!

    Submit your tracking by the end of the day on 11/7 to a check-in thread that I will post the morning of 11/7 to the group & the winners will be announced on Sun. 11/8 along with the next challenge! This week’s winners will get my favorite Stainless Steel 10-cup Food Processor and Vegetable Chopper! I will be choosing two separate winners at random. One winner will be someone who completes the challenge in its entirety & one will be someone who tried their best but may not have stayed as consistent as they’d hope! Remember 45 minutes of activity could be a virtual yoga class, walking the dog, vacuuming the house, anything that gets you moving! You’ve got this!!! Let’s focus on getting our bodies moving this week!

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Giannella F.

I was able to meet the 45 minutes of exercise! I started moving whenever I had a chance. I work from home so I started walking around the house during my meetings, walking in place, or lifting weights. Took walks with my kids. Even walked in place while waiting for the doctor. Used the elliptical at night. Definitely feel a difference. Was a little sore but my back was not hurting as much.

Shelly B

  • Shocked that I was able to reach it but so proud I did. I’m gonna keep it up too!!

Brittany W.

10/31/2020 12:09AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • Congratulations! You made it through the first week! Please use this post to share your water tracking from this week and two winners will be announced on Sunday (tomorrow) evening!

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Jenn L.

  • Didn't ever make it to 80oz..and totally forgot to log with Halloween festivities. But I tried!

Tracy G.

M 96 oz
T 80 oz
W 84 oz
Th 106 oz
F 80 oz

Brittany W.

10/30/2020 12:11PM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • Happy Friday!!!! As we begin to close out our first week of this challenge, I encourage you to shift your mindset and just break it down into 24 hour chunks. Let’s take things one day at a time, one meal at a time, one glass of water at a time, etc.! Also don’t forget if you drank your 80 ounces a day this week (Oct. 26th- Oct.30th) and you tracked it, make sure you post your results tomorrow on the "Weekly Challenge" Check-in post that will be up first thing tomorrow morning!💛💛💛

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Thanks Brittany! I'm constantly ahead of myself. Need to focus on the here and now!

Sarah M.

Enjoy tracking with you! Keeping it up for week 2!
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