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Referee Nancy M.

02/24/2021 9:24AM in The Self-Love Kickstarter
  • Happy Wednesday!

    Working out is good for us, both mentally and physically and it's important to make it part of our routine! Some days, it can be hard to squeeze it in but every little bit counts. This workout is perfect when you're short on time! It takes just a few minutes and feels so good! Sometimes I do a couple of sets or repeat it morning and evening.

    If you workout (any workout) today or tomorrow 2/25-26, comment on this post to be entered into the drawing at the end of the game for a $5 gift card! If you work out both days, that's two entries! :)

    Let's get moving!

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Becky M.




Referee Nancy M.

02/19/2021 2:32PM in The Self-Love Kickstarter
  • Happy Friday!

    I know weekends can be a challenge so I encourage you to take a moment to plan ahead. Think through your plans and any potential challenges. How can you make it through the weekend on track? Need any tips, tricks, or encouragement? Let us know, we're all in this together!

    Weekend Challenge: A random act of kindness.

    I'm so excited about this one! Random acts of kindness are an amazing form of self-care. No matter how big or small, it makes you, the giver, feel amazing!

    Everyone who comments on this post with an emoji representing their random act of kindness will be entered into the drawing for a $5 gift card at the end of this game. If you want to tell us more about it, we'd love to hear your story!

    - Say something nice to someone
    - Send a card to a relative or friend
    - Call someone you haven't talked to in a while, or who you know is going through a difficult situation
    - Do a chore your significant other usually does
    - Leave a review for your favorite restaurant/store
    - Make a donation to your favorite charity
    - Donate food, blankets, etc. to a homeless shelter
    - Leave a generous tip
    - Pick up litter at the bark or beach
    - Send flowers
    - Decorate kindness stones and leave them around your neighborhood
    - Pay someone a compliment

    This is just a very small list to get you thinking. Let's make the world a little brighter this weekend by sharing our kindness!

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Ky G


Donating clothes & other household items!

Referee Nancy M.

02/17/2021 10:02AM in The Self-Love Kickstarter
  • Happy Wednesday!

    Today is Workout Wednesday! Working out is an excellent form of self-care, in fact many consider it the ultimate form of self-care! It improves mood, increases productivity, improves sleep, and so much more!

    Let's get moving today - everyone who comments on this post after their workout will be entered into the $5 gift card drawing at the end of the game (applies to those who comment on it today or tomorrow - 2/17-2/18).

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Becky M.

I began indoor cycling today as we have 2 feet of snow and ice outside with more to come! 4 miles today in 15 minutes. Rehabbing a knee. Slow and steady, winning the race.


02/17/2021 9:10AM in The Self-Love Kickstarter
During my class prayer request I 🙏 to love vegetables and NOT cookies...the kids laughed BUT I was serious

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Referee Nancy M.

I feel that! :)

Becky M.


Referee Nancy M.

02/09/2021 4:00AM in The Self-Love Kickstarter
  • Happy Tuesday! Here we are, day 2 of the game! How did everyone do yesterday? Did you start out strong and stay on track? If you did, that's great! If you didn't, that's ok too. Don't look back, just start now. The key to success is having a SOLID PLAN in place and studies show that putting it in writing helps.

    Plan your meals - write down what you're having each day and have the ingredients on hand. This leaves no reason why you have to go out or grab something quick that may not be as healthy.

    Plan your workouts - treat them like work and show up even if you don't want to go. You are the boss and you need to be tough on yourself.

    Track your water intake - water is essential and we have to drink it! For some of us it comes naturally but for others, it's a chore. Make it happen!

    Track your food - it's easy to forget about those little "grabs" we do when we see snacks on the table. This will keep it real.

    Get plenty of sleep! Your body needs rest!

    Is your plan in place? How do you plan to achieve your goals?

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Robyn H.

I feel like yesterday was a success. I stuck to my plan. I need to be sure to get some exercise in. Today is a “snow day” for me, and I will make time to do a workout video while I get caught up around the house!

Becky M.

Meal planning is my focus this week. I currently plan for 1 day at a time. I tire of eating the same thing everyday. However, I think I need to plan for the week on Sunday and work in leftovers with different recipes. I don't have time to cook every meal, and that seems to be what I am doing.

Referee Nancy M.

02/07/2021 4:00AM in The Self-Love Kickstarter
  • Happy Sunday!

    I'm Nancy, a referee here at WayBetter. I live in California, am married and have three adult kids. I also work as a nurse (LVN/LPN). I played my first DietBet game in March 2017 and have lost about 70 lbs. I was just so ready to stop yo-yo dieting and lose the baby weight (20+ years later lol) once and for all!

    What made DietBet work for me, was that it forced me to stay motivated at times when I normally would have given up. I'd remind myself why I started (and that I didn't want to lose my money!) and I was able to get back on track after a bad day, rather than letting it derail me for a few more days, that turned into weeks, etc.

    What I found here was not just a game, but a community of amazing people on the same journey I'm on. I highly recommend spending just a little (or a lot of) time here each day. You'll find motivation, encouragement, and support. Share your victories and your struggles. Let's come alongside one another to cheer each other on through the good, the bad and the ugly. :)

    Let's start with intros. Please let us know where you're from and if you play in WayBetter's other games (StepBet and/or WayBetter).

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Hi, I am Julie. I live in the texas panhandle. I am 35 and have a 9 and 6 year old. This is my 5th or so diet bet. I have managed to keep off some of the weight. But ofcouse winters are always harder. Here to shed a few pounds and get ready for spring.

Referee Nancy M.

Hi there! Nice to meet you all! ❤️ Excited you're here!
Becky M. accepted the challenge.
02/01/2021 4:37AM in The Self-Love Kickstarter
The pot is now $35

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