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Brittany W.

01/17/2021 12:00PM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
  • Ready to start week 2 challenge!? This week let’s increase our vegetable intake! Maybe try something new! Aim to eat at least one vegetable with every meal this week, log your progress and then come back on 1/24 to share how you did!
    This challenge runs 1/18-1/23. One winner will receive a signed copy of Instant Loss on a Budget!

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Amy A.

Does a piece of fruit count for this challenge? I like to have fruit with breakfast

Lara G.

Salsa=veggies, and especially when you each it with carrot chips!! :hearts:


about 21 hours ago in Fighting for your Health with Syd 2021!
The game has begun! Lose 4% by your final weigh-in, and you'll be a winner.

To stay extra accountable, you can weigh-in unofficially or submit progress weigh-ins. Pro tip: when you participate in progress weigh-ins through DietBet Membership, you're entered to win bonus weekly prizes! We're here to give you whatever helps you stay motivated, and remember that only official, Referee-approved weigh-ins determine who wins.

Good luck and have fun!

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Sarah M.

Up for the challenge

Rachel Q

Woohoo! Let the game begin!! We've got this guys!

Brittany W.

01/16/2021 6:19AM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
  • Sweet tooth getting to you? Try one of my chocolate chip scones! But remember, moderation is key!

    What’s a health conscious way you treat your sweet tooth?

    Recipe: instantloss.com/c…

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Melissa J.

We LOVE your scones!!!! So easy and so delicious!

Rebecca G.

Moderation is the hard part! They turned out so good and I want to eat them all at once!
Sarah M. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 1.2 pounds
01/15/2021 12:05PM in New year - New you - with @molsinspire

Total weight lost is now 418 pounds! Average is 0.7 pounds.

Brittany W.

01/15/2021 6:26AM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
  • It’s Friday! Weekends can be a challenge when you are making new health changes. Don’t lose your momentum! You have worked so hard to get this far! Enjoy those weekend vibes but don’t let them get you off track!

    Comment and tell me your weekend plans!

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Jackie K.

Pantry reorganization!

Danielle B.

Got together with my mom and we made a couple things together from two different books and split the food so we have healthy meals for the week! Love having family also eating healthy.

Amy K.

01/15/2021 5:28AM in New year - New you - with @molsinspire
I am currently 210 and my goal is to break into the 100's again.

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Sarah M.

Right there with ya!


Same me too!!!

Sylvia H.

01/14/2021 2:38PM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
I’ve been exercising and cutting back on the snacks and I went up a pound 😖😫 WTF!

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Sarah M.

Thats why body measures, clothes fitting, skin luster and overall feeling are other ways to track your progress. It's not all on the scale


I've been eating excellently and my scale hasn't budged in days. There are a ton of other factors that go into what the scale says, but pay attention to the NSV - looser pants, more energy, better sleep, etc. Then you'll know you're on the right track no matter what the scale says.

Kelly S.

01/14/2021 7:22AM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
Oh my goodness!! I already lost 2lbs this week. And I have yet to incorporate good water habit so I know it wasn’t “water weight”. Just maybe protein smoothie late morning (instead of not eating til late afternoon) is what I needed afterall. So excited ! I haven’t been able to lose 2 pounds in a week for years.

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Emily K.

Good job!!:clap:

Sarah M.

Glad to see you moving!

Brittany W.

01/14/2021 7:14AM in Instant Loss New Year, Fresh Start
  • Motivation! We have a day of the week dedicated to it (Psst it’s Monday) However, finding it is not always that easy.
    Click the link to read my blog post “How Do You Stay Motivated?”

    Read the blog post then tell me “How did I stay motivated”

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D C.

Brittany W can we follow you on Instagram?


Wow that’s amazing Brittany!! Can you share what has worked for you?

Mandie F.

01/13/2021 4:17PM in New year - New you - with @molsinspire
  • Yummy breakfast this am! Greek yogurt, granola, pomegranate seeds and strawberries.

    I frequently have a hard time getting in enough protein. What kind of high protein snacks do you guys love?

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Dana M.

Looks yummo! I like terriaki jerky, deli roast beef rolled around a cheddar cheese stick, or an egg sandwich

Lisa N.

This looks so yummy! I struggle with protein too. I’ve been adding extra egg whites into my scrambles and I’ll try and mix in a little organic vanilla protein powder into my smoothies, yogurt, and oats!
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