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Stephanie M.

10/30/2020 5:20PM in Body Goals & High Vibes with Elise Joan
  • Core has been a challenge for me ever since my second C-Section. I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease in my last disc right before my second pregnancy. One of the ways to stay out of physical therapy or possibly surgery was to strengthen my core. I always try to push myself through the pain to get it strong again.
    My 5 year old joined in for about 2 minutes of the floor core this evening and then laid down and said “I quit”. As much as I wanted to join her I kept going.....which she sat on the ottoman eating some Smarties that she got at her Halloween party. She’s a good motivator lol

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Way to push through!

Danielle B.

Hi!!!!i am 35 and have had three c sections, and I also got diagnosed with DDD this spring, and I went through four months of physical therapy. I made such a strong recovery and when they asked me what my goals were I said “to be able to do barre again”. So much of the exercises were core strength and led me into such a good place to do barre again! I’m discharged now and doing this diet bet but I def still ache sometimes. Don’t be afraid of PT, it seriously was amazing and I’m thankful it helped me recover. Just wanted to say hi and I know how you’re feeling! Glad u r strengthening your core, it seriously makes all the difference! :grinning:

Danielle B.

10/29/2020 9:34AM in Body Goals & High Vibes with Elise Joan
  • Thought this was a great self-care list for journaling!

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Renuka R.

Thank you!


10/28/2020 1:27PM in Body Goals & High Vibes with Elise Joan
  • Wow just wanna say I am amazed at how sore I am. I have been doing bar blend for months now but this order of workouts that she has put together is kicking my tail! I am sore everywhere! Tracking 7 workouts in BOD tap daily between meditations and 10 minute enhancements etc.
    ?Definitely getting shoulder definition yay me!

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Elizabeth M.

Same here! I start out thinking the workout seems easier and by the end I'm sweating and sore

Karen C.

I agree! I've been doing Barre Blend since March, but I was VERY sore after yesterday's workout!!

Casey M.

10/27/2020 4:43PM in Body Goals & High Vibes with Elise Joan
Does anyone have recommendations for a protein powder instead of shakeology (it’s too expensive for me 😖)? Thanks!

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Pamela B.

I love Liv Body. They have great flavors that are clean and all natural.

Danielle B.

Bodylogix from meijer

Aliza A.

10/26/2020 1:46PM in Body Goals & High Vibes with Elise Joan
Anyone else not able to do day 1 today? I'm so exhausted from working 32 hrs in 2 days that today I feel drained and just dont think I would be able to give it my best. I ate well today. I'm thinking of doing day 1 and 2 tomorrow (not back to back but day 1 in am and day 2 later afternoon) but nervous that will set me up to fail. Any advice/opinions?

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Do what you can do and what you are comfortable doing. You need to listen to your body. Best of luck!


I feel ya.. maybe a nice meditation and a journal moment.

Carlita R.

10/26/2020 1:16PM in Body Goals & High Vibes with Elise Joan
Hi all! To be honest when I looked at the schedule for week one, I thought that I wouldn’t have time for all of it—just the person who needs to make time, right? I’ve done 2 ½ rounds of BB and have been doing PNN for a while now. So, the exercise and adding enhancements I had down. I was worried about the meditations and extra sleep. Haha! Well, I got up a little earlier (4:30a.m.) and followed Elise’s list, and so far have done it—the morning meditation, chair stretch, workout, journaling. I felt amazing starting my day!! So excited to see where the next 4 weeks takes me and all of us. 💙🙏

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Danielle B.

Great job!!!

Christine J.

Where do you find workouts?

Carli R.

10/26/2020 1:05PM in Body Goals & High Vibes with Elise Joan
Hi guys! Can someone tell me where we find the workouts? I feel like I’m not fully understanding this, lol.

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Carli R.

Thank you so much Danielle, this is SO helpful!

Danielle B.

You’re welcome! If you have IG, I suggest following her on there too. Elisejoanfitness...she does lots of stories and has so many links and highlights that are good to see/follow!
Also, toward the top right of this page (the main page), you can filter the posts to everyone, you (meaning anything you have posted on people’s feeds), and HOSt, which is elise. Once u click on the google link there is all her files in a PDF form. The recipes she mentions are in a small square file above those larger picture files. Let me know if u have other questions. The beach body on demand has sooo many workouts for elise as well as other programs. So worth the money! Let me know if u have any other questions

rebecca d.

10/26/2020 12:50PM in Body Goals & High Vibes with Elise Joan
Any advice for mommas who still have little ones who wake up during the night??? I have a consistent bedtime (usually 10pm) and feel like most nights I can sleep between 11-1 ( the time Elise said was optimal for hormone rebalancing) but my sleep is always interrupted!!!!! I don’t have a consistent wake up (I will work on that!) since I try to sleep when I can..... I am tired during the day and often my nutrition suffers because of it.... any help is appreciated 😊💕

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rebecca d.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and it’s nice to know I am not alone in the no-sleep-club :blush:..... there has been a marked difference in just these last two days when I have done my morning meditation and journal! I love how strong and energized I feel with my barre blend workouts. They have been a life saver

Hillary J.

Both my kids wake up at night too. My body is accustomed to it at this point. But it’s definitely tough to get motivated to do anything but collapse at the end of the day. The no caffeine after 12 rule should not apply to moms lol

Elise J.

10/26/2020 12:05PM in Body Goals & High Vibes with Elise Joan
Hi team!!! Let’s rock this day 1! I am reposting the link to ALL the week 1 content here: including content I posted last week like my personal day by day nutrition & the Book List! There is a separate folder in here with the guest recipes as well! Happy Elevating!


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Melinda C.

Has week 2 info been posted

Krystle T.

Looking forward to week 4s book! I've heard about Daring Greatly before and was interested in it, but obviously forgot somewhere along the way. I'm going to go pick up a copy today!


10/26/2020 11:37AM in Body Goals & High Vibes with Elise Joan
  • The timing of the dietbet was perfect for me because I just finished week 8 of barre blend last Saturday. This is exactly what I need to keep my motivation up. I enjoy working out and am relatively fit, but I snack on junk food. I'm hoping to get back on the "real foods" bandwagon. The pic is after a workout under the watchful eye of my coach Chimmy.😁
    Day 1 workouts complete ☑
    Maybe I can convince my bf to join for the evening yoga and meditation😊

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Danielle B.

Great job! If Chimmy is anything like my dog, he would love doing yoga with u and laying down in the middle of the mat lol!
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