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Nickie O.

11/23/2020 4:50AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • Grateful for the accountability! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Amy P.

Great job! :thumbsup: Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Brittany W.

10/28/2020 6:45AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • Success is found in your daily routine. Small steps in the right direction add up to amazing lifelong results!

    Mid week check-in...What healthy habits could you do a better job of incorporating into your daily routine?

Sarah M. , Georganna S. and like this photo.

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Lesli F.

Consistently working out is one major thing I need to work on. I go gung-ho for a while, then I have no motivation to work out.

Sarah M.

Water and food prep are my lifelines

Brittany W.

10/27/2020 9:32AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • Happy Tuesday!!!! What’s one thing you are focusing on today to reach your goals? I am being intentional about increasing my water intake and I am aiming to get at least one cup of veggies into every meal today! ✨💕

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Katie R.

Water!!! I don’t drink water... like ever :weary: I swing between coffee and wine. So I’m being super intentional about drinking water!

Sarah M.


Brittany W.

10/26/2020 11:54AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • What are you having for dinner tonight? Personally I am a huge fan of the Instant Pot! I love that I can whip up a healthy meal all in one pot in a snap!
    Tonight we are having my Instant Pot Taco Soup. It is one of my favorite lazy week night dinners. All I have to do is brown a little ground meat, open up some cans, and within 30 minutes we have a delicious dinner!

Sarah M. , Amy B. and like this photo.

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Caitlin Q.

Your taco salad with the crema! Making it for the first time and very excited :relaxed:

Kasandra B.

Portioned amount of pulled pork (no sauce) with apple slaw! :yum:

Brittany W.

10/23/2020 8:12AM in Instant Loss Holiday Hustle Challenge
  • Horray Horray! It’s officially weigh-in day! It’s super simple to do and your photo is kept completely private! Just take one photo of the scale with today’s weigh-in word above it, and then a full body photo of you on the scale in light weight clothes! The app walks you through it completely and once you have submitted your photos you are ready to go! I am so excited to kick this Holiday Hustle challenge off alongside y’all! Let’s shed some weight before Thanksgiving!

    *Reminder that only the DietBet referees can look at your weigh-in photos. Comment below if you are ready to get this challenge started!

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Heather C.

Super excited to start this journey. I need accountability and I’m tired of yo-yoing! I know I can do this!

Sarah M.

My 4% will be my COVID weight. Let's see if it comes off just as easily...